10 Healthy Lifestyle Habits

The first habit we need in our life, and from which all other habits flow, is to be mindful of all that we do, think about, and say.


We need to learn to be mindful as to how we are currently spending our time each day. We can never get time back, so it’s so important that we learn not to foolishly waste any minute of our day.


We need to learn to be mindful as to how we are currently spending and investing our money. Foolishly spending it will not help us in any way; we will always think we don’t have enough. That is why investing in Young Living is a wise habit to form since we are purposefully putting aside money to purchase products that are creating a healthy environment in our home and enhancing our health.


We need to be mindful as to what we say on social media. Will be our posts encourage and uplift others, or will they make them wish they were not on social media? 🤔


We need to be very mindful as to what we are thinking about and what we are feeding our mind. It’s important that we reign in our thoughts as they come up, and not allow them to run wild. We need to let go of lies we have believed about ourselves and mindsets that are holding us back in so many ways. What helps me with this is to apply an essential oil and pray every morning that God will fill my mind with His truth; pray also that he help me let go of the negative thoughts that will attack me me, trying to come in and mess me up.


And finally, we need to be mindful about all the habits we will talk about in the next nine blogposts. 

It’s important to have a 30-45 minute exercise routine in place. One that every week incorporates cardio, strength-building, and flexibility & mobility routines.


It is also crucial that we keep our body moving throughout the day. For example, walk or bike somewhere instead of taking the car if possible, take the stairs instead of the elevator, and/or engage in 5-10 minute stretch-breaks every hour to give your mind and eyes a break, as well as help you reenergize. 


If you want to exercise from home, I want to introduce you to some great fitness programs, which I have done since October of 2007. They are all created by professional fitness trainers. We get access to them from a memership called BeachBody On Demand. If you prefer interactive training, they have a new program called BODI - Beachbody On Demand Interactive. Click here to get to my COACH WEBSITE, from which you can learn more about it, or simply sign up for it. 

Drinking enough water throughout the day, starting with a tall glass of it first thing in the morning, is much more important than most of us realize. A lot of problems can be kept at bay if we simply stayed hydrated. I encourage you to google this to learn more.


How much should YOU drink? A good rule of thumb is to take your weight (in pounds, not kilos) and divide that by 2. Then proceed to drink that amount in ounces. For example, if you weigh 200 pounds, you would drink 100 ounces throughout the day.


Start your morning with 20 ounces of water before you drink or eat anything else. This will actually energize you tremendously because you are essentially waking up every system in your body and getting the blood flowing easily. 

It is very important to nourish our body, our mind and our spirit every single day.


To nourish our body, we must become aware of how we are currently satisfying our body’s needs for nutrients, and make adjustments as needed. It’s important to consume foods and drinks thinking of the NUTRITIONAL VALUE they offer us, not merely how many calories they contain.


It’s important that we consume healthy fats every day, and not follow a strict non-fat diet. Some nutrients are fat-soluble so will only be absorbed if we consume fats. Avocados, nuts and coconut oil are healthy fats, for example.


It’s important that we also consume carbohydrates since they are energy-giving, but make sure most these carbs come from vegetables (raw is best) and fresh or frozen fruit. Protein is important as well, so get enough protein each day. ☺️


Those are the macronutrients our body needs. We also need to make sure we give our body other nutrients as well, like vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and pre and probiotics. We can’t get them all from foods anymore because our land is depleted of nutrients, so it’s important to supplement with high quality supplements.


Dr Minke and his wife created what is called “the red drink”, which contains two great supplements from Young Living, a citrus oil, and water. Check out this great video about it: https://youtu.be/3vqoSgi_xr8


In addition to nourishing our body daily, we must make sure we nourish our mind and spirit everyday by being very mindful of what things we read and watch, and what thoughts we allow to simmer in your mind, from the time we wake up until we go to bed. #healthyhabitsforlife

The fifth lifestyle habit is to remain calm, and not allow stress to control us. Stressful situations are merely situations in which we feel out of control. Taking a few deep breaths and surrendering the situation to God, who is a lot wiser than us, will help us to calm down.


It’s important to take captive thoughts that keep us stressed, and let them go. We then must proceed to ask God for wisdom. Saying the serenity prayer would be very helpful. ☺️


**Applying a Young-Living-brand essential oil (single or blend) really aids me in calming my spirit and refocusing my thoughts. It could be a helpful aid for you as well. 

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