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As I took the day off from being on Facebook today in order to spend time in stillness before the Lord, soaking in His wisdom, knowledge and understanding, He clearly showed me what the Abundant Energy Health Club - the business he had me start over a decade ago - was truly all about.


Recently I read the book "Grace Over Grind", by Shae Bynes. God brought this book into my life simply to open my eyes to the realization that God had taught me Himself all the principles written in it.


You see, I was never to create and run the business the way a business is normally done. That is why everything written in this book resonated in my heart so completely!! God had made sure that He mentored me in a way so that I would become an exemplary Kingdom-Driven Entrepreneur. I encourage you to read the book so that you know what I mean by that. 😉 There is also another book that you could read if you want to expand on this subject even further - it is called "Doing Business God's Way", and is written by the same author. You can get them both on Amazon.


I grabbed my notebook and started writing this morning. It was the eye-opening moments that just put my mind at ease. I am now writing it all down in this blog post so that I can share it with you.


Let's begin.


The Abundant Energy Health Club (AEHC) is the business in which God wants to partner with me in this world so that He can help people, through me, on their journey towards fitness and health. He did not ask me to have a brick-and-mortar office nor keep regular business hours because He wants it all to happen in a natural way; never forced. Those who DESIRE to change their lifestyle habits so that they can lose weight, become fitter, or be more energetic, can contact me and I can share with them a page on this website that shows them how I can help them. If they are interested in my services, they can contact me. Together we can create a plan for them to follow in order to reach their fitness and health goals, and maintain healthy habits for the rest of their life, with God's help.


Beachbody Coaching.

God then proceeded to show me why He recently (about a year ago) had asked me to become a BeachBody Coach once again. It was so that I could let people know of an AMAZING resource they could have at their fingertips to help them stay on track with their habit of exercising daily. 


Being able to to have access to a myriad of exercise programs, all created by professional fitness trainers so that we can get their services at just a fraction of the cost we need to pay if we hired them on an hourly basis, is truly a wonderful opportuniy worth sharing! The price to have this access and stream the videos wherever we are, as long as we have access to WiFi, is incredibly low - only $99 (when paid yearly); this is such a great price!! 


The yearly membership, called BeaachBody On Demand, is a great way to keep our exercise time varied. Always doing the same exercise routine can get pretty boring, plus, our body likes variety in order to keep it challenged so we can get fitter and stronger as we get older. 


Young Living.

And finally, God showed me that He had me become a leader in Young Living so that I can learn about the benefits of essential oils myself - in my home, around my family and pets. He wanted me to be a lifetime learner of these oils and clearly see the importance of choosing the highest quality oils in order to get the benefits I wished to get from them.

He also wanted me to learn about the benefits of wolfberries, which are little red berries that are well-known and used in China for thousands of years, but yet were barely known at all in the United States and other parts of the world. He hooked me with a supplemental drink created with this berry, actually; it is called NingXia Red. I encourage you to learn all about it, if you don't know about it yet. Just click on this site:

And finally, He wanted me to not only simplify my own life by purchasing lifestyle products from them that were a higher quality than most brands I used to purchase at stored near by me, but He wanted me to show others how they could do the same. He wanted me to help each person interested get a membership with this company in order for their life to be simplified, as mine has been, as they focus on enhancing their life with healthy lifestyle habits so that they can become fitter, healthier, and more energetic as they age, instead of more frail, fatter, and less energetic.


What a privilege it is to partner with God to help others around the world get fitter, healthier and more energetic! I am so grateful that He asked me to partner with Him by creating the Abundant Energy Health Club. 



To learn more about the Abundant Energy Health Club, please go to the pagelink on this website called Abundant Health HC (on the left-hand side). You can also click here to get to it. 

The first picture was taken in my first year in college, when I was 21.
I weighed between 160 and 170 pounds, wore a size 14, was timid, dealt with gallbladder problems and migraines, and wanted to please others so they would like me. I was negative and angry a lot though, so I eventually ended up not having many who wanted me as their friend. (I gained even more weight in my college career, but threw away most of my pictures! I didn’t want to remember who I was and what I looked like back then).
Second picture in the collage is now - at 51.
By the grace of God, my life has been transformed in every way. I have stayed on course with my healthy lifestyle for about 25 years which has helped me keep my weight under 120 and I have been getting fitter and healthier with each passing year. In addition to that, God has been renewing my mind and transforming me on the inside so that I can be more like Him every day. As I abide in Him, He continues to work and transform my life from the inside out. 

