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As I write this blog post, I have just finished doing Day 16 of Monique McLean’s “21 Days of Prayer for our Business”. It was titled “BE COURAGEOUS”. Public speaking is the hardest thing I need to learn…. and probably what most of you reading this post needs to learn. 


I have been a person who is afraid of speaking just one-on-one to someone! How can God possibly expect me to speak in front of thousands of people one day? Yet, that is exactly what we will need to do when we become Royal Crown Diamonds. That is why we need to learn the skill of public speaking as we travel this journey to the top.


Dale Carnegie says in his book “How to Develop Self-Confidence and Influence People by Public Speaking” that it’s important to NOT READ NOTES when we are on stage. Yup, you read that right. No notes… We need to be able to prepare and write a good speech, then deliver the message with confidence, regardless of how many people we have been asked to speak to.


Wow! If you are introverted like I am that is a huge push out of our comfy couch. Are we ready to fly and soar to heights like never before? If so, we need to take the plunge but know that God will always catch us like a momma eagle before we hit the ground. We are going to be okay! And then we can help others be courageous as well by leading by example. 


In her book, Monique related her story in her book about the first time she had to speak in from of 10,000 people. She said it was by far the scariest thing she had ever done. She vividly expresses her experience - “My hands where sweaty, my mouth was like cotton and my legs were like noodles.” 


**How would YOU feel if you were placed in front of a huge group like that? Take a moment to close your eyes and reflect on that for a minute or two.


After she relates that to us in her book, she writes the following: “That experience did several things for me. It proved to me His ways are pretty huge. It allowed me the opportunity to do what I said I would do. I made sure to let those 10,000 people know my secret to success was Jesus. It taught me to rely on Him. I have never prayed so much in my life as I did leading up to this event. It reminded me how faithful my Jesus is to walk by my side It made me dream bigger. It made me overflow with gratitude for this journey I was on. He confirmed when we put Him first, He does more than we could ever ask or think.” (p 118)


So, are YOU prepared to be courageous and learn to speak confidently in front of people, regardless of how many there are? It could be just a handful at first, but eventually, it will be thousands, or even tens of thousands. Will you be courageous?


Here are 2 things I recommend you do if you said “yes”:

 1. Memorize the three verses Monique has us memorize on Day 16 of her book. They are: 2 Timothy 1:7 (God has not given us a spirit of timidity…), Joshua 1:9 (Be strong and courageous…) and Isaiah 41:10 (So do not fear for I am with you…). Look them up, write them on index cards, meditate on them day and night, memorize them so you can bring them up when you are about to speak in front of people.


2. Read Dale Carnegie’s book to learn the skills to speak confidently in front of others. Here is the link to get it from Amazon: Click Here 



This concludes our series. You are not expected to learn these things overnight. Just focus on learning them on your journey to Royal Crown Diamond so you can be an excellent leader. 

There is no way that God can have us manage millions of dollars UNTIL we are able to manage a few thousand properly. It wouldn't be a wise decision to do that. That is why it’s important that we follow principles to help us learn to properly manage money from month to month and year to year. After all, “It’s not what we make that counts, but what we keep.” 


Look at it this way: Let’s say a person makes $2,000 a month but at the end of the month he has $200 left; another person makes $5,000 in a month but his bills amount to $5,200 - this person is $200 in the hole! So, actually, the person that makes $2000 a month is richer than the one making $5,000, right? Truly - It’s not how much we earn, it’s how much we can keep that counts” That is why time management should be a skill we learn on our path to Royal Crown Diamond.


Here are two books that I recommend you read on this subject. The first one was extremely helpful to me and I still follow the principles in this book to this day and have tried teaching them to my kids as well. The second one I read a little later; it’s written by the same person and is also excellent. 




Start learning money management skills as soon as you start your career with Young Living. Continue to practice these skills month after month so that by the time you get to Royal Crown Diamond they have become second nature to you. This is a habit that will be useful for you not only in business but in your personal life. 


 We are going to have access to a lot of time and money and so need to learn to manage both properly; we don’t want to waste either one of these resources. Today we shall talk about time management and tomorrow we will tackle money. 


It’s important that we learn to manage the 24 hours in our day, regardless of how busy we feel we are right now. To start, think how you spend your time right now. On a sheet of paper, write keep track of how you spend your time. Is it productive? 


At the end of the day, how do you feel? Are you exhausted and have the feeling like you didn’t accomplish all you set out to do, so you go to bed stressed out? Do you spend mindless time in front of the T.V or drinking beer, wine or cocktails not wanting to think about anything anymore? 


