Leadership Skills

It is very imporant for us to realize that consitently getting our monthly package on the Essential Rewards Program just SIMPLIFIES OUR LIFE so that we can focus on what is most important:

living a healthy lifestyle and encouraging and helping others to do the same


To be an exemplary leader, strive to build the skills exemplary leaders have, and focus on consistently following a healthy lifestyle. The 10 healthy Lifestyle Habits I am constantly sharing about are just there to help simplify what you need to do to stay healthy.


I'm always about the ways that help simplify our life so we can focus on what is most important in life. Staying healthy and fit in every area of our life is very important if we want to enjoy life until the day we die, wouldn't you agree? Young Living helps us achieve this goal. 


So, focus on living a healthy lifestyle and embracing the characteristics exemplary leaders have. The Essential Rewards Program is just there to simplify your life and you strive to do so. 



Not yet a leader in Young Living? Join us and I can be your mentor. Just click here to get to my website so that you can sign up online: 

"No eye has seen, no ear has heard, what God has reserved for those who love Him.”


“Now to Him to can do ABUNDANTLY MORE than we could ever ask or imagine, to Him be the glory now and forever.”


Those are two verses that come to my mind as I write this blog post at our condo in Southern California. God can do FAR MORE than any skeptic and non-believer can possibly imagine! If we look through the Old Testament, we can get a clear revelation of what God did for His people. We just have to read Exodus and Joshua….. the parting of the Red Sea, the provision in the desert, the conquering of the land God had promised them….. and dig into the book of Isaiah to remember what God had done in the past and what He promises in the future to the remnant. We are reminded that it’s NOT because of how great we have always been, but because of HIS grace, faithfulness and great love for us. If we repent and seek after Him with all our heart, acknowledging Him in all of our ways, we will not only find Him, but He will pull us so close to Him and teach us so many amazing things that it will blow our minds. 


That is what literally has happened to me over the past 10 years! God has had me on a journey that has been quite a rollercoaster emotionally, but it also has been one that has deepened my faith and trust in Him and one that has built my character. Truly the verse in James 1 rings true: “Consider it it all joy when facing trials of many kinds because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance, perseverance produces character, and character produces hope. Let perseverance finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything”. 


Don’t worry about the timeline that God has for your life! Simply aim to draw closer to Him daily in the midst of your busyness. This is the best thing you can do in order to live peacefully and joyfully, no matter what circumstances you are facing or will face in the future. Don’t allow yourself to get into victim-mode; instead, focus your eyes on God. Don’t focus on what you can see, focus on Him who is unseen for He loves you and promises you an abundant life. Just like  God did forJoseph, who suffered in many ways, He will cause you to prosper in all that you do if you just focus on Him and not on your challenging circumstances, which are only there to build your character. 


Don’t allow the enemy to destroy the life God has planned for you, my friend! He only comes to steal, kill and destroy,  but Jesus came into this world to bring us a life in which we thrive, not merely survive from day to day (John 10:10). Focus on how powerful God is, not on how big your problems and challenges are. He gives and He takes away…. whatever is causing or will cause you to stumble in your faith, whatever is taking priority over Him in your life, He will take away, so praise His name when things that appear bad happen because that is just the enemy trying to destroy our peace and joy and our faith in God. Keep your eyes on Him! Trust Him for His ways are higher than our ways and His plans for us are greater than even the best plans we have drawn out for ourselves.


Now…. let’s talk about the Reach 10 Movement!


We all live incredibly busy lives, and some even more than others. 60 to 100 hours of work daily, away from their families is not a good balance of time for it is destroying families and lives, as our health decays physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally. That is why God gave me the plan of the “Reach 10 Movement”.


The idea is simple, yet powerful. When used in conjunction with the Young Living compensation plan it can changes thousands upon thousands of lives. 


Are you game? Or are you skeptical it could ever work?


If you are skeptical…. you are not alone! The majority reading this blog post WILL be skeptical and will stop reading. They will think it is a “get-rich” scam and they will throw it into the trash. Will that be you, or will you become a "Reach 10” Visionary? 


