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Becoming a Wife of Noble Character

My heart's desire is to be a wife of noble character; in other words, aim to be the woman/wife described in Proverbs 31:10-31


What can we learn from all that is said in these verses?

First, why should we aim to be wives of noble character? They are worth more than rubies! 


 1. She is trustworthy

     -Her husband, who is well-respected, has full confidence in her.


2. She takes care of herself physically

    - Arms are strong as she works

    - Vigorous


3. She speaks wisely and instructs others


 4. She is financially wise

     - Her work is profitable

     - She invests her profits wisely

     - She can laugh at the future


5. She is a hard worker

 - She is never lazy: rises early and won’t go to bed until all necessary things are done


6. She takes good care of household affairs

    - Makes sure her family is well-fed

    - Feeds the female servants

    - Her family lacks nothing


7. She is wealthy

   - Both she and her family are clothed like royalty 

   - Has servants at home


8. She is generous and caring

    - Treats servants well

    - Opens her arms to the poor

    - Extends hands to the needy


9. She is respected by her family and others

    - Her husband and children call her blessed

    - She is honored because of the works she does


10. She fears the Lord


Prayer as we close: Lord, help us to follow the example of the woman in Proverbs 31 so that we can be wives of noble character. Only you can help us accomplish this. Amen. 



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