The Young Living Difference

Ready for a FRESH START?

If you are ready for a fresh start in your life, no matter what the reason, I'd like to show you in this blogpost how Young Living can help you do so easily. 


STEP 1: If you are not yet a member with Young Living, sign up with tem easily online at Just click the "SHOP" butoon over there, on the top right corner, decide what products you want to start off with at home, and then create your account with the company as you check out.


**Even though they no longer require a Premium Starter Kit/bundle, I still believe they are the BEST VALUE. They have several to choose from, so decide if one of them could be the best deal for YOU and/or YOUR family.

Click on the same GetOiling website that I posted above, then on "Learn More" (or on the 3 lines if you are on your cell phone) and then on "STARTER KITS", in order to explore what kits they have and what are in each of them.


STEP 2: Optionally, sign up right away with their Loyalty Rewards (autoship) Program so that you can start getting points back to redeem for free products as you start creating a healthy home environment, swapping out the products you currently have with those of the Young Living line. It will really simpify your life to do this for the following reasons:

a)The ingredients in the products are not only non-toxic, but they actually enhance your health,

b) You can decide which products you want shipped to you every month (they will email you two days before the order goes out to decide what you want shipped) and they will ship it out to your doorstep, and

c) It will keep you more organized since you just get points back on the products that are shipped in your monthly shipment box, not every order you place.


STEP 3: Once you see how Young Living really is helping you create a fresh start in a very simple way, share those 2 steps to take with people in YOUR circle of influence, and help them create a fresh start. We can all easily do this regardless of how busy our life may currently be. No need to talk to people for hours, nor hold classes nor even set up phone conversations, unless you have the time and desire to do so, of course. Just share these 2 steps with those who want to have a fresh start in their life. That's it! You decide how best to share that; it varies from person to person - there is no "best way" to share.



Young Living Helps us THRIVE in Life

A healthy lifestyle starts with creating and then maintaining good lifestyle habits. It's about choosing to consume the healthiest foods and beverages we can find on the market, at least 80% of the time, so we can fill our body with the nutrients that it craves to help us thrive in life. It's also about choosing to do other things we know we should do, like being committed to a good exercise program and getting enough sleep at night, but it's also about choosing products to use every day that will actually ENHANCE our health. We may choose to use some better for us products, but we need to ask ourselves - are these products also enhancing our health?


I know of a company that offers us products that do this and this company is Young Living Essential Oils, which is why I choose to have them shipped to me on a monthly basis. They have some of the best quality oils on the market, and I will talk about this in a minute, but they are so much more than just an essential oil company, and I hope to briefly show this to you in this blog post. 


With all the essential oils on the market, and companies constantly jumping in on the bandwagon, it's good to know that there is a company that I can rely on to always offer the highest quality essential oils. A company that cares so much about our family's health, that they would never cut corners just to extend the oil and be able to make more profit. As I mentioned before, I have found that company to be Young Living Essential Oils.


Young Living's Seed to Seal promise on every oil bottle guarantees the quality I am looking for myself and for my family. I'd like to invite you to learn about this process by going to their microsite: Never settle for less than the highest quality oils! You don't want to risk any bad side-effects. 


Young Living not only offers us essential oils - singles and blends - they also offer us great quality supplements that are completely bioavailable. What this means is that our bodies can actually absorb the nutrients in these supplements and so we truly are supplementing our diet. What's the use of taking supplements that our bodies barely absorb? We aren't getting nourished in any way! I'd rather pay extra for supplements that actually nourish my body because then I get to take less. Young Living offers us a variety of supplements so we can decide which way we prefer: liquid, chewable, regular pills and capsules (which could be opened and put in a shake, if you desire). However, do keep in mind that these are only meant to supplement our nutrition; we need to be constantly choosing to consume the healthiest foods and beverages we can find on the market.


In addition to oils and supplements, they also offer us some great personal use products to incorporate into our healthy lifestyle! I like this because I don't have time to read labels, though I know it's important to do so, and so knowing that there is a company that has never let me down with any of their products is... well, downright fabulous! I don't want any toxins to go into my body, and so knowing that I can trust Young Living to offer and deliver superior quality products is so wonderful. I've been burned before with other companies, so I am sticking with Young Living. Want to know a secret? I get many of them for free!! Why? Because I order every month from the company and so I am on a program that they offer called "Essential Rewards Program". I earn 20% of my purchases on my monthly order and then I turn around and trade them in for some shampoo, lotion, deodorant, facial care products, toothpaste, mouthwash .... whatever it is I am needing. How cool is that? So, for example, if I order $100 worth of things in a month, I get $20 right back in my ER account so that I can order those products (we can use them right away, or save them to order more later). I think that is absolutely wonderful! I truly believe that this auto-ship program is the best on the market. (I can tell you more about it if you are interested in learning more)


I have found that with just a handful of products I can clean my entire house!  All I need is Thieves Household Cleaner, a handful of essential oils and baking soda.  And to wash clothes, they now offer us Thieves laundry detergent. To wash dishes by hand they offer a liquid dish soap, and to wash them in the dishwasher they just came out this year (2016) with an automatic dishwasher detergent. Their Thieves line of products is every increasing from year to year to help us maintain a clean home that is safe for us, as well as our kids and our pets.


This company even offers a few top quality food items now. They offer Einkorn flour, einkorn flour pancake mix, gluten-free pancake mix, two types of einkorn pasta, NingXia Berry syrup, einkorn granola,  among a few other things.  


In conclusion, I am not in competition with any other essential oil company out there. Young Living may or may not be the only company with top quality oils, but I know this for sure: Every single essential oil and product they offer us is of the highest quality because they have the Seed to Seal Promise on each of them. I never have to worry that an ingredient in a product will harm me, my kids, my husband or my pets. They are a one-stop online store for many of the things I need monthly, and so there is no reason for me to research products fro any other company.  


If you are interested in signing up with Young Living Essential Oils, there are many of us who would love to become your sponsor and mentor - that is, your go-to buddy if you have any questions about the products or anything-Young Living. We can also help you get started on your journey to a healthy lifestyle that also incorporated Young Living's oils and oil-enhanced supplements and personal use products. 


How to Sign up:

If you do not know any other Young Living leader with which you prefer to sign up, you can certainly sign up with me. You can do so easily online - just follow the link to my website:

Simplify with the Thieves Line of Products
If you are wanting to switch your personal use products and/or cleaning products to a brand that is not only non-harmful for your health, but actually ENHANCES it, take a look at this 10-minute video my son and I created in September of 2015 (when I first started creating videos to help me share the Young Living message online)

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