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Moms: Young Living Helps Simplify Our Lives

As a mom, I love to make things simple. Anything that makes my life simpler, I will look into doing. That is why I got Beachbody programs and exercise at home dailly with them. A fitness expert put together the programs and all I need to do is do the scheduled routine of the day, in addition to my other healthy habits of course, but this takes care of the exercise part. 


Since I want a a simpler life, I also became a wholesale member with Young Living! I started researching the oils back in 2007 and found that they were the highest quality and so I started purchasing more and more of them. I researched all they offer, and realized slowly that they are so much more that just an essential oil company though! They sell all sorts of products that help me clean my home, and they are adding more to that line of products all the time. They also offer shampoos, condtioners, lotions, deodorants, dental care products.... you name it! And the quality is amazing; they have not let me down, unlike many other companies. There may be other companies that sell good products, but I don't have time to research all of them, so I stick to getting products shipped to me from Young Living on a monthly basis. It certainly simplifies my life to do this.HeartI don't even have to stand in a store and read labels to decide if a product is good for me or not. Then there are the supplements they offer.... I can't swallow pills, so I am very grateful to have found NingXia wolfberries so I can make a tea with them each morning, and I can also get a drink that is make with pureed NingXia wolfberries which is absolutely delicious, which is called NingXia Red - it's like a fruit punch when I mix 2 ounces of it with  ounces of cold water. I can also take some of their other supplements and pour the powder into fruit shakes I make at home, like my Kiwi-Pinapple drink (I have a blog post with that recipe, by the way). When I diffuse the oils, my house even smells incredible! Everybody that visits for the first time seems to be always complimenting me on how good my house smells (and it's not like I am constantly cleaning it. LOL)


Since I have products shipped monthly to my house, why not get rewarded for it, right? To simplify my life with Young Living AND get rewarded with free products and lower shipping totally rocks my world! That is why I am part of their generous Essential Rewards Program, which is optional, but certainly the very best autoship program I have ever experienced.


I am incrediibly grateful to have the privilege of being a part of Young Living and I invite YOU to take a look at all that they can offer YOU, as a mom, to help you simplify your life I think you will be pleasantly surprised. CLICK HERE to get to their website and click on the "PRODUCT" button to see how the different products they offer, listed by category. Start experiencing them as soon as you can so that you can actually know the difference they can make in your life, just like they have for me and my family. 


**If you already have a membership, check out all the products they offer and see which ones you would love to have in your home. If you don't yet have a membership, but would love to get one, contact me on Facebook; here is the link to my Abundant Energy HealthClub page so you can send me a private message: CLICK HERE.

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Thank you very helpful

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Yeah! That’s what being a business leader in Young Living is all about! Sharing these 10 healthy habits with others in any way we feel comfortable doing.

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