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There comes a time in your life when you just have to decide to travel the path alone. You must let go of the desire for praise and acceptance from family and friends and/or of their continued scorn because the path you chose to follow seems so illogical to them. Is it easy? No. But God will be with you every step of the way to give you all that you need to stay on the path, mentoring  you, strengthening you, and granting you peace and joy in the midst of it all. 


JUST DON'T ACT LIKE A VICTIM! At the end you will be VICTORIOUS as you share your story with others. God will use every experience you have had as long as you are willing to share each of them in order to help others in ways you can't possibly imagine right now. I don't know how long your journey will be, but don't worry about that.


Just focus on God. Allow Him to trade your sorrows for JOY, as He desires to do (Jeremiah 31:13). Don't hold on to the pain, shame or guilt any longer. God did not intend mourning and pain to last forever. He wants to USE your story to bring hope and comfort to others who are going through the same experience as you have and experienced God's presence, peace and joy. 


I'd like to share a small part of my story with you. If you want to hear it, read on.


There's a lot of experiences I could share, but this blog post is only going to focus on one aspect, which is the reason why I chose to not ever use pharmaceutical drugs again or go to be treated by mainstream doctors, unless I'm in an accident and they need to fix up my bones or whatever, like what happened when I broke my wrists. (I don't hate doctors, they are just not as necessary in our every day lives as we have been led to believe)


This story is about my mom, who left this earth almost three years ago. She had served for many years as a missionary in Colombia, where she met my dad, and then they served there together for about 40 years. Then they retired from that mission field, but not from serving God. They moved to Latvia, until my dad died and was buried by my uncle, who had died 3 months before he did. That is a story for another time....


After my dad was buried, my brothers and I brought my mom back to the States, where we live. She found her place of service in an elderly community from July of 2012 until April of 2016, when my brother called the ambulance to trasport her to a hospital because he thought they would be able to treat her cough and other ailments better there. 


Allow me to explain.... My mom had gone through eye surgery a few months before (in November of 2015), which probably, looking back, was one that had not been necessary. My mom and I had just wanted some yellow bags under her eyes checked out and the eye specialist in Irvine immediately said she needed surgery, without considering the fact that she had been diagnosed with a blood cancer disease called myeloma a couple of years before; he didn't think that her medical history would affect her surgery in any way.

They sent her home right after the surgery took place, and the next day she had to go through emergency surgery, after laying for an hour or two in a bed at the ER. She bled a lot, but finally after about an hour they got it it under the control. The doctor that treated her during this surgery commented to me, "I've never seen anyone bleed so much!". The was the beginning of the end.... We took her home and she was to apply an antibioitic creme to her eye and keep it covered for a few weeks. Her eye was healing, but her life was never the same after that. 


Her health got worse. This once strong, very independent woman, became less and less able to take care of herself and that was extremely hard for her to come to terms with because, in her own words, she never wanted to be a burden to her family. She was admitted into the hospital after falling one night as she got up to go to the bathroom, where she got weaker and weaker for several days, and then was transported to St Elizabeth for recovery. She was placed on many medications, along with a medication that she had been injecting in her stomach once a week for several years now. Her medication went up, including more powerful oral antibiotics, and her health spiraled down. She did regain the ability to walk, though slowly and with a walker, and was beginning to regain continence of her bowels, and therefore she was allowed to go back home to live on her own on Thursday of Holy Week that year. She felt very weak though, and would not exercise or eat much - she had no energy whatsoever, she explained to us.

She still wanted to live independently, so we hired someone to be with her, but she just kept getting worse and eventually needed 24/7 care, which was eating up her finances, of course. Her whole body got extremely inflamed, and she lost her ability to control her bowels almost completely, yet her body kept tyring to get rid of the toxins and she was up all night trying to get to the bathroom with the aid. It was a nightmare for her night after night for many nights, I'm sure! Her immune system was getting weaker and weaker and therefore her ability to recover was lessened as the days went by. 


