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Here are some easy tips that you can incorporate into your daily life to cope with everyday stresses and thrive in life, no matter how busy your day may be.


Tip #1 Fuel your body first thing in the morning 
You can’t get your car going, even if it's a Mercedes Benz, if you don’t have fuel in it. In the same manner, we need to also start out your day with some great supplements. I suggest you do the following: Drink 1-2 oz of Ningxia Red (mixed with 4 ounces water). Also, get your omega-3s with either a tablespoon of MindWise or 2-4 Omegagize capsules. Bonus thriving tip: add a teaspoon of Sulfurzyme to your NingXia Red

Tip #2 Fuel up throughout the day.

Life gets busy, but we need to make sure our body is boosted every few hours so that we have the energy to keep going. Take a tube of Nitro with you and drink it mid-afternoon, when you feel that slump. Simply put it in your water bottle, add a couple of drops of Lime (for extra yumminess) and fill with 6-8 oz water and some ice. Shake up and enjoy. It's a better boost than a chocolate bar or a cup of Starbucks coffee!

Tip #3 Use or Diffuse your favorite scents daily

Peppermint is invigorating. Lemon brings out a freshness in the air and helps us concentrate. Orange is very relaxing, as is Peace and Calming. The scent of Joy reminds us to be joyful no matter what is going on around us; valor reminds us to be courageous when we are feeling fearful (a synonym of valor is courage). Think about how you are feeling and use or diffuse an oil for that particular occasion, no matter where you may be. You will find your favorites the longer you are with Young Living!

Tip #4 Take Thieves Waterless hand purifier wherever you go.
You never know when you will need to clean up your hands! Easier to put a bit of this purifier on your hands then stand in line to wash your hands in a public restroom.

Tip #5 Get all your personal use and cleaning products from Young Living

It’s so much simpler to order our daily use products on the Essential Rewards than it is going to store and purchasing them, always making sure that we get products that will enhance our health. Okay…. sometimes Young Living runs out of some of the products because they’re so popular and we are growing so quickly, I get it, but …. as much as we can, let’s swap out our personal use and cleaning things and add them to our Essential Rewards monthly package. They have so many different categories now…. Even a make up one now! (Savvy Minerals) And if you have a new baby or toddler… They have a whole baby line of products as well. **Bonus tip: don’t wait until you’re completely out to order a new bottle of something; look into ordering as soon as you are half way down the current bottle. It will save you some grief (in case YL is out of stock later)

Tip #6 Take a few of your favorite oils with you everywhere you go

You never know when you may need one! Some I recommend you consider taking with you would be either Lavender or Frankincense, Peppermint, and Thieves. If there is an emotional oil you love smelling throughout the day…. like Valor, Joy or Stress Away…. definitely take that one with you and apply a drop or two on the back of your neck at any time.

This is what I like doing with it: I squirt out the liquid in the tube into a refillable water bottle, add water, ice and 2-3 drops of Lime (Vitality) essential oil, and shake it up. Excellent energy booster without any jitters! Guilt free too since it's extremely low in sugar.

In 2007 God asked me to invest money and time in Young Living; it’s been a decision I’ve never regretted. At first I was very apprehensive in investing even $50 monthly on their autoship program; now, I invest no less than 300 a month because I see how all of their products truly enhance my life and my home. I love investing time daily in sharing about this company - their products and opportunity- because I know it could change the life of anyone who takes the chance  of investing in this company 😎😍

I fell in love with the high quality of the products Young Living offers, but the reason I consistently share does not stop there! 


Young Living cares deeply about the environment and about enhancing our health. That is why they make sure that the land in which they plant the seeds is filled with nutrients and does not contain toxins that could destroy the benefits of the oils they distill. That is also why they have state of the art distilleries and they pick AND oversee the farms they have or partner with around the globe. Very few companies that offer us essential oils can say that! However, this alone is not what makes me stay with this company.


Young Living offers us an auto-ship program that is unlike any I've participated in before! This monthly auto-ship program is called ESSENTIAL REWARDS and it's because they reward us generously by participating in it; they reward our loyalty to the program as well!


--> It is an OPTIONAL program for all of us who choose to be wholesale members. That is good because there may be some who do not want to get things every month, and that is okay too! But those of us who want to simplify our life by getting high-quality products shipped directly to our house every month, get to enjoy this awesome program.


--> We get 10% back on the Point Value (PV) of every product we purchase right when we start off. And guess what? Most products have the same PV as they cost in American dollars! Most companies don't offer that! After merely 3 months (90 days) of consistently being on this program, they give us double the points back! That's right! We get a whopping 20% back on every Essential Rewards purchase (not every order we place, but every monthly order we place via Essential Rewards). And if that is not generous enough - we get 25% back after being loyal to this program for two years. Wow! 


--> Another thing I love about this program is that we can change what we want shipped very easily ONLINE. No need to call customer service to have it changed, and no need to get the exact same products every single month. Let's face it, what we need at home is going to change from month to month, right? So, a program that we can change according to our needs is totally awesome, wouldn't you agree?


--> If we are going on an extended vacation and we won't be home to receive the package on the date we normally have it arrive, we can do one of two things: we can change the address where we want it shipped, OR we can change the date when we want them to ship it to us at our normal address. 


So, to quickly recap, to promote a company that not only is very mindful of every ingredient they put into their products, is mindful of the land where they cultivate the plants from which they will distill their oils, but that also offers us an auto-ship program that rewards us so generously, that we can change according to our monthly needs, is definitely something I will never stop doing. Everyone deserves to hear about this amazing company! How can I NOT share about Young Living???? 

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