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A Simple Plan to Build All the Way to Crown Ranks

Instead of constantly switching gear and trying a new plan so we can "arrive quicker", stick with a simple plan all the way there regardless of how long the journey may take. It's not a race to the top, but rather a JOURNEY towards a place where we can effectively lead others to a lifestyle filled with freedom, energy, peace, and health in every single area of our life.


This simple plan revolves around a healthy lifestyle and the Essential Rewards Program. Why?

-Reason #1: we ALL want lasting health in every area of our life (right?) and we so we need to focus on HEALTH, not on relieving symptoms of illness.

- And Reason #2: Young Living's Essential Rewards Program rewards us for choosing to purchase their products and we are only required to purchase 100 PV of them (about $130) in order to be financially compensated by the company. Their products ENHANCE OUR HEALTHY LIFESTYLE, so it just makes sense to switch to their brand of products.... so why not get rewarded for it in every way Young Living desires to reward us? 


So here is the plan:

1. Create and COMMIT TO healthy lifestyle habits:

- Exercise 30 min/day and take one day of rest each week.

- Keep your sugar intake low, consume healthy fats daily, purchase organic fruits and vegetables. So basically, really focus on ingesting only foods and beverages that are filled with nutrients, at least 80% of the time.

- Use ONLY products that ENHANCE AND SUPPORT your healthy physically, mentally and emotionally. **If you know that Young Living's essential oils are top quality, then make sure that if your shampoo, conditioner, lotion, toothpaste, etc has essential oils that they only contain this brand of oils - do that to SIMPLIFY YOUR LIFE. Reading labels and researching companies to make sure we get the highest quality products is very time-consuming....

So why not switch over to the same company that offers you the essential oils you trust?


2. Commit to the Essential Rewards ProgramDon't just commit to purchasing 100 PV monthly, though! I understand being on a budget, for sure, but how about you commit to a budget of 10% of your household income? If you and your husband (or wife) bring in $1.000 a month, that would be $100 a month towards Young Living.... but if you make $2000 it would be $200, and so on. 

Here's another little tip: Make a list of all the products you currently purchase from other companies and are trying to be careful about choosing ones with "good ingredients". Check to see if Young Living offers these products. They most likely do! If they do, then get them either with the money you've allotted towards it, or get them with the free points you get from STAYING COMMITTED to the program. Here is a review of how much you get back; the longer you stay committed, the higher percentage you get back!

1-3 months: 10% back (if you spend 100 PV, you get 15 PV back; if you spend  200 PV, it will be 20 PV that you get back)

At 4 months, you get 20% back (so if you spend 100 PV, you get 20 PV back; if you sepnd 200 PV, it will be 40 PV back)

When you have been loyal for 2 years to the program, you get 25% back! Now you will receive 25 PV back if you purchase 100 PV worth of products; 50 PV if you purchase 200 PV worth of them.


So let's review. The simple plan consists of 1) creating and staying committed to the healthy lifestyle habits mentioned in this blog post (plus others), and 2) staying committed to the Essential Rewards Program. Do this REGARDLESS of what your team members are doing (or if you even have anyone enrolled). This long-term commitment will benefit your health immensely.

Do it for yourself and for your family, and get rewarded for it in many different ways by the company that provides for us essential oils that we can fully trust. 



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