On as Sunday in April of 2016, the day-aid taking care of her called my brother in the evening and let him know she had slept all day and had developed a cough. He let my brother and me know and rushed over there. By the time I got there, he had called 911. I came in and applied some Eucalyptus oil on her chest and back. By the time the paramedics arrived and they strapped her to a moving bed, she was sitting up wondering what was going on. After about 5 minutes they said she was doing better, and wondered if we still wanted her to go to the hospital to be checked out. My brother said yes, and my mom and I went along with that decision. That was the beginning of the end. 


At the hospital she was not treated well. The workers just treated her like another patient to take care of out of the thousands. When they went to clean her, they turned her over without any care and she felt so scared and sad. I could tell from her face reactions and her cringing. It was so hard to see. She slowly kept going down not only physically but emotionally. Two days after being there, my mom said she had a dream. In it, she was in the bottom of a dump filled with used things, and she heard a voice from above say "You have been CHOSEN to live". She looked up and exclaimed in horror, "Why?" and then she must have woken up because she just looked away from me as if she was transported to some other world. I knew then and there that she didn't want to live here anymore. That night, I got a call from the oncologist who had been treating her and said that when he saw her on his rounds she looked so weak and frail. He didn't know what else to do, he explained, so he gave her an injection of the medicine she had been using to give her white blood cells a boost. She ordered it to be given to her three times a week now, instead of twice a week, which had already been up from once a week.


The next day, she was transported to another rehabilitation facility. She woke up and saw that all her children and their families were there, and that her youngest sister had flown in from Africa (where she was serving as a missionary) to see her. She was so happy as she exclaimed, "I'm having a family reunion!" She spent a week with her sister coming in to visit and reminisce old memories. She seemed to be getting better, but her bedsores were getting slowly worse and her inflammation had increased even more than when she went in! The manager of the facility, instead of having compassion, said that she had gained an incredible amount of weight and we needed to purchase new clothes for her because it wasn't good for her to go out in public looking the way she did. I don't know why I never reported him for that insensitive statement.... 


She was having rehabilitation exercises on her legs, though needed lots of assistance. I would roll on some immune-boosting essential oils on her feet and massage them in the mornings when I visited her. She loved that treatement and amazingly the inflammation in her legs started to go down! However, it was all happening so quickly that her skin opened up. Though the nurse in charge knew that it was the fact that she was detoxing quickly and that is why it opened up, she decided it best to wrap up her legs so that nobody could massage them and she could have them treated once a day with a triple-antibiotic creme after they scraped off what they thought was unnecessary. Sadly, this treatment completely warranted her legs unusable because all the nerve endings were scraped off. She felt no pain anymore, but she could no longer use them or move them at all. They were completely bruised and in terrible condition when they would take off the bandage. It was horrifying! I mentioned that it seemed the treatment was not working, and they simply stated that it was but that her body was not responding. That made absolutely no sense to me, but my mom and my brothers wanted to continue the treatments and so they continued. 


My mom used to love showers, now she wanted to part of them. The reason was that it took so long for them to get her up and into a special chair, then they would wheel her out as quickly as possible, spray her down, apply some soap quickly and then spray her down again. They did that once, and after that my mom just wanted bed baths. One of the morning aids there, Rocio, was incredibly nice, and she and I would do that each morning, when she was working, and would get her dressed. After that, my mom would go back to sleep. She was grateful that I would let her just rest, though it meant we didn't get to talk much. She no longer wanted to go to ther rehabilitation time nor wanted to do exercises in bed. She just enjoyed her breathing treatments with some medicated gas they put over her nose and mouth and she would drift off into lala land, where everything was peaceful. 


She no longer wanted any visitors. She wanted no part of activities that kept her mind awake, like Scrabble, which had been her favorite game. She just wanted everyone to just leave her alone in her misery. We tried to get a place for her to live in after the rehab center since we had closed down her apartment a week after she went in to this last rehab place because she felt it was time to "close up shop", but it was all in vain. Nobody would take her because her bed sores were at a stage 3, moving to 4. My mom wasn't devastated about that. She simply replied, "that's okay. I just want to go to heaven.". One night as we prayed - I normally was not there at night, but stayed to get her ready for bed after I had gone over with my brother, his wife, and a couple of her friends who had been missionaries with her in Colombia - she said "Lord, if you want to take me home tonight, I'm ready".  I asked her, "Do you want to go to heaven, mom?" She replied, "Yes. I feel it would so much better if I did. No more dealing with all of this." 


