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Congratulations! You’re one of the few who has opted to take the leap of faith; the quantum leap that will catapult you to a life that you can’t even imagine existed past your sorrow and grief.


You know that it’s time to stop taking it day by day, step by step, and you are read to let go of the rope, not worry about what happens in the middle of the jump, and just keep your focus on the tremendous joy and peace that you will experience; you know it will be an out-of-this-world experience, far beyond your human mind could ever comprehend at this moment in time.


You know in your heart that your life will be transformed as you apply the Joy and the Valor each day, with intention, as I mentioned in the last blog post. Because of this, you are ready to ask others to take the leap with you by sharing this blog post with them.


You know full well that the majority will refuse to even consider moving on from their grief because holding on to it gives them a sense of security, just like it did for you for whatever amount of time you’ve been holding on to it. 


You also know that there are a great many people out there that would be willing to at least “test the waters” because they have been holding on to the grief so tightly that they have not been able to enjoy life. By sharing this blog post with them, you can give them hope for a better tomorrow, so you are willing to help them do that by sharing with them what I said in “part 2” of this series.


And finally, you know that there are a select few, you don’t know who, that are willing to let go of the rope completely, just like you are now; they have a deep desire to move forward with purpose, sharing the overflowing joy that God will grant all of you in place of your sorrow.


So, this is what you would do: 


When you sign up with your Young Living membership, as mentioned in part 2, you will right away sign up wit the Essential Rewards (autoship) Program so that you can get points each time to reorder the Joy and Valor and so that you can have products delivered to your home each month that will create a healthy environment. 


If you are skeptic about signing up for an auto ship program, let me assure you that this will not be an “extra purchase” for you at all. You will simply be swapping out products that you use daily so that you can create a home that is filled with products that enhance your health physically, mentally and emotionally. You are realizing that most of the products you currently use have been affecting you negatively, but you had not really noticed that before since your parents had used them without questioning the ingredients, and so did your grandparents, most likely. Price had been the biggest factor in the equation, not quality, but now quality is of outmost importance to you since you want your home to be a safe haven and you want others to have a healthy home environment as well.


Your first Essential Rewards package would be your Premium Starter Kit. Once it arrives, look through the catalog and see what products they offer you would like to swap for the ones you are currently using, then put some of those on the order that would ship out the following month. For example, you could start with your cleaning products. You can get a bottle of the very concentrated Thieves Household Cleaner and learn to use it to clean your floors, counters, door knobs, and pretty much every room in your house, including the bathroom. You could also get the laundry soap, which is quite concentrated, and a bottle of their dish soap or package of their powdered dishwashing detergent. In addition to these, you could get some essential oil bottles that would make your house smell like a walk in the forest; oils like pine, Idaho Grand Fir, Norther Lights Black Spruce or Christmas Spirit. 


You could also start with oral care products (toothpaste, mouthwash, floss), and other bathroom products like hand soap, bar soap, shampoo and conditioner, shaving oil and deodorant. You can even get make up, if you use it!


If you have a baby, you will be ecstatic to know that they offer a whole line designed for babies now! Their wipes are the best! You can even use them on kitties I found out this week; my stray kitty loves the scent and the coolness it brings her on hot days.


You decide what you place on your order each month. Have fun swapping out products and reordering your favorites down the line. They also have many supplements you may want to try out. You can change your order very easily online; Young Living will send you an email reminder two days prior to the shipping day you have selected, so you get a chance to add products, and delete those you don’t want that particular month. Plus, they now offer FREE SHIPPING on monthly orders of 100 PV. Enjoy deciding what you will get each month - it will feel like Christmas each time you get your box!


Another cool perk of being on the Essential Rewards Program is that you get 10% back on your monthly purchase for the first 3 months, and then it goes up to 20% back to you. Essentially, it is like you are saving an extra 10-20% each month, but they put it in a “savings account” for you so that you can swap them out for products you want. All you need to pay is shipping on them! I have gotten so many free products like this. 


As months go by, you will be able to see that you are keeping your mind off of the traumatic event and on things that are helping you find joy and purpose in life.By daily applying the two oils with intention, you are feeling more and more courageous and joyful.  By sharing with others how they can do this too, you are helping others find joy and a new meaning in life. And by being on the Essential Rewards Program, you are realizing that your home is becoming more and more of a safe haven for each one of you living in it. You will be able to notice that the products are enhancing your life physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.


