10 Healthy Lifestyle Habits

Most of the products that we have chosen to use to care for our face, skin, teeth and gums are slowly killing us, unfortunately. It’s important that we come to this realization.


When we have this “aha!” moment, we must then switch over to a brand that offers us products that we can trust are actually enhancing our health.


As we switch over, we may start seeing some strange things happening to our skin and hair, but that is just our body trying to get rid of the toxins we had been putting in it for years, without realizing it. Don’t give up! Just keep slowly detoxing your body and switching over. Depending on how toxic your body is when you start, it may take a few weeks or months.


This is why, in addition to persevering in our switch-over, we must choose carefully the company from which we buy. We need to know we can fully trust that they have our long-term wellness in mind.


You alone can decide which company you choose after careful inspection of the company itself. I personally have found Young Living to be a very trustworthy company; you may find that to be true for yourself as well. Their quality standard in extremely high, and they are always striving to improve.

Our laundry soap/detergent, our household cleaner, and whatever we use to help our house smell clean and fresh, could be causing a lot of physical AND mental chaos. That is why it is very important to carefully choose what products we use to clean our home, as well as wash the clothes we wear; we need to use something much better to make our bedrooms and living room smell good too.


To simplify the switch to better cleaning products, Young Living offers us the Thieves line. In this libe, they offer us a small container of concentrated laundry soap, as well as dish soap. We can also find a multipurpose cleaner called Thieves Household Cleaner which we can use to mop or floors and, when we create a spray solution with it, we can spray down counters, tables, and everything else that we want clean.


To freshen and purify the air in the house, they offer us many styles of cold-air diffusers from which we can choose. In it we can diffuse our favorite scents using Young Living’s premium quality essential oils, which all are created using the highest of quality standards.


Negativity is an easy response to challenging situations, but they keep us overwhelmed, and in a state of depression, stress, anger, and other negative emotions.


Though we cannot control our circumstances most of the time, we most definitely can learn to control our emotions. When we pause and take a step away from the situation, and we adopt an attitude of gratitude, we are not allowing the negativity to take a deep seat in our hearts and our thoughts, which will help us tremendously both physically and mentally.


Some soothing essential oils can aid in the process. They have certainly been a great aid for me. The brand I prefer to use is called Young Living. If you are with them already, check out the oils of Peace and Calming, Joy, Stress Away, or Valor to help you. **If you are not yet part of the company, check out my personal Young Living website HERE  


Let’s learn to intentionally let go of negativity. 

Throughout the day, our breathing often becomes very shallow, and especially if we are feeling stress build up. That is why it’s important to take a step back several times a day to be mindful of how we are breathing.


Try this: Every hour or two, practice breathing in slowly and deeply through your nose for 4-5 counts, hold for 4 counts, and then slowly exhale all the air as if blowing though a straw. Wait a couple seconds, then do it again. Repeat several times.


**Its important that you breathe through your diaphragm though, so don’t allow your shoulders to rise; be watching or feeling your belly rise up and down. If necessary, lay down to do this exercise at first, since we always do this when we are laying down, but most of us need to train ourselves to do that when we are sitting upright or standing. 😉#healthyhabitsforlife

Last habit!!! I hope you have been applying each one into your life as we talked about them. It is the only way that they will make a difference for us.


It is important, probably much more important that we think, to create a healthy nighttime routine for ourselves. Getting enough hours of QUALITY sleep each night will help our bodies to the rest and recover so that we will be energetics the following day, therefore being much more productive.


Three tips:

1.Go to bed at the same time each night, even on the days we have off from work the next day. Get up around the same time the next morning too!


2. Choose to head to bed by 10 pm, unless you work until 10 pm, of course. Get up around 6 or 7 the next day. Adjust as necessary.


3. Lower the lights and start quieting your mind half hour to an hour before the time you have chosen to go to bed. Essential oils - diffused or placed on your feet, in your bellybutton, or on the back of your neck and over your shoulders - could help you immensely.

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