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Let’s be real. One of the main reasons so many of those that we know don’t want anything to do with network marketing is because they have associated this industry with being a sales business - a business where people are pushy and trying to sell us on something that they don’t really need or want. So .... we need to show them through our words, posts and actions that sales is not first and foremost on our minds!


As network marketing leaders we are actually offering LIFE TRANSFORMATION. We are showing them a way that they can solve a problem in their life that they thought had no solution. 

1. We can offer them a way, a simple plan of action, so that they can have more free time in their busy days.


2. We can offer them a way to become more confident, instead of allowing fear to dictate what they do or don’t do.


3. We can offer a way to invest long term so that they can have money coming in after they retire. Nobody wants to work until they are in their 70s and 80s, but most feel there is no way around that because social security will not be enough to live on and they don’t have money to risk investing in the stock market, nor even the knowledge to know how it works.


4. Some of us are very particular in the products we use on ourselves and in on our home. We desire a simple way to get products (personal use and homecare ones) that enhance and support our health physically, emotionally and mentally, and that is a solution we could offer as well if we work in a company in the wellness industry, such as Young Living.


We are here to serve others. We are here to offer a solution to a problem they have had and perhaps thought there was no solution to it. Let’s focus on THAT, and let’s help others realize how truly amazing this business model is - how it’s helped transform our own life for the better, and how it could help transform their life.

Don’t chase money; just follow Gods simple plan. He will set you free in every way when you surrender to HIS way of doing things. Trust Him!

College and University are not the only options for our high school graduates, though we have been taught that they are, if we want a higher income. After all, we all want and even need a higher monthly income in order to survive, and hopefully thrive in this world. We have to realize that money is definitely important in this world because it is the currency we use to pay for a place to live, the food that nourishes us, the car we want to drive, and even those fun things like vacations and amusement parks.


Not everyone enjoys going to school, which is why many don’t even want to finish high school! Many feel that they have no options and have been labeled “losers” and so they choose to hang out with people that will see them as the leaders that they are, or even just make them feel like they belong somewhere, and they are not simply “society outcasts”. 


Others, with the encouragement of loving parents or friends close to them, do get their high school diploma or G.E.D, but then don’t know where to go or what to do. They start getting frustrated and stressed out. People around them are going to college and universities, and they feel like they are just “not good enough”, “not smart enough”, and start getting a low self-esteem complex. Others start researching colleges with the encouragement of well-meaning parents, but they end of frustrated because they did not like traditional schooling in the first place and just barely made it through high school, though they did enjoy meeting and hanging out with the people in the school system. 


When they are told of the network marketing career alternative, people around them are quick to point out that it’s a career for losers; for those who just want to make it big without much effort. The truth is that is not the reality at all! 


A network marketing career will DEVELOP OUR CHARACTER. We learn to let rejection slide off our shoulder. We learn to have a growth mindset, instead of a fixed mindset. We learn to keep going in the midst of the most challenging circumstances. 


A network marketing DEVELOPS EXEMPLARY LEADERS. It can be compared to the Boy Scout leadership program, only it’s for those 18 and older (some companies allow 16 year olds to start their career) and we can earn as we develop our character and train to be exemplary leaders. Instead of getting majorly in debt getting student loans, or filling out long applications to get grants so that they can study in their chosen college, trade school or university, we have the chance to earn money as we learn and lead others that start this journey under our mentorship. 


A network marketing career helps us to see that we are investing our time and a small amount of money into the company every month so that we can have a passive income check coming in regardless of what we choose to do during the day - whatever our passion may be! This can only be accomplished if stay on course, though, and don’t give up on the career. Just as we can’t “make the big bucks” if we quit medical or law school early, we cannot create a good passive income unless we make “graduate” to the top leadership rank of the company with which we choose to partner. 


In conclusion, I hope you can see now that a network marketing career is a great college alternative especially for those who do not want to pursue further traditional schooling for one reason or another. It will help develop their character and will train them to become exemplary leaders, without putting them heavily into debt. 