Or do you feel invigorated and peaceful? Is time in front of the T.V simply a fun relaxing time with your family instead of just a mindless time waster? 


I’m not here to judge you in any way. I just want you to start thinking about how exactly it is you are spending your time right now so that you can make some changes if you feel that you want your life to be headed in a better direction.


Many times we feel our day with “good” activities, but we neglect time taking care of ourselves physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. This is also not a good use of our time. We need to keep all activities in balance. We need to learn to make time to take care of ourselves so we can have strong bodies and minds even at regardless of how old we are. 


Time management is an important skill to learn before we reach Royal Crown Diamond because we want to show others how being a part of this company enhances our life; how building a business in this way, partnering with Young Living, can be very peaceful and exciting, not extremely stressful. Nobody wants more stress in their life, right? I sure would not be inclined to build a business if I feel it’s an “added chore” to what I see as an already busy life. That is why we need to exemplify time management so others can see how PEACEFUL AND JOYFUL it is to walk the path to Royal Crown Diamond. 


 Take time to watch this motivational video right now: https://youtu.be/mV0IhcAUNqk It is called “Stop Killing Time”. Jim Rohn, Tony Robbins, and Les Brown are brought together with some awesome nuggets for us to think about in this 12-minute video, so take the time to watch it and ponder what they say. Mull it over throughout the day, and the next few days. “The way we spend our 24 hours will determine how we live.” 


To end this topic, I’d like to recommend a book that Dale Carnegie suggests in one of his books, which I am currently reading. He says, “if you are very busy and pushed for time, read Arnold Bennett’s “How to Live on Twenty-four Hours a Day”. I looked it up on Amazon and you get actually get it Prime for less than $4. What a deal! Here is the link to check it out and, if you currently struggle with time management, make sure you purchase it: How-Live-Twenty-Four-Hours-Day


Let’s learn to manage our time properly BEFORE we are given more of it. Tomorrow, we will touch the topic of MONEY MANAGEMENT, so stay tuned. 

We need to understand that our most valuable job as a leader in Young Living is to be a healthy lifestyle coach to others, regardless of where they live. However, we cannot do that unless we are COMMITTED to adopting healthy habits ourselves and staying committed to them for the rest of our life, like brushing our teeth daily.


How many of you currently go to a doctor on a regular basis and this doctor is in worse shape than you are? He’s overweight, is on several medications for this and that, and rarely talks to you about lifestyle changes? My parents’ cardiologist told them he didn’t have time to eat healthily and exercise and he just makes sure he takes his cholesterol medication. How crazy is that? I thought to myself, “why are you going him then?” But they kept going because the insurance covered his visits and they thought he was actually helping them.


Think about it… Why would we take advice from a doctor who is not healthy himself, but prefers to just take medications to cover up the symptoms, instead of making any lifestyle changes? That’s absurd, in my opinion. Our body isn’t craving Prozac if we are depressed, for example. The symptoms we are experiencing are simply signs that our body is out of balance and we need to be making some drastic lifestyle changes.


This is why we need to be so focused on a healthy lifestyle in this career. As a Royal Crown Diamond, we need to show people that lifestyle changes are what keep us healthy, fit and energetic. We need to lead by example. A fit, healthy and energetic Royal Crown Diamond is a vivid example that healthy habits are extremely important, wouldn’t you agree?


If we are currently struggling with weight issues and not perfect in our healthy habits it’s okay! The point is that we need to be constantly striving to be fitter, healthier and more energetic, not simply accept that our age will cause various problems. The doctor that is covered by my insurance point out told me two days ago that EVERYONE will get cancer and Alzheimer’s at one point in their life; it’s not a matter and “If” they will, but of “when”, which is why, he explained, we all need regular check-ups. WHAT??? That is absurd! It was pointless to argue with him, though. We need to simply take our health into our own hands and ask God for guidance on our journey towards renewed wellness so we can live above the wellness line, which is the purpose of all of Young Living’s products - to enhance our healthy lifestyle so we can stay above the wellness line no matter what age we may be. We are all getting older, but we don’t all need to get a disease like cancer or dementia! These things ARE preventable and reversible with lifestyle changes. 


So, are you with me on the fact that something incredibly important that we need to learn before reaching Royal Crown Diamond is adopting healthy habits and staying committed to them? I hope so. It’s so important that we lead by example. It’s so important that we come healthy lifestyle coaches that lead and coach others by modeling a healthy lifestyle themselves. 


Coming up next: Time management

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