I think it was the day after that incident that the doctors said it would be best if my mom was on hospice. They said they felt the medication that was being shot into her to boost her white blood cells seemed to be causing all those bad side effects. I was amazed and thankful they said that because I had been researching that medication and trying to convince my mom to get off of it because I had read all about these side effects and they were exactly all that she was going through! My mom didn't want to get off of it, though, and my brothers wanted to keep her on it as well. Now was the time to get her off of it! The drug company called my sister in law and said it was time to renew the prescription for this drug and my mom decided to refuse it. My aunt said I had to realize that this would speed up her death, but I was fine with that. My brother that lived in California said in a text, "Ive been with my mom all this time and see that the current treatment is not working. We should try something else." He asked what my recommendation was and I said she needed nutrients and we should get a nutritioninst. 


Well, a nutrtionist services was never gotten since I did not have one readily available. A few days later, on a Tuesday, she left this world; my brother who lives in California was with her at the time. She was on no medications anymore and she just lay there peacefully. He thanked her for all she had done while she was with us and said, "Just rest, mom", which is what she did.


I wanted to share this story because I want others to realize that pharmaceutical drugs have a lot of bad side effects when taken long term. I firmly believe that many of the side-effects that my mom experienced could have been prevented at the end of her days, but I know God allowed her to experience all she went through this so that others can have this experience to fall back on when considering taking drugs.


I am more convinced than ever that healing only comes from God and that He gives us the wisdom to know what to do so we do not just heal, but actually stay well. He wants us to turn away from (repent of) bad habits that are making us and keeping us sick physically and emotionally, and are creating financial stress as well because it's extremely expensive to stay on these drugs, even if we have insurance. He also wants us to renew our mindset from wrong beliefs and commit to adopting and maintaining healthy habits that will lead to fitness and health in every area of our life - physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and even financial. The journey may be very long, depending on how much damage has been done to our body and mind already, but it's worth it! The sooner we start, the better off we will be. 








Some of you may be aware that I started a 90-day Kinobody 90-day challenge this month - the Kino Warrior 2019. Some of you may be wondering why I would do that instead of sticking with doing a BeachBody program since I’ve been raving about these since 2007. I will address each of these points in this blog, plus more, including what supplements I prefer.


I started the Kinobody challenge because my son had been doing it and got great results. He only worked out 3 days a week, and I was curious as to what the programs were all about. I’ve learned that the best way to find out is by getting first-hand experience, so I signed up for the challenge, and purchased the $50 program (it was $20 off, so perfect; normally it sells for $70). So, let’s talk about what I’ve learned thus far, and compare it to Beachbody programs.


KinoBody offers us various very challenging programs that give us only the strength-training part of our exercise program. The creator of the program - Greg O Ghallager - has put together several programs for men and women that really help us focus on the best way to build strength, something we all need as we age so that we can be strong and energetic regardless of our age. He also encourages us to do cardio on the other days and to take a day of rest to recover our body completely. In addition to the strength-training program, he challenges us to be mindful of what we eat and has written a great plan addressing that, since many of us truly have not mastered the eating part of our fitness plan.


BeachBody offers us a lot more programs than KinoBody, ranging from beginner programs to very challenging ones; they are all created by professional trainers that have taken the time to create programs that will help us reach our fitness goals. All the programs are designed for those of us who need guidance on our fitness journey so that we have an all-in-one exercise plan that incorporates strength-training, cardio, stretching (though some programs skip this important day, unfortunately), and a day of rest (some also skip this day because it’s just a 21 day program, so I definitely don’t like that since our body needs a day of rest). The professional trainer who designed the exercise program also has put together a book with an eating plan for us to follow and a calendar to know what to do on what day. The programs definitely simplify our life because there is no guess-work. We simply turn on our routine for the day and do it. We do need to follow their nutrition program as well if we want the best results, of course. 


