Serving and empowering people online so I can help them overcome limiting beliefs, as well as get fit and healthy in every area of their life, regardless of where they live

We are never too old or too young to start our JOURNEY

A healthy lifestyle JOURNEY starts with creating new lifestyle habits that help us THRIVE in life on a daily basis.


 I am here to simply EMPOWER you on your journey.


On this page, I'd like to share with you a little background of this online company, as well as the ways  I can help empower you to live a life that is filled with all the things you desire, including peace and joy regardless of your circumstances, and enough money to do the things you desire to do in addition to paying the monthly bills.  


Background of the Abundant Energy Health Club

The Abundant Energy Health Club (AEHC) is the business God asked me to build, PARTNERING WITH HIM, to help others on their journey towards fitness and health. He did not ask me to work in an office because He wanted each person who wants me as their 'life coach' or their 'guidance counselor' to see it simply as a process of letting go of bad habits and taking on healthy ones, then maintaining them for the rest of their life, with His help. This can be accomplished from the comfort of their home.


My Personal Background, in a nutshell

God put the desire on my heart to create the Abundant Energy Healthclub, a fitness and health business that operates almost completely online, after having struggled with my own weight from age 13 through age 25, at which time I started my fitness and health journey, following faithfully God's plan of action. He has been my mentor throughout my journey and has helped me to stay committed, constantly improving myself in every area of my life. 


I remember that I started to gain weight in highschool, and in my college years I came to weigh approx 185 pounds and got up to a size 16; now I have been fluctuating between 115 and 123 pounds, wearing a size 6 (size small) over the last several years. My journey started in 1995; God has helped me to persevere so that I can be fit, healthy and energetic as the decades go by, inspiring others to follow that same path. 


I give God the credit for my accomplishments. He is the One who gives me the strength and grace to persevere in the healthy habits I have adopted. These habits include: 30 minutes of daily exercise in the morning with BeachBody programs, healthy eating habits, good sleeping habits, being conscious of the products I use at home and on myself daily, and finding ways to relieve stress and anger from my life. God gives me the wisdom to make the right choices and the strength to resist temptations as they come up. Alone, on my own strength, I would not have been able to accomplish my fitness and health goals, I am sure. It's not my good intentions and strong will, but rather complete daily reliance on the power of the Holy Spirit to keep me on the right track. 


IN WHAT AREAS I CAN EMPOWER YOU (all via Messenger or texting via phone)

You can either work independently, with just a little bit of coaching from me, or you can choose for me to be your Transformational Coach and we can get together (via zoom or Facebook Messenger) as many times as you think it would be necessary for you to stay on track. Either way, together we can create a plan that empowers you in these two main areas:


Empowering you so that you can change these Lifestyle Habits:

 -Exercise -what are you doing now and how you could improve; the goal is to exercise 30 minutes a day.

😀😀If you don't want me involved much in this area and desire to just commit to a program at home, here is what I recommend you do:

I highly recommend you get a BeachBody On Demand membership. You can pay quarterly or annually, but the best deal is the anual membership, which is what I have. Here is my "coach website" where you can easily sign up online; you can contact me at any time for help along the way: CLICK HERE


Nutrition - how can we improve your current nutrition as well as your supplementation; we will talk about mindful eating habits you can use daily. 

😀 😀 If all you need is a recommendation of a good brand of supplements, I recommend Young Living's brand, which is what I use. They will send them directly to your door. I can help you set up a membership with them, as a retail or wholesale member (to save 24%), if you want to go this route.


Products used daily at home, both for personal use and housecleaning. Most of the products used in our homes are making our body very toxic, creating havoc in our mind and our body. It's crucial that we are very mindful about the products we purchase and use daily. We will talk about this and how you can easilly switch over to a better brand.

😀😀 I personally prefer the Young Living brand (which has become much more than just an essential oil company) and have the company itself deliver them to my home. **If you would like to get a membership with them, or simply want to see what they offer and then decide whether you want a membership with them, you can go to their website at  I am a Young Living leader, so I would be happy to be your sponsor and help you not only create your own membership, but help you along the way if you have any questions or concerns. Use my ID 918382 when you fill out the membership form online (or call customer service to set up your account.)


- Stress levels - what is causing you stress and how can you manage it.


- Sleeping habits - what are your current sleeping habits, and how you can improve them. Sleep is so necessary for our health, yet so few people realize it!



I offer all my guidance services for freeI will work alongside you to help create a plan that will empower you live the healthiest life possible so that you can have the energy and the proper belief system in place to do whatever God has called you to do on this earth. 🙂




If you would like my help, please don't hesitate to contact me at my personal Facebook page. Click here to get to it; send me a private message letting me know WHAT your goals are and HOW I can help you meet them. 



May God bless you ABUNDANTLY always,
Mirdza Hayden

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