As you continue to apply the Joy and the Valor daily in the way I mentioned in the second post, you will notice a mood lift and a deep desire to reach out to others to help them change their life as well, leaving their sorrow and grief behind. At this moment, you will be able to see that God has truly traded your sorrow for His joy, as He promises in the Bible.


Together we can reach many with a message of hope; a message that so many around the world desperately need to hear. A message that will help them find a life filled with purpose, as well as a joy and peace that none of you ever thought possible to have again.


Ready to take the quantum leap that will change your life forever?


Ready to let go of the rope of grief and sorrow and jump?


Let’s go!! One, two, three… JUMP!!!!

Being a part of a grief support group is good and useful, but only for a season. If you continue to focus on the traumatic event, your life will never change; you will not be able to move forward. You will continue to feel depressed on most days, longing desperately for things not to have happened, when the reality is that they DID happen and that we can never go back to change the past. 


What we CAN do, though, is that we can refocus our thoughts on a path that leads to JOY and PURPOSE. So, my question to you is… are you ready to at least “test the waters”? 


If doubts abound in your mind that what I am about to say could help would actually help you, but you are at least willing to give it a try, this is what I want you to do: Purchase the essential oils of Joy and Valor from Young Living and apply them every day, with intention, not as a “magical potion” that will magically get your mind into a better place. I also recommend that you purchase roller ball fitments from the company, since these are the best ones I have seen on the market, and proceed to apply one on each bottle for an easy, hands-free application each day. 


This is what you would do with each of the oils every morning, as you get ready for the day:

1.  Grab your Valor bottle. Roll it on the back of your neck and as far down your back bone as you can go. As you do this, remind yourself that it is God who grants you the COURAGE (the valor) to move forward; He will be with you every step of the way. You have the power of the Holy Spirit within you, a power that is far greater that your self-will and self-motivation, which will eventually fail us. As you surrender to Him, you will become more confident each day to go out and help others either online or offline (wherever you are prompted to do so).


2. Grab your oil of Joy. Roll it on behind your ears as a perfume, and/or over your heart. Remind yourself that it is God’s joy that will give you the strength to move on. As you surrender your grief and your pain, He will fill your heart with more joy that you could possibly imagine right now; you will be then able to share that joy with those who are suffering. You will be able to comfort others as you focus on the joy He is giving you, instead of on the pain, the traumatic event that you’ve been holding on to for dear life up until now, but which has not allowed you to truly enjoy life anymore; at least not enjoy it to its fullest extent.


So, how do you purchase the things I mentioned?


Well, if you are already a Young Living member - awesome! You will be able to simply go online and purchase the oils, roller ball fitments and V6 oil and get a 24% discount. 


If you are NOT YET A MEMBER, please contact the person who shared this blog post with you and ask them for their “sponsor ID number” so that you can fill out the online application to either become a retail customer, or, if you want to save 24% on each order later, get yourself a wholesale membership by purchasing a Premium Starter Kit. Put their name and number as the person who referred you to the company (in both the Sponsor and Enroller sections of the application).


**Mine is 918382 if you don’t have a referral; the name you would put put in each line is “Mirdza Hayden”. 


If you want to get a membership, proceed to purchase the Premium Starter Kit, which will come with 12 essential oils (5-ml each) and a diffuser. One of the oils that comes with it will be the oil of Valor.


Add to your order a 15-ml bottle of Joy, as well as a bag of roller-ball fitments. The kit will come with one fitment, but you will need another one; it’s always nice to have these fitments around so that you can make any oil bottle a roller-bottle. I also recommend you get the V6 oil so that when your Joy and Valor oils are half way gone you can add V6 oil to the top and they will each last you double the time. 


Now you are ready to “test the waters”; you are ready to see if the oils, applied as I mentioned before, will help you, and if you would like to then proceed to share about them with others so that they too can refocus their thoughts on joy and on living a life that is filled with purpose - sharing a message of hope with others 


If you are ready to take the “quantum leap” into the deep waters, ready to go “all in” right away instead of just “testing the waters”, read through the final blog post of this series - part 3. 

(Part 1 of 3)


Introduction to the mission:


If you have been through a traumatic experience or event, I want to invite you to at least consider REFOCUSING your thoughts and COURAGEOUSLY joining me on the mission I will talk about in the next three blog posts, starting with this one. 