So what would I recommend? BeachBody or KinoBody? It really totally depends on what our goals are! If we have a cardio routine we love to do, and we want to truly challenge ourselves, we can just get a KinoBody program to guide us on our strength-training exercises Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and do the cardio routines Tuesday and Thursday; I also highly recommend incorporating a stretching routine on Saturday  since it makes our body and muscles more flexible. You can work out in the gym if you prefer, or you can accommodate it to your home - you decide. Personally, I prefer working out at home, so my son helped me make some adjustments to the exercises so I can do that. If you are just a beginner and have no clue what to do for cardio or for stretching, then consider signing up for the BeachBody of Demand membership, which I have, where you pay once a year and can get all the programs to be streamlined. You can decide what program you want to follow and can see everything online - the routine video, as well as the calendar and all the other program materials (which used to come with the box when we ordered the DVD program)


As far as supplements go, the KinoBody supplements are good for you. They are made with organic ingredients and are gluten-free;  they contain no artificial flavoring or sweeteners, and no unnecessary chemicals or preservatives, and they come in many flavors. My son loves them; I personally don’t like the after-taste of the sweetener they use, though it’s a good-for-us one, so I don’t drink them (they are all powders). It’s a personal preference. They do not offer protein powders because Greg O Ghallagher wants us to focus on getting our protein from natural sources.


My choice of supplements is still Young Living and always will be; they offer me a variety of ones that make me feel the best physically and mentally. The ingredients are excellent! I use a concoction of supplements when I do my workouts; this concoction hydrates me, nourishes my body and mind, and energizes me: I combine an ounce of Ningxia Red with a half tsp Sulfurzyme powder, 2 Multigreens capsules (I open them up and pour out the powder), 3 drops Lime oil, 10-12 ounces of water, and a couple ounces of peach juice ;  there are days I substitute the juice for a NingXia Nitro packet, but it’s not necessary. Young Living does offer protein powders and both flavors have ingredients that are good for us but keep in mind that they are not vegan-friendly; also, they are sweetened with sugar, and I would rather have a powder sweetened with stevia. You decide for yourself, though! Look at the ingredient list on ones you’re interested in and decide for yourself. Natural sugar is always better than artificial sweeteners, of course, but some people’s bodies can’t properly digest any sugar, so stevia-sweetened products are some of the best ones for them to use. Some brands I like and that you may want to try out, if you don’t want to go with the Young Living protein powder, would be the Ascent (I love their Lemon Sorbet flavored one especially) and the Ancient Nutrition Bone Broth, which comes in various flavors (I personally prefer the S’mores flavored one). 


So there you have it! I like both KinoBody and BeachBody, you just need to decide what works best for you after reading this post. As far as supplements, I personally prefer the Young Living brand ones, as I mentioned, but my son opts to choose some of the ones Kinobody offers. We both use various protein powders to help us reach or protein goals, but we also get a lot of protein from sources like ground turkey, steak, chicken and beef/ground beef, as well as eggs, raw milk, greek yogurt, and raw cheese. 


I am a stay-at-home mom and wife; I live in Southern California with my husband, my 19-year old son and my 15-year-old daughter. My parents were missionaries in Colombia, South America, where I was born and raised, and permanently left when I was 20. 


My most favorite thing to do is spend time with the Lord - talking with Him, singing worship music, doing personal or group Bible studies to dig deeper into His Word, and just listening to what He wants me to do on any particular day. I also enjoy going on walks with my dog, bike-riding with my husband at the beach, listening to music and singing popular songs. 



