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3 Business Strategies to Build A Young Living Business

The number one question you may be asking is “Will this work for me?” You may also be asking “How much do I have to risk?” “How could I ever make this work if I’m already very busy every day?” In this blog post, I want to give you THREE BUSINESS STRATEGIES that will help you see that this could for you, that you do not have to risk it all, AND you can make it work even though you are very busy every day.


#1 Commit to the Essential Rewards Program. The foundation of any network marketing business is loving the products that the company offers so much that you want to be rewarded for buying them on a monthly basis. Who doesn’t want to get REWARDS for “frequent buying”, just like we would in a frequent flyer program on any airline or like points we get back from whatever credit card we are using? By being on this program you will get rewarded in many different ways; it’s truly amazing! I  believe you will absolutely fall in love with this Essential Rewards Program, but only if you realize how amazing the products are and how it gives you peace of mind to purchase these instead of the ones you currently purchase at a local store or an online one. It will also save you time because you eventually will not be reading labels anymore because you know you can trust the company to consistently provide products that meet and in most cases exceed your expectations. 


#2 Commit to a healthy lifestyle. The products Young Living offers are not magical potions. Do not use oils as if they were a “quick fix” for anything, and do not take the supplements while not caring what you put into your body through food and beverages. Take time to take inventory of your current lifestyle and make changes where you know you need to do so. Young Living offers products that ENHANCE this lifestyle, so look through the catalog and see which products you can replace in your home and start purchasing these instead. ** Cool Tip: You will also be able to trade in the points you earn from your monthly purchases for many of these products! I get many of mine for free.


#3 Share on a consistent basis. Do it in whatever way you prefer to do so. You can take a walk with a friend and share, or you can invite this person over to your house or to have coffee or share a meal with you. You could invite a small group of friends over and share some of your favorite products with them and create something with them (if you are into DIY products). You could also teach a class to reach more people if you have that “teacher spirit” in your heart. You could even learn to create an event on Facebook and teach the class this way, inviting a few friends to attend. Don’t worry if they can’t attend when you are teaching it because they can always come back and read the posts later; that is the beauty of a class on Facebook! **Cool tip: Never try to be the “expert at the subject”. Just share your experience with the product and give them a video to watch. or a brochure. or any other type of literature to help them understand the product and how it could help them if they use it consistently.


So, as you can see, these three business strategies can easily work for all of us regardless if you work all day somewhere or if you’re a stay at home parent with small kids that require a lot of attention. You do not have to risk anything financially because you are simply committing to purchasing products from Young Living instead of elsewhere because these products are PREMIUM QUALITY that will help enhance they healthy lifestyle you want to lead, or are already currently leading. By all means, do not risk giving up your job - do not quit working until your income from this business matches or exceeds what you currently make. It’s not necessary to do this and I certainly do not want you to say at the end of the month “I cannot pay my bills this month!” This business should not add any more stress to your life, in fact, it should decrease it. You will see that this is true once you commit the first two business strategies…. You will then desire to share just so others can experience what you are experiencing by being a wholesale member with Young Living. 


Will this work for you? It could.... but only if you stay committed and not quit sharing along the way. We cannot build a business unless we are committed to get out of our comfort zone and share about the company that is helping to enhance our life.

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