We can all agree that time is a valuable commodity. It’s one that most seem to run out of quickly, but the reason behind it is merely that they have not learned how to properly manage it. This is one of the reasons why network marketing has become so popular!


In this blog post I want to offer you some tips on HOW you can create that time freedom that we all desire, but just does not seem attainable. Remember, though, that it’s only when we put them into practice on a CONSISTENT BASIS that they will work for us


1. Engage in Self-Care habits. Being overwhelmed and stressed out most of the time are clear signs that self care habits have not been a priority to us. Having no energy and feeling run down all the time is a clear sign that we are doing too much and have not dedicated enough time to habits that will help us be energetic regardless of our age. My teenage daughter, for example, is even more tired than I am and I’m 50! I do my best to encourage her to follow the healthy habits I follow, but she chooses not to do so, and therefore she has very little energy most of the time.

It’s clearly NOT our age that matters, but the self-care habits that we engage in that matters the most if we want to be energetic and productive. That is why the first tip is to engage in self-care habits like starting your day in prayer to dedicate our day and life to God, setting up the time to engage in 30 minutes of exercise, and being mindful of the products we use on ourself and to clean our home.


2. Create SIMPLE SYSTEMS that others can be easily duplicated. If our network marketing business does not run without us, it’s just another job, or we are building it as a “brick and mortar” business; in both cases we are simply trading our time for money and not creating the time freedom we desire so much in our lives. That is why creating and putting into action SIMPLE systems from the very beginning of our career is very important. 


Here are some tips to use when we creating a system to use when we are onboarding leaders: 


  • Have a standardized way to share about the products and opportunity.
  • Make sure all of you utilize third party tools - website, brochure, video (anything that is not you, or them) 
  • Do not set yourself to be seen as the “expert”. When we do that, those that are not yet confident (which is the majority, I can assure you) will feel that they will not be able to build a strong business and will quit.
  • Create a SIMPLE way to train new people so that they don’t feel overwhelmed: Short videos that can be posted and shared as needed; posts that will not take too long to read;blogs that are fairly short and retain their attention until the end; v-logs that are not too long but have valuable information for someone (who is your target audience?).
  • Lead instead of teach. Everyone wants a simple solution to their problem. Teaching them when they are not ready and giving them too much information will cause them to feel overwhelmed, so learn not to do it.
  • It must be “action oriented” with specific steps to take so that they don’t get overwhelmed.
  • Keep them accountable to their actions, and most importantly, help them learn to stay accountable to themselves and their commitments. Send them a text or email or maybe call them (whatever is most comfortable for the both of you) once a week, or once a month to see how they are doing and to talk about how the specific things they are doing to stay in action.


3. Create time boundaries from the very beginning. Let people know you are NOT going to be available 24/7; you must prioritize your time. During the time you are dedicating to building your business, make sure you spend most of your time with those who are desiring your help, not with those who don’t want to be held accountable to anyone, nor those who prefer to work independently. Remember, you are there to simply give them the system to follow and then you need to set them up in a group where they can receive “group training”, or more specifically tips and encouragement as they build their business; this will create time freedom for all of you. 


God wants to free our schedules so we have time to listen to Him. One of the things He desires to tell us is where He wants us to serve Him each day. He does not want us to be so preoccupied with making money that we don’t have time to sit and listen to where HE wants to use us and it what specific way on any particular day.


For most of us, our lives are currently so stressed out that we have no time to care for our physical health, which in turn creates chaos in our mental, emotional and spiritual life. God knows we need money in this world in order to not just survive from day to day, but also to thrive. We can’t get anything or go anywhere unless we have money, but working a full-time job in order to make that money has been creating lifestyles that are way too hectic. 


The majority of us feel that spending time with God is a waste of time because it’s not creating an income to care for ourselves and our family, but taking Him out of our life has created emotional and mental chaos. Coming to God with the intent of listening to Him and asking Him where He wants us to serve Him each day is the most important activity we can do. 