If you are one of the few that is like…. “Game on!!!” ……  then keep on reading to know what it is I will ask you to do. **By the way, if someone other than me gave you this blog post to read (or sent you a link to it), then this person is a VISIONARY and you can sign up with him or her as your mentor. Not me! 


So here’s the plan:


Step 1: Sign up with Young Living with one of their Premium Starter Kits. (PSK)


Step 2: Enroll in the Essential Rewards Program (you can do so when you get the PSK)


Step 3: Commit to living a healthy lifestyle and use Young Living products to enhance it.


Step 4: Focus on getting 10 leaders throughout your career in Young Living. **What??? Yes! You will FOCUS on being an excellent sponsor of only 10 leaders. However, that said, you will also not withhold the opportunity from anyone! Along your journey, as you fall in love with the products, you will show people in whatever way you desire and fits your unique style and personality (it does not have to be classes or parties!) that Young Living offers products that can change their life. If they want to get a membership, help them enroll. HOWEVER, only a select few will want to duplicate your actions! That is okay. You will focus on training 10 leaders and then handing the rest over to others on your team to help them get to Royal Crown Diamond. That is what this movement is all about…. You concentrate on finding 10 leaders that will duplicate your actions and you focus on training them and caring for them. 


I bet you are wondering… How will I know if they want to be a leader? I get it! Most sign up and say “There is no way I would ever want to share this with others and build a business out of this. Count me out!” I was one them, and so were the majority of top leaders in the company! The majority DO NOT ever touch the subject of business; they just want to focus on their own little world, and we must respect that. We’re not all called to lead others. 


So how do you know? 


This will simplify it for you: Get a little index card box and have 2 sections in it. One section will be “Wholesale or Retail Members”, the other will be “Visionaries”. If the person does not say that they are a visionary and/or business builder, put them in the first section. If they decide down the line that they do want to share and want to become part of the “Reach 10 movement”, then switch them into that section. If a person that said he wanted to be a visionary decides it’s just too hard, realize that you do not have to convince them to stay…. Simply encourage them to stay, and if they decide that they just want to get the products and that’s it, change them into the first section. They may come back to be a visionary, but they may not, and it’s okay.


Now that you have created that box, make sure you help the visionaries by helping them enroll others under their sponsorship. If you have 10 wholesale members on your team already, then put the next person that wants to enroll under one of them. The compensation plan pays us a percentage of the sales for up to 7 generations, so it pays (literally) to build deep! 


Hold on… What is a “generation”? Well, let’s say you enroll Sally. She would be in what is called the “1st Generation”. If Sally enrolls Bob, he will be considered to be in your “2nd generation”. If Bob enrolls Charlie, then Charlie will be in your “3rd generation”.  Let’s say Charlie enrolls Diane, well then she will be in your “4th generation”. You get the point. 


So…. Back to the Reach 10 plan. Our goal is to focus only on a 10 by 7 rectangle - that is, 10 “legs” (10 people we directly sponsor) and then we focus our attention on helping these 10 enroll 10 of their own, no matter how long it may take. It doesn’t matter! We each have our own journey to walk, so some may quickly get their 10, and others may take 5 years, or 10 years, or maybe more. It’s not for us to decide how quickly they go… We just need to love on them, encourage them on their journey and be there for them in whatever way they let us into their lives. Once they start enrolling people. we must focus on helping them share the “Reach 10” plan to them (the 4 steps, plus the index card box plan to help them stay organized.) We make sure we are helping people up to 7 generations down…. Hence why I said we need to focus on the 10 by 7 rectangle. 


Only one question remains….Are you a Reach 10 Visionary?

If so, share this plan with others! 




The number one question you may be asking is “Will this work for me?” You may also be asking “How much do I have to risk?” “How could I ever make this work if I’m already very busy every day?” In this blog post, I want to give you THREE BUSINESS STRATEGIES that will help you see that this could for you, that you do not have to risk it all, AND you can make it work even though you are very busy every day.