Ready, set…. JUMP!


Letting go of pain and sorrow is not easy, I know, but it’s important that we do it, especially if i has been over a month since this traumatic life-changing event or experience happened. That is why I want to invite you to REFOCUS your thoughts on joy  and making it your mission to help others find joy in their life as well. 


If you’re ready to either “test the waters” or to “take the quantum leap” in order to achieve that, read through the next blog post (part 2), in which I share with you what you would need to do to “test the waters.” 

When an area in our life is out of balance, we can't function properly. We need to make sure we address EVERY AREA of our life - physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, relational, and even financial, an area that seems to be very tabu in our society, yet money is so important in order to be able to do anything in this world. 


Young Living can help us address and keep every area of our life in balance. This company offers us products that support our physical health so that we can be fit and energetic everyday, thereby being more productive; they offer essential oils, personal use, and household cleaning products that enhance and support every system in our body (respiratory, digestive, limbic, cardiovascular, etc). They offer products that support us mentally, keeping us alert and focused. Essential oils like Franckincense and their Valor blend help support us emotionally as well as spiritually. And, if we take on their entrepreneurial option, becoming a leader in Young Living and helping others learn about the company and how their products can help them in every area of their life, we can build a residual income (as opposed to "linear income", like the one which we receive when we have a job) that will support our financial needs; the community we build will be filled with people from all around the globe that are positive and moving in the right direction, so that will help us be balanced in the relational area as well. 


I invite you to learn how this company could help YOU bring balance into every area of your life. Explore the company by visiting their website; learn all about their essential oils and product lines (supplements, personal use, household cleaning, baby, and kids). If you have any questions, yet do not have a Young Living leader to reach out to in order to ask them, please feel free to contact me on Facebook (Mirdza Hayden-Pavasars) or on Instagram (@Mirdza.Hayden). You could also simply SIGN UP online by heading over to my personal website by clicking on the following link: EMBRACE A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE

It says in Proverbs 21 that there is precious oil stored up in the house of the wise. Why is that? Because then we can promptly do what God instructs us to do with it in the Bible. One of the things is to anoint ourselves with it, as it says in the book of James - "Is anyone among you sick? Have him call the elders and anoint him with oil and pray over him; the prayer of the righteous will save the sick and the LORD will raise Him up" (ref 5:14-16)


 If we take the time to explore and research essential oils, we will find that throughout the time that the Bible was written everyone used essential oils extensively. These oils were considered very precious because they was extremely useful, but they were also very costly due to the the work that had to be put in them in order to prepare them. Merchants would take these oils on caravan trails for months at a time, even though they knew they could be beaten up and robbed along the way, just to get these oils to the people that wanted them and had saved up months of wages to purchase them. 


One of the uses the early Christians knew these oils had was to assist in the healing of the sick. At the time, the church elders were the ones that went to people's houses when there was someone who was sick. They would carry their oils with them and pray over those who were sick, knowing that it was not the essential oils nor their own righteousness that brought the healing, but it was the LORD who did so through their prayers; the blood of Jesus is what made them righteous enough to pray and ask God for healing. 


The same holds true today, but unfortunately the majority of leaders in churches no longer want anything to do with essential oils. Most will not take the time to research about them and understand how precious they were at the time, and how much God wants us to explore this forgotten world as well. That is why He has raised up "common people", those who are considered "foolish" by many, and has made them wise in these matters. 


Since 2007, God has been helping me extensively explore and research the world of essential oils. As I obeyed Him promptly and got these oils, intrigued, yet not knowing fully how they worked, He has been teaching me things I never imagined knowing. The bible references about oils are so much clearer and amazing to me now! And, since I have these oils, I can come to God at any time I need to do so and He will let me know what oils to choose to anoint myself or someone else with, and pray  over them. Usually it's not a "one time anointing", but rather anointing with them over the course of several days, as I continue to pray. The specific place for anointing is also revealed to me by God at the time of the anointing.


I love coming to God for wisdom - He is the best and the wisest doctor I know! He has truly brought healing into my life and into the lives of those whom I anoinit, and those I know who anoint themselves with oils, and I'm extremely thankfull for that. Truly, it's wise to always have oil in our homes - not just olive oil, but essential oils that have been properly prepared (not cheap versions of them).

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