I’ve been with Young Living since December of 2006, which is when I purchased my first bottle of Ningxia Red. I didn’t get introduced to the oils until a few months later though when I decided to become a wholesale member to continue purchasing my NingXia Red on a monthly basis at a discounted price. I learned about them through a video that came with the kit at that time and I found them intriguing. Looking back, I realize now that is was GOD leading me into the amazing world of essential oils. Saying “yes” to the opportunity to go on this journey, learning to trust God every step of the way, has been the craziest, yet one of the most rewarding experiences of my life! My faith and trust in Him have grown stronger over the years and I’ve seen first-hand how my family has become healthier as we enhance our lifestyle with Young Living products. None of us take any pharmaceutical drugs, except for my husband who at times takes pain pills, but that is very rarely. Whenever we see the doctor they can’t believe it because even young kids are on so many medications nowadays, and of course, as we get into our 50s they expect us to be on several of them. 


The Lord had me create an online company called the “Abundant Energy Health Club”, which is basically all about sharing online resources to help people on their journey to be healthy in every area of their life. The vision God has given me for this company is the “Blissful Haven” project, which will be built in different areas around the United States as places where people from Young Living can find rest and relaxation, and can also hold educational seminars and classes for free. One of them, though, the beach house, will be mostly a place where my family and friends to be able to relax and also to be introduced to Young Living through experiencing diffusers and essential oils in every room. 



Last Saturday we celebrated my daughter's big 15th birthday with a "traditional" quinceañera party. By planning this party and actually making sure it happened, I learned several important lessons and I'd like to share three of them with you in this post.


1. God cares about even the seemingly materialistic things in our life. Most "good Christians" would think that throwing a big party like this is just a waste of money because normally it will cost between 10 and 15 thousand dollars, and some even spend a lot more. However, somehow I felt very much at peace with allowing my daughter to have this, and we learned how to throw a beautiful party for just $5000, out of which we only paid a little over $3000.


2. God will always provide the money for that which he wants us to do. Firstly, my husband and I will not spend more than US$200 on a birthday party. We may get someone gifts for 100 or 200 dollars in addition to that, but the party will always be somewhere between 100 and 200. The fact that my husband agreed to spend $2000, 10 times more than usual, was unheard of and when he agreed to just spend as much as needed, as long as we did our best to keep the cost down was not something I expected to hear from him. Secondly, we got a completely unexpected check in the mail for $1,800 about six weeks before the party! We agreed to put all of it towards the party. I knew it was God's way of saying, "Hey, since you trusted me, here's some money to cover the expenses, now get that dance floor, lights and party bus she wants". So, we did! That is how our actual cost got down to close to$3000 instead of 5000! 


3. God will make sure the right people will step up to do what needs to be done. Along the way, we had people step down from their commitment, even two weeks prior to the event! We eventually learned we were not in charge of it all and that we need to just let go of anxiety. Two weeks before the event, one of the boys decided not to participate, so someone took his place and learned the dances quickly. Even the day of the party something crazy happened -  the person in charge of taking pictures at the place the Party Bus took them - Laguna Beach - didn't show up, but someone stepped up and took his place, so it all worked out. And then we had no clue how the event should actually go and so the dance choreographer took over and became our "event coordinator" that day, no extra charge. Wow!


So, as you can see, we learned three great lessons here and my faith certainly got stronger through all of this! And because we followed through on our commitment to our daughter to throw her the big quinceañera party, she got her crown and beautiful dress, and even my youngest brother and his family flew in from Colorado to help us celebrate such a momentous occasion in my daughter's life. I just love how God works! 


It's so amazing to watch people go from merely surviving in life to TRULY LIVING LIFE to the fullest. This is accomplished by living a healthy lifestyle. A lifestyle that is focused on creating healthy lifestyle habits and committing to them for the rest of our life. 




My goal is to EMPOWER not only you who are reading this post but thousands, even millions of others around the world without it costing anyone a ton of money to do so. I can not do this alone though, which is why I'm thankful for the platform that Young Living offers us to get that message across. They reward us financially too because they know everything takes money in this world - healthy foods, healthy personal use products, healthy cleaning products, education, and even all the fun stuff like yearly family vacations. 


Will you become part of the Joy-Givers team and help me spread the simple message?


It's all about embracing a healthy lifestyle - that is the only way to live life to the fullest and not merely survive day to day until the day we die. 


ACTION: Click HERE to learn about Young Living - the business that gives us the platform to EMPOWER others - and about our team. 

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