#1 Commit to the Essential Rewards Program. The foundation of any network marketing business is loving the products that the company offers so much that you want to be rewarded for buying them on a monthly basis. Who doesn’t want to get REWARDS for “frequent buying”, just like we would in a frequent flyer program on any airline or like points we get back from whatever credit card we are using? By being on this program you will get rewarded in many different ways; it’s truly amazing! I  believe you will absolutely fall in love with this Essential Rewards Program, but only if you realize how amazing the products are and how it gives you peace of mind to purchase these instead of the ones you currently purchase at a local store or an online one. It will also save you time because you eventually will not be reading labels anymore because you know you can trust the company to consistently provide products that meet and in most cases exceed your expectations. 


#2 Commit to a healthy lifestyle. The products Young Living offers are not magical potions. Do not use oils as if they were a “quick fix” for anything, and do not take the supplements while not caring what you put into your body through food and beverages. Take time to take inventory of your current lifestyle and make changes where you know you need to do so. Young Living offers products that ENHANCE this lifestyle, so look through the catalog and see which products you can replace in your home and start purchasing these instead. ** Cool Tip: You will also be able to trade in the points you earn from your monthly purchases for many of these products! I get many of mine for free.


#3 Share on a consistent basis. Do it in whatever way you prefer to do so. You can take a walk with a friend and share, or you can invite this person over to your house or to have coffee or share a meal with you. You could invite a small group of friends over and share some of your favorite products with them and create something with them (if you are into DIY products). You could also teach a class to reach more people if you have that “teacher spirit” in your heart. You could even learn to create an event on Facebook and teach the class this way, inviting a few friends to attend. Don’t worry if they can’t attend when you are teaching it because they can always come back and read the posts later; that is the beauty of a class on Facebook! **Cool tip: Never try to be the “expert at the subject”. Just share your experience with the product and give them a video to watch. or a brochure. or any other type of literature to help them understand the product and how it could help them if they use it consistently.


So, as you can see, these three business strategies can easily work for all of us regardless if you work all day somewhere or if you’re a stay at home parent with small kids that require a lot of attention. You do not have to risk anything financially because you are simply committing to purchasing products from Young Living instead of elsewhere because these products are PREMIUM QUALITY that will help enhance they healthy lifestyle you want to lead, or are already currently leading. By all means, do not risk giving up your job - do not quit working until your income from this business matches or exceeds what you currently make. It’s not necessary to do this and I certainly do not want you to say at the end of the month “I cannot pay my bills this month!” This business should not add any more stress to your life, in fact, it should decrease it. You will see that this is true once you commit the first two business strategies…. You will then desire to share just so others can experience what you are experiencing by being a wholesale member with Young Living. 


Will this work for you? It could.... but only if you stay committed and not quit sharing along the way. We cannot build a business unless we are committed to get out of our comfort zone and share about the company that is helping to enhance our life.

 1. Do I need to host  "parties" or classes?

Nope. You can share in any way you want to share - just share about the products, the Essential Rewards Program and the business opportunity on a consistent basis. You can do it in a class so as to get the message out to more people at once, but one-on-one settings or sharing mostly on social media (like Facebook or Instagram) is perfectly fine as well. What works best for you?


2. How much time do I have to work each week? I’m already super-busy!

You get to designate how much time you set aside each week to build this business. Start with just 30 minutes a day Monday thru Friday just to get yourself into the habit of investing into the business on a regular basis. Designate a time of the day you are going to do it and then keep that commitment just as you would any appointment that is important to you - like a doctor appointment or business meeting.


3. Do I NEED TO sign up for a monthly auto-ship?

The auto-ship program, Essential Rewards, was designed for our benefit. We get rewarded for purchasing the products we need at home from Young Living. They are products that will enhance our lifestyle, so being rewarded for switching our spending to this brand of products should not be something we do unwillingly. Look at this way: if you don’t like Young Living’s products and/or believe that their products are not valuable enough to pay the wholesale price for them, then you should not be recommending that others consider doing it either. Don’t even bother considering partnering with Young Living unless you see how beneficial their monthly auto-ship program is.


