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A Purposeful Life Beyond Homeschooling

As years go by, our kids grow up. If we aren’t careful we’re left empty-handed without any purpose in life. This post is to give you an assurance that this does NOT have to be your life. There is hope after your years of homeschooling your kids and/or after they have left the house to live independently for whatever reason that may be (college, marriage, etc)


My daughter Ziedite recently made the decision to go to public high school in the fall. Will I miss homeschooling her? Sure…. But I’m also very excited about the new things God has planned out for me now that she won’t be around in the weekday mornings, until mid-afternoon, and my son is spending more time on his own (working and/or with friends). I will always have the memories and I will never regret the decision to stay home as they were growing up, even though homeschooling was sometimes pretty draining emotionally and tough for one reason or another, depending on the day and the year.


I’ve called this blog “A purposeful life beyond homeschooling” because as I homeschooled I also have been building a business in network marketing with a company that simplifies my lifestyle and helps enhance my health physically, mentally, and emotionally. Even if you haven’t dived into that yet and you are just exploring the different possibilities out there to make your life purposeful, exploring what the network marketing profession could potentially do for you is a great start because, if you join a company that enhance YOUR life and your family’s, and you start to intertwine the business aspect of it into your lifestyle, you begin to see that being a leader in this profession is incredibly meaningful. Why? Because you get to bring or renew HOPE to people just like you. 


Ready to start exploring? Here are some quick pointers:


1. Join a network marketing company that has integrity and that offers products that you can use daily; products that will ENHANCE your life in every way.


2. Focus on personal development so you can emerge a great leader at the end of the transformation process.


3. Don’t worry about how long your journey will be and NEVER compare it to the journey of others. We each have our own journey designed for us. Each of us has different lessons to learn. Some will get to the top quick, others will take 10 to 15 years, to get there, and everything in between. Still better than working at a regular job for about 40 years and you will probably not have much to show at the end of your time in the workforce. Heck, you may even have to work more years because bills need to be paid and social security just does not cover all the expenses. 


4. Remember that getting to the top rank means a lot more responsibility. Yes, you will be making a lot of money, BUT a good leader will never just hang up their coat and hat and say “I made it and now I’m going to enjoy all this wealth however I want”. No…. at that time a good leader will HUMBLY take on the responsibility to show others the way to get to the top, regardless of whether a person is on their “team” or not. In the end, we are all on the same team - the team of the company we represent.


5. And lastly, take time to read this great blog post:


Know that there IS life beyond being a stay-at-home mom or committing to be a homeschooling mom for many years of your life. Network marketing could be a great solution for you - it could give you the purposeful life you've been searching for and have always desired

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Yeah! That’s what being a business leader in Young Living is all about! Sharing these 10 healthy habits with others in any way we feel comfortable doing.

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