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Ist Month Anniversary of my Mom's Departure to Heaven

Today marks the first month anniversary of my mom's departure from this earth to her heavenly home. Looking back, I realize - or actually the Lord helped me realize - that He chose to take her on my wedding anniversary so that I would always remember the day He had mercy on her and gave her rest - "The righteous cry out and the Lord hears them and saves them from all their troubles." (Psalm 34:17)



My mom''s last weeks on earth were very hard for her. She could no longer thive in life. Her body was worn out and very weak. The medications she was on barely got her to survive; they had many bad-side effects. Her body was not absorbing nutrients well anymore and it was toxic, therefore her legs and stomach were chroically inflamed. She couldn't even easily grab a glass of water nor could she walk to the bathroom anymore. She told me she never wanted to be a burden to anyone - only a blessing - so she really wanted the Lord to take her with Him. Anytime I prayed with her, she would end her prayer with "if you want to take me home, I'm ready". I'm thankful that the Lord heard her prayer. He also didn't want any  of us to suffer and so He also gave us some final weeks to spend with her, but He finally said - "Enough! I am taking her with me now" Stop all medications and all supplementation and I will give her rest." It was so hard for me to do that, that He finally had to remove me from her side. Only my brother John got to be with her during her final moments. Interesting that his name was John - John was also the name of the only disciple that was at the cross when Jesus died! Hmmmm...


Anyway.... I am thankful my mom is now able to be with my dad, her parents, and all the missionaries that went before her. Her memory and all of her teachings, through words and actions, will always live in my heart and mind. 

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