4. Am I required to pay for a website or will I get my own branded site?

Young Living does not charge a "monthly fee" for services, so a branded site is not included in your Premium Starter Kit. You can actually operate your business without paying an extra fee for a website. Do this in one of two ways: 1) You can simply give out your personalized link. To create this link, you sign into your Young Living account and click on “Virtual Office” in the top right-hand corner. From the list on your left, click on “Member Resources”. On the bottom of the list will be one that says “Link Builder”. Follow the prompts and your own link will be created for you. Copy the link and give it out freely online. Or 2) You could simply tell people offline to go to www.YoungLiving.com, instructing them to put in YOUR customer ID when they fill out the application to enroll as a retail or wholesale customer.


5. If I operate mostly online, what website do you recommend?


If you are operating mostly online, it would be in your best interest if you did invest in a website. You can either  1) upgrade to Young Living’s own “My YL website” for a little less than $10 a month. Simply go to “My Account” and then click on “My YL website” and follow the prompts. Or 2) I recommend a Get Oiling website which I have found is very economical and the service is excellent. I have found this site to be the best as far as business-building services go and not merely having a website. You can give them a 30-day trial by signing up at this link: CLICK HERE


6. Do I need to purchase a Premium Starter Kit?

No, you don’t, but I highly recommend that you do. It is totally fine if you simply purchase the “Basic Starter Kit” which contains some great business-building tools, but to get products you would have to place an extra order. By choosing a Premium Starter Kit, you not only get all that is in the Basic Starter Kit, but you also get some of the products at an excellent discounted price. It really is for OUR PERSONAL BENEFIT to get the Premium Starter Kit, so don’t see it simply as a “business investment”, though for tax write-off purposes you will be able to write the cost of this kit off so that is an extra business perk the government gives us.


7. What Premium Starter Kit is the best one to get?

It really depends on what your purpose is for choosing to get a membership with Young Living. If you want to start using essential oils on a daily basis, then getting the one called Premium Starter Kit would be the way to go since it comes with 10 5-ml bottles of oils, a 15 ml one of Stress Away, and a diffuser of your choice. If you want to start switching your household products over to the Young Living brand, I recommend you choose the Premium Starter Kit with Thieves. If you want to focus mostly on nutrition and great supplementation, I recommend the Premium Starter Kit with NingXia Red. If you use makeup daily, you may want to consider getting the Savvy Minerals Starter Kit. If you are pregnant or recently had a baby, consider getting the Seedlings Starter Kit. As you can see, it’s all about you and your family’s needs; there is no “best one” for every single one of us.


8.  How long will it take to reach the top rank?

Some reach the top extremely quick, others take 4-6 years, and still others may take over a decade to reach Royal Crown Diamond. “When” we get there needs to stop being the priority from the very beginning of our journey. The important thing is that we consistently do the simple things that will get us there and decide to NEVER QUIT regardless of how challenging it gets at times. Think of it as a white-water-rafting adventure. There will be times of calm, and other times you will be paddling for your life. You don’t just abandon the boat when the current gets crazy, right? You keep going until you arrive at your designated point of arrival. You can choose to have a bad attitude the entire time, or you can go with the flow and enjoy the craziness of the ride. Either way, if you commit to getting to your destination - Royal Crown Diamond rank - and you don’t abandon the boat, there is absolutely no doubt that you WILL get to your destination. 


9.  Is there some plan of action I need to follow?

Young Living is all about focusing on a healthy lifestyle. They offer products that enhance this lifestyle, so we simply need to purchase and use the products they offer and we need to create and maintain healthy habits. The best way to purchase them is on the Essential Rewards Program, so the 2-step plan of action for our Journey to Crown Diamond is as follows: 1) Commit to purchasing 100 to 300 PV worth of products each month on the Essential Rewards (depending on your family’s monthly budget for each category of products) and 2) Share Young Living with others on a consistent basis, help those interested sign up for their starter kit and the Essential Rewards Program, and be there for them every step of the way, like a good friend or sponsor would be. (I also recommend staying in touch with them with a monthly newsletter.)


