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Unexpected Lessons Learned by Throwing a Quinceañera

Last Saturday we celebrated my daughter's big 15th birthday with a "traditional" quinceañera party. By planning this party and actually making sure it happened, I learned several important lessons and I'd like to share three of them with you in this post.


1. God cares about even the seemingly materialistic things in our life. Most "good Christians" would think that throwing a big party like this is just a waste of money because normally it will cost between 10 and 15 thousand dollars, and some even spend a lot more. However, somehow I felt very much at peace with allowing my daughter to have this, and we learned how to throw a beautiful party for just $5000, out of which we only paid a little over $3000.


2. God will always provide the money for that which he wants us to do. Firstly, my husband and I will not spend more than US$200 on a birthday party. We may get someone gifts for 100 or 200 dollars in addition to that, but the party will always be somewhere between 100 and 200. The fact that my husband agreed to spend $2000, 10 times more than usual, was unheard of and when he agreed to just spend as much as needed, as long as we did our best to keep the cost down was not something I expected to hear from him. Secondly, we got a completely unexpected check in the mail for $1,800 about six weeks before the party! We agreed to put all of it towards the party. I knew it was God's way of saying, "Hey, since you trusted me, here's some money to cover the expenses, now get that dance floor, lights and party bus she wants". So, we did! That is how our actual cost got down to close to$3000 instead of 5000! 


3. God will make sure the right people will step up to do what needs to be done. Along the way, we had people step down from their commitment, even two weeks prior to the event! We eventually learned we were not in charge of it all and that we need to just let go of anxiety. Two weeks before the event, one of the boys decided not to participate, so someone took his place and learned the dances quickly. Even the day of the party something crazy happened -  the person in charge of taking pictures at the place the Party Bus took them - Laguna Beach - didn't show up, but someone stepped up and took his place, so it all worked out. And then we had no clue how the event should actually go and so the dance choreographer took over and became our "event coordinator" that day, no extra charge. Wow!


So, as you can see, we learned three great lessons here and my faith certainly got stronger through all of this! And because we followed through on our commitment to our daughter to throw her the big quinceañera party, she got her crown and beautiful dress, and even my youngest brother and his family flew in from Colorado to help us celebrate such a momentous occasion in my daughter's life. I just love how God works! 


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