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There is no way that God can have us manage millions of dollars UNTIL we are able to manage a few thousand properly. It wouldn't be a wise decision to do that. That is why it’s important that we follow principles to help us learn to properly manage money from month to month and year to year. After all, “It’s not what we make that counts, but what we keep.” 


Look at it this way: Let’s say a person makes $2,000 a month but at the end of the month he has $200 left; another person makes $5,000 in a month but his bills amount to $5,200 - this person is $200 in the hole! So, actually, the person that makes $2000 a month is richer than the one making $5,000, right? Truly - It’s not how much we earn, it’s how much we can keep that counts” That is why time management should be a skill we learn on our path to Royal Crown Diamond.


Here are two books that I recommend you read on this subject. The first one was extremely helpful to me and I still follow the principles in this book to this day and have tried teaching them to my kids as well. The second one I read a little later; it’s written by the same person and is also excellent. 




Start learning money management skills as soon as you start your career with Young Living. Continue to practice these skills month after month so that by the time you get to Royal Crown Diamond they have become second nature to you. This is a habit that will be useful for you not only in business but in your personal life. 


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