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It says in Proverbs 21 that there is precious oil stored up in the house of the wise. Why is that? Because then we can promptly do what God instructs us to do with it in the Bible. One of the things is to anoint ourselves with it, as it says in the book of James - "Is anyone among you sick? Have him call the elders and anoint him with oil and pray over him; the prayer of the righteous will save the sick and the LORD will raise Him up" (ref 5:14-16)


 If we take the time to explore and research essential oils, we will find that throughout the time that the Bible was written everyone used essential oils extensively. These oils were considered very precious because they was extremely useful, but they were also very costly due to the the work that had to be put in them in order to prepare them. Merchants would take these oils on caravan trails for months at a time, even though they knew they could be beaten up and robbed along the way, just to get these oils to the people that wanted them and had saved up months of wages to purchase them. 


One of the uses the early Christians knew these oils had was to assist in the healing of the sick. At the time, the church elders were the ones that went to people's houses when there was someone who was sick. They would carry their oils with them and pray over those who were sick, knowing that it was not the essential oils nor their own righteousness that brought the healing, but it was the LORD who did so through their prayers; the blood of Jesus is what made them righteous enough to pray and ask God for healing. 


The same holds true today, but unfortunately the majority of leaders in churches no longer want anything to do with essential oils. Most will not take the time to research about them and understand how precious they were at the time, and how much God wants us to explore this forgotten world as well. That is why He has raised up "common people", those who are considered "foolish" by many, and has made them wise in these matters. 


Since 2007, God has been helping me extensively explore and research the world of essential oils. As I obeyed Him promptly and got these oils, intrigued, yet not knowing fully how they worked, He has been teaching me things I never imagined knowing. The bible references about oils are so much clearer and amazing to me now! And, since I have these oils, I can come to God at any time I need to do so and He will let me know what oils to choose to anoint myself or someone else with, and pray  over them. Usually it's not a "one time anointing", but rather anointing with them over the course of several days, as I continue to pray. The specific place for anointing is also revealed to me by God at the time of the anointing.


I love coming to God for wisdom - He is the best and the wisest doctor I know! He has truly brought healing into my life and into the lives of those whom I anoinit, and those I know who anoint themselves with oils, and I'm extremely thankfull for that. Truly, it's wise to always have oil in our homes - not just olive oil, but essential oils that have been properly prepared (not cheap versions of them).

Regardless of what we do in life, a healthy lifestyle will help us accomplish more, and therefore be more productive. Adopting and consistently following healthy habits will help each of us be more energetic throughout the day, and will also help us recuperate quicker from an illness. 


Whether you have a degree from a prestigious university or one from a state-funded one, or if you don't have a degree but are talented in some trade, living a healthy lifestyle will help you be more productive in your area of expertise. When we live healthy lives, we have less sick days also! We can't accomplish much anyway if we are feeling worn down and under the weather. When we stop resourcing to drugs to get us back on our feet when we get sick, and instead rest more, consume healthy foods and beverages, and exercise on a daily basis (if we don't have an injury that prevents us from doing this), our body will respond by performing at its best. 


Speaking as a mom, it's important for us to be healthy in order to take care of our kids and our husband (if he's with us), as well as perforrm our household chores. It's hard to do these things if we are not energetic; it's hard to be productive each day if we are unhealthy. It's important to take care of ourselves physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. 


Some mothers prefer to work outside their homes, and that is not a wrong choice if that is legitimatally the desire of their hearts. Others prefer to be home to raise their kids knowing that they grow up really fast; they desire to spend as much time with them as possible. However, very few parents think that it's affordable for the mom to stay home with their kids, even if that is her deepest desire, and her heart aches terribly each time she leaves her little one. Let's face it, living in this world is everyday more expensive! It's legit a privilege very few of us have to be able to be home with our children every day. 


If you are from the second category - the mom that has a desire to stay home but believes it's not something legitimatally possible - I want to speak a message of hope directly to you through the rest of the words in this blog post. Read on.


There is a company called Young Living Essential Oils that offers products that help support our healthy lifestyle, as well as products that aid us in caring for our babies, toddlers, and teenagers, and well as perform our daily and weekly chores. They also offer products for men, so they will support your husband's health. A wholesale membership with them offers us some amazing benefits like receiving a 24% discount on all our purchases, as well as the option to get a "monthly wellness box" and receive reward points to trade in for free products later, and the option to get financially rewarded if we decide to share with others about this company, being willing to help them set up their account and be there for them along the way to answer their questions or point them to a place where they can get their answers. 


Young Living uses the network marketing model of business in order to reach and impact more people around the world. This model of business is amazing and I encourage you to really dig in and research about it, especially if all you know is the negative rap that is around it. **I even have some blog posts in this website that will aid you in your research about this model of this business, if you want to check it out after finishing this post. 


When we help others sign up with the company and get their wholesale membership, we will have them use our "sponsor number" so the company knows that they can count on us to help them on the journey we are helping them start. You may be wondering what your role would be as a "sponsor", and if it would take up a lot of your time, so I'd like to refer you to a post I wrote on Facebook at my leadership group called "Journey to Royal Crown Diamond"; just CLICK HERE


To wrap it up, I'd like to reiterate that a healthy lifestyle will help us be more productive regardless of what we do in life. If you are a mom, like me, I encourage you to look into getting a wholesale membership with Young Living so you can get their products delivered directly to your home at a reasonable price; products that will help support your healthy lifestyle, and will aid your in caring for your children, husband, and household. If you want other moms to know what you know, then share about this company as well; do so in a way that embraces your own unique personality so that it never feels awkward to do so. 


Be blessed always! 


