Journey to Royal Crown Diamond

Why Choose to Become a Sponsor and Begin the Journey

When we join Young Living as a wholesale member, we get the OPTION to become a sponsor to someone else on their journey in this company. Why would we choose to do that? Here are some great reasons:


1.  There are no monthly fees to pay. You can get your 24% discount without ever having to pay for a website or any other monthly fee. If you want a website, you can get one, but it is not required for you to do so in order to be sponsor someone.


2. There are no yearly membership fees. As long as you purchase on a regular basis, even if it is every 3 months, you  will not pay any membership fees. Getting on their Loyalty Program, though will ensure that you stay organized and get the products you will need for that month. **You can change your monthly order every month, if you desire. 


3. You get the chance to help change someone’s life, or the life of many others not only in the country you reside but also in countries all around the globe. There is nothing like the feeling that you were able to make a difference in someone’s life by simply listening to them and helping them achieve their personal and/or business goals. 


4. You get to embark on a self-development journey of a lifetime. When you commit to reaching the top rank in Young Living - Royal Crown Diamond - you are committing to learning to persevere and learn skills that will help you grow as a person in ways you never dreamed possible for yourself. You will become more confident along the way as your self-esteem level improves, and you will then be able to help others become more confident people as well. 


5. You get to be a lifetime learner without having to take exams nor work around your current schedule to be able to attend a class somewhere to acquire that knowledge. You can learn in the comfort of your home, or as you travel the world so you can develop skills and attain knowledge in many different areas. Learn through books, seminars, and webinars. Learn in any way you prefer learning without having to spend thousands of dollars to do so.


6. You get to partner with a company that is filled with integrity. If you take the time to learn about Young Living, you will be able to see that this company doesn’t ever create or sell a product merely to make a profit, but it’s to help each of us attain wellness in every area of our life. Their "Seed to Seal" commitment to every oil they produce and bottle or put in a product will attest to that.

Plan of Action

My mentor on my journey in Young Living is God. He is the best upline! He has made sure I have a plan of action to follow, and He's helped me learn what I have needed to learn and understand about the network marketing profession, in general, and what it takes to reach the highest rank - Royal Crown Diamond. Read on if you want to know what this simple plan is; it's a simple plan that everyone with a desire to help others, and succeed in life as an entrepreneur, can use. **If you don't have an account yet, I can walk you through the process of getting one online easily. (You can reach me on Facebook)


1. Always lead with a healthy lifestyle. That is the cornerstone'. Inspire by leading with a healthy lifestyle, then teach others how to do the same. Get creative! Make a short video, host a Facebook class (Sarah Harnisch has one where you can just put up 16 videos; she does the teaching for you; you can find others on, put up inspirational posts on Instagram, write a song and share it. You decide what is best for YOU to share since it depends on your personality and talents.


2. Get on Young Living's loyalty program, previously called Essential Rewards, and now called "Subscribe to Save". Learn about it on the Young Living website, or on the Gro Workspace, or simply ask a trusted friend who is already in Young Living


3. Always have a no-drama attitude. Be confident that you WILL reach the top, but don't worry about when that will be. Everyone's journey is different. Enjoy it to the max and learn everything you can along the way.


4. Never, ever give yourself the option to quit, no matter what challenges you run into along the way.


5. Share your story with others on a CONSISTENT basis. It is not about how to become the best sales person for the company, but rather it's about learning you share about Young Living's products and opportunity through YOUR eyes. What products have helped you along the way? What product really got you started on this committed healthy lifestyle journey that incorporates Young Living's products? Why do you believe the opportunity could benefit you and  your family, or how have you seen it benefit you?

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21.09 | 09:50

This is very true. That is my one desire and goal as well, to please Him and bring Him glory, way less of me and so much more of Him.

17.02 | 09:06

You’re so welcome! Thank you for leaving a comment to let me know the article was helpful to you

15.02 | 14:00

Thank you very helpful

21.01 | 07:07

Yeah! That’s what being a business leader in Young Living is all about! Sharing these 10 healthy habits with others in any way we feel comfortable doing.

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