10. Is this one of those Network Marketing or MLM companies?

Yes, but that is a good thing. If you ask this question, you most likely have had a bad experience with an MLM company, or you have been ingrained a bad image about this style of business, so... I encourage you to get on board to simply get their products at a discounted price, knowing that they will enhance your lifestyle, and then spend time learning about the benefits of this style of business. You will find, as I have, that it truly is a magnificent and wise way of running a business, I guarantee you. When run the right way, it's all about empowering others to build a business so that they can live well in this society that requires money, and lots of it, in order for us to truly enjoy life without financial worries.  




Instead of constantly switching gear and trying a new plan so we can "arrive quicker", stick with a simple plan all the way there regardless of how long the journey may take. It's not a race to the top, but rather a JOURNEY towards a place where we can effectively lead others to a lifestyle filled with freedom, energy, peace, and health in every single area of our life.


This simple plan revolves around a healthy lifestyle and the Essential Rewards Program. Why?

-Reason #1: we ALL want lasting health in every area of our life (right?) and we so we need to focus on HEALTH, not on relieving symptoms of illness.

- And Reason #2: Young Living's Essential Rewards Program rewards us for choosing to purchase their products and we are only required to purchase 100 PV of them (about $130) in order to be financially compensated by the company. Their products ENHANCE OUR HEALTHY LIFESTYLE, so it just makes sense to switch to their brand of products.... so why not get rewarded for it in every way Young Living desires to reward us? 


So here is the plan:

1. Create and COMMIT TO healthy lifestyle habits:

- Exercise 30 min/day and take one day of rest each week.

- Keep your sugar intake low, consume healthy fats daily, purchase organic fruits and vegetables. So basically, really focus on ingesting only foods and beverages that are filled with nutrients, at least 80% of the time.

- Use ONLY products that ENHANCE AND SUPPORT your healthy physically, mentally and emotionally. **If you know that Young Living's essential oils are top quality, then make sure that if your shampoo, conditioner, lotion, toothpaste, etc has essential oils that they only contain this brand of oils - do that to SIMPLIFY YOUR LIFE. Reading labels and researching companies to make sure we get the highest quality products is very time-consuming....

So why not switch over to the same company that offers you the essential oils you trust?


2. Commit to the Essential Rewards ProgramDon't just commit to purchasing 100 PV monthly, though! I understand being on a budget, for sure, but how about you commit to a budget of 10% of your household income? If you and your husband (or wife) bring in $1.000 a month, that would be $100 a month towards Young Living.... but if you make $2000 it would be $200, and so on. 

Here's another little tip: Make a list of all the products you currently purchase from other companies and are trying to be careful about choosing ones with "good ingredients". Check to see if Young Living offers these products. They most likely do! If they do, then get them either with the money you've allotted towards it, or get them with the free points you get from STAYING COMMITTED to the program. Here is a review of how much you get back; the longer you stay committed, the higher percentage you get back!

1-3 months: 10% back (if you spend 100 PV, you get 15 PV back; if you spend  200 PV, it will be 20 PV that you get back)

At 4 months, you get 20% back (so if you spend 100 PV, you get 20 PV back; if you sepnd 200 PV, it will be 40 PV back)

When you have been loyal for 2 years to the program, you get 25% back! Now you will receive 25 PV back if you purchase 100 PV worth of products; 50 PV if you purchase 200 PV worth of them.


So let's review. The simple plan consists of 1) creating and staying committed to the healthy lifestyle habits mentioned in this blog post (plus others), and 2) staying committed to the Essential Rewards Program. Do this REGARDLESS of what your team members are doing (or if you even have anyone enrolled). This long-term commitment will benefit your health immensely.

Do it for yourself and for your family, and get rewarded for it in many different ways by the company that provides for us essential oils that we can fully trust. 



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