We must learn to quiet our hearts and minds and listen intently to His voice. At first it may feel awkward and others may make us feel like it’s a waste of time, but once we surrender ourselves completely to Him and build an intimate relationship with Him, that time with Him will be the time we most look forward to each day. We will crave time alone where we can simply sit in silence, listening to His still voice; we will no longer feel bored when we have to wait in line, or in a dentist office, or in a court room when we are called in for jury duty at a specific time for several days or weeks, etc. 


So how can we bring in a great income without working a full-time job or as  business owners with the intent of making it thrive? The answer lies in the network marketing profession. 


Before you dismiss me, listen up for a moment. I am not asking you to become sales people for a specific company nor to be talking incessantly about a specific product line. I’m also not going to ask you to recruit leaders so that you can be compensated monetarily by the company you choose to represent. That should never be our main objective. 


The main goal of the network marketing profession, aka MLM, is to create a lifestyle where we do not have to worry about money ever again. We will be able to live wherever we want to live without worrying that won’t have the money to do so. We will be able to travel if we desire. We will be able to have time to take care of ourselves physically - we will have time to dedicate to exercise, to fix and eat nutritious meals, and to get enough rest during the day and sleep at night - so that we will not be physically, mentally and emotionally drained all the time. And, of course, we will have time to sit and listen to God in whatever setting we prefer (at home, on a walk, at the beach, out fishing, camping, etc) and pursue an intimate relationship with Him; we will have time to sit quietly and listen to His instructions so we can joyfully serve Him in a specific way on any specific day without any time constraint or conflict. 


As we share our experiences with the products we use from the specific network marketing company with which we choose to partner, we help others create their own memberships.

If they choose to do the same thing, then we are effectively building a business that requires very little time from us and the company will compensate us all monetarily. 


However, I must admonish you to NOT pursue this as your full-time career right away. It’s important that you invest money from the way you currently make money right now (and even if that is currently unemployment money you get from the government) and, as your income surpasses what you need each month to live, then let go of the other ways you make money. 

The time it will take for you to create an income that surpasses what you are currently making will vary tremendously, but as long as you don’t quit, you will be create an income that surpasses your expectations. 


Your main goal is to create a lifestyle that is peaceful and that frees up your time so that you can pursue what God desires you to do every day, which will vary since there is so much He wants to do in this world. He wants you to be healthy in every area of your life, so He wants you to create a lifestyle where you have the time to take good care of yourself physically, mentally and emotionally; through this ideal lifestyle you will be able to do so, so pursue it because it is most definitely attainable. Therefore, pick to partner with a network marketing company that offers products that are of very high quality and will enhance that healthy lifestyle. As you share your experience about the products, do so with the intent of helping them know that these products exist and that they can get them as well; let them know the company will ship the products directly to their house, which is definitely a time saver - it’s time we can use doing other more important things. Once they receive the products and realize that the products truly do help enhance their life, ask them to please share their experiences as well so that people that they know can know that these products exist and they can purchase them in the same way as they are doing. As you all do this, each of your individual businesses grows, and therefore your income grows. One day you will receive a check that will help you be extremely grateful that you did this because now you will not have to ever worry about money again, and you have been able to create a very peaceful lifestyle where you could pursue your passions and desires God placed on your heart, while at the same time taking good care of yourself physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, by creating and maintaining healthy lifestyle habits. 


If you would like to join Young Living, the company that I chose to partner with since 2007, please CLICK HERE to get to my website, where you will be able to learn about the company, as well as fill out an online form so you can do so.   

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This is very true. That is my one desire and goal as well, to please Him and bring Him glory, way less of me and so much more of Him.

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You’re so welcome! Thank you for leaving a comment to let me know the article was helpful to you

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Thank you very helpful

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Yeah! That’s what being a business leader in Young Living is all about! Sharing these 10 healthy habits with others in any way we feel comfortable doing.