Grooming Our Kids for Success

Honor and Support Your Children

Our main responsibility as parents is to be used by God in any way He desires to use us to be a blessing to our kids. We may think we know what is best for them, but that is when we starting getting impatient and angry because they wil l many times not do or perform according to our expectations. We need to just pray for them and ask God to move in their lives, asking Him to help us simply play a suppotive role in their lives, honoring them, encouraging them and supporting them in their decisions. 


Some examples:

- If your son or daughter wants to do something you don't really approve like going to a dance or getting a tatoo: Instead of getting angry and saying "No way!", talk about it with them and hear why they want to do it. Say that there is nothing in the Bible that talks clearly against that, but you want to make a prayerful decision about it. Ask them to pray about it too, and maybe even pray about it together if they are up to it. This way they will realize how important it is to get God's approval before we act, no matter what the issue may be. 


- If they want to do something that is clearly against what the bible says, like sex before marriage or living with someone before getting married: Assure them that you understand the pressures that their friends put them under, but that God has that rule simply to save us from a lot of pain later (contracting a sexual transmitted disease, getting pregnant and contemplating either single motherhood or abortion, among others). Pray togehter and/or encourage them to pray when they are faced with the temptation so that God will help them stay strong. 


- If they want to pursue a career in an area where you think they are not going to make any money, don't laugh at them. Just support them all the way and pray that God will help you see in what direction He is leading them. He always has the best plans for their lives! For example, my son is clearly being led in the arts and entertaiment area. He loves music - playing the guitar, singing, playing the piano.... He also like making movies and he signed up for a summer film camp for which he paid mostly with the money he saved up or was granted from us and from my parents in a fund we labeled "education fund".


No matter what, always remember that God is in charge of our children's lives. We are simply to honor them, encourage them and support them in any way God desires us to do so. It will be hard to give up parental control, but this is the only way that God can truly use us to be the best parents to our children. Just love them and be there for them at all times!