God has clearly defined my assignment this morning; He helped me to clearly define where He has anointed me so I can be of blessing to others as I walk this earth. This clearly defined assignment is to lead those who desire to be exemplary leaders in Young Living. 


In order to to this, He had me create the group on Facebook titled Journey to Royal Crown Diamond a few years ago so that He can rise me as a leader and work THROUGH me to help those who desire to be leaders, but are walking around like sheep without a sheperd. He adds to the group those who need guidance, or has me add them if I encounter them on my journey.


In this group is a clearly defined plan that God gave me many years ago, at the beginning of the journey with this company. He has shown me that the BEST mentor in life and business is the Holy Spirit, and he reminded me of this last night through a man who created "Church for Entrepreneurs" in a podcast he recently created.  I started the Young Living business on God’s prompting, and He gave me a simple plan to follow and teach others; I’ve been following it ever since. It’s given me so much peace, and it keeps me on track with healthy living. 😎  Most people think it’s “way too simple” and could never work, but here’s the thing ... God WANTS to simplify our life - He does not want us to live stressed out, unhealthy lives - and so His 3-step plan makes total sense. That is why is has me teach it to those who want to be exemplary leaders in Young Living and desires them to teach this same plan to others.


If you desire to be an exemplary leader in Young Living, but feel lost, commit to leading a healthy lifestyle and come join us at Journey to Royal Crown Diamond. Together, lets help many others who desire to be exemplary leaders in this company; leaders that have integrity and properly take care of their body and mind through leading a healthy lifestyle, following the 10 healthy lifestyle habits written up in that group; CLICK HERE to get to it.

My heart's desire is to be a wife of noble character; in other words, aim to be the woman/wife described in Proverbs 31:10-31


What can we learn from all that is said in these verses?

First, why should we aim to be wives of noble character? They are worth more than rubies! 


 1. She is trustworthy

     -Her husband, who is well-respected, has full confidence in her.


2. She takes care of herself physically

    - Arms are strong as she works

    - Vigorous


3. She speaks wisely and instructs others


 4. She is financially wise

     - Her work is profitable

     - She invests her profits wisely

     - She can laugh at the future


5. She is a hard worker

 - She is never lazy: rises early and won’t go to bed until all necessary things are done


6. She takes good care of household affairs

    - Makes sure her family is well-fed

    - Feeds the female servants

    - Her family lacks nothing


7. She is wealthy

   - Both she and her family are clothed like royalty 

   - Has servants at home


8. She is generous and caring

    - Treats servants well

    - Opens her arms to the poor

    - Extends hands to the needy


9. She is respected by her family and others

    - Her husband and children call her blessed

    - She is honored because of the works she does


10. She fears the Lord


Prayer as we close: Lord, help us to follow the example of the woman in Proverbs 31 so that we can be wives of noble character. Only you can help us accomplish this. Amen. 



I started using essential oils in 2007, after I saw how amazing the NingXia Red drink that Young Living offered worked for me. I got oils shipped to my house from them to see if they could help my 4 year old daughter who was CONSTANTLY sick; none of the cold medications would truly help her and the cold, which started in her nose, would just would go directly to her lungs. Horrible to see her suffer so much!


I was so amazed how well the oil I got helped her not only get better because it supported her respiratory system well, but it went beyond that and helped to strengthen her weak immune system. Since then, essential oils have been my best friends. I started researching and learning all about them, experiencing them first hand in all sorts of ways. It’s just mind blowing how there truly is “an oil for that”, regardless of what it is. Every oil I use is one less toxin I bring into my body and into my home. I’m so grateful to be able to create a wonderful healthy home environment in such a simple way: switching over to the oils and oil products that Young Living offers.


So .... As we celebrate essential oils day this weekend .... happy international essential oils day!! If you haven’t yet fully enjoyed the forgotten essential oil world, I hope you do soon. Immerse yourself in it - your life will never be the same. It sure hasn’t been for me 😎


Not yet a member of Young Living, but want to jump aboard? You can do so easily at Use my "member ID" 918382 if you would like me - Mirdza Hayden - to be your sponsor, or get the ID of the person who shared this post with you and use that one. 

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