If you do  not yet have a membership with Young Living, but would like one, you can easily get one online. I can be your sponsor (the person you go to if you have a question or need advice) if you sign up through this website: EMBRACE A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE

Another word you can use for the monthly Essential Rewards package is "Monthly Wellness Box". It's the box that you get to design yourself depending on what your needs and your family needs are in any particular month. You change, delete, and add products, and then Young Living will process it on the day you choose for them to do so, then promptly ship it right to your door, arriving within a week. 


So.... how do you get to enjoy the Essential Rewards autoship program without falling out of your family's "monthly budget" (which is always wise to have, of course)?


1. See what your WEEKLY household income is, depending on how many weeks are in that particular month. Some months have 4 weeks, and some have 5, so if you get paid weekly, you will get an extra paycheck four months out of the year. 

***If you get paid once a month, then divide it by 4 or 5 (depending on the weeks). 


2. Decide what is 10% of that. For example, if you get $1,000 a week, then 10% of that would be $100 per week.


3. Set that 10% aside immediately into another "savings" account so that you don't get tempted to spend it on other things.


4. Add up the money you saved and that is how much you get to spend that month on your wellness box! Don't worry about the pricing.... just know you have that much to spend and don't go under or over (at least not by much - stay within that amount as much as possible)


That's it!! Whatever you get is something you don't need to get elsewhere, so that can easily be saving you money you used to spend in other places, and you simplified your life by adding it to your Young Living monthly wellness package, having Young Living ship it to directly to your door. You stay more orgazized too since you have to start noticing what things you will need in your home that month - what oils, what supplements, what personal care products, what household cleaning produts, etc. You will thank me later once you see how AMAZING it is to be on this program.

You get rewarded for simplifying your life, learning to budget your money, and helping others do the same thing so that they can also simplify their life as they enhance their lifestyle. 



I want to be very clear about the fact that it's ALL ABOUT A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE; Young Living just simplifies our TRANSITION INTO this lifestyle as we purchase one of their great-valued Premium Starter Kits and commit to their Essential Rewards Program as a sign of commitment to switching over to this brand since it's one we can fully trust.


God brings healing into our life as we trash old habits that a not serving us well, and REPLACE THEM with healthy lifestyle habits, committing to live by them for a lifetime. Hence the reason God gave me the wisdom to write up the 10 healthy lifestyle habit list which I enjoy sharing with others whenever I get the opportunity. 


I know it's not easy to get rid of old habits, old patterns of thinking, but it's absolutely necessary if we want to be healthy and fit in every area of our life - physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and yes, even financially. When we stop purchasing products that are hurting us in the long run, and we start spending our money on products that enhance and support our health, eventually we end up spending a lot less money. We also will not need to waste so much time in doctor offices, hospitals and ERs.


High premium health insurance may appear to save us monery, but in reality they are not because we end up not caring how we live since we can just go to the dotor anytime we want, and that's not good! This not truly taking care of our health. In order to properly care for our health, we must trash old habits, replace them with new ones that enhance our health, and commit to living by these habits for a lifetime. Our famiy does have heath insurance, but we call it "emergency insurance" just in case we end up in the hospital because of an accident we have, of which none of us our immune. Hospital visits are expensive!!! Our insurance premium is merely $2 a month (the government pays the rest, from the taxes we all have to pay, of course - it's something like $950 for my husband and I, but that's another story)


Since it's easy to slip back into old habits, I highly recommend building or surrounding yourself with a supportive community. Meet up regularly with a group of people that supports you along your journey, or have a support group online if that is more convenient and helpful to you. This group must be one where all of you feel a sense of ease; a place where you can share your joys, tears, frustrations, and temptations, and nobody passes any judgement. Instead, you will get inspiration from stories of people that have been on this journey longer than you have been. Follow that wise advice and don't be stubborn thinking you already know how to live.  


So remember, it's all about living a healthy lifestyle; getting invloved with Young Living is simply a way to simplify our transition into this lifestyle. Commit to their Essential Rewards Program right away as a commitment to switch over to this brand of prodcuts, which you will soon be able to see why you can trust full. Above all, commit fully to applying the 10 healthy lifestyle habits. If you don't know what they are, follow this link to get to them: 

God will bring healing into your life as you leave behind old habits and patterns of living and reaplace them with habits that enhance your health physically, mentally, and emotionally.





Here are some easy tips that you can incorporate into your daily life to cope with everyday stresses and thrive in life, no matter how busy your day may be.


Tip #1 Fuel your body first thing in the morning 
You can’t get your car going, even if it's a Mercedes Benz, if you don’t have fuel in it. In the same manner, we need to also start out your day with some great supplements. I suggest you do the following: Drink 1-2 oz of Ningxia Red (mixed with 4 ounces water). Also, get your omega-3s with either a tablespoon of MindWise or 2-4 Omegagize capsules. Bonus thriving tip: add a teaspoon of Sulfurzyme to your NingXia Red

Tip #2 Fuel up throughout the day.

Life gets busy, but we need to make sure our body is boosted every few hours so that we have the energy to keep going. Take a tube of Nitro with you and drink it mid-afternoon, when you feel that slump. Simply put it in your water bottle, add a couple of drops of Lime (for extra yumminess) and fill with 6-8 oz water and some ice. Shake up and enjoy. It's a better boost than a chocolate bar or a cup of Starbucks coffee!

Tip #3 Use or Diffuse your favorite scents daily

Peppermint is invigorating. Lemon brings out a freshness in the air and helps us concentrate. Orange is very relaxing, as is Peace and Calming. The scent of Joy reminds us to be joyful no matter what is going on around us; valor reminds us to be courageous when we are feeling fearful (a synonym of valor is courage). Think about how you are feeling and use or diffuse an oil for that particular occasion, no matter where you may be. You will find your favorites the longer you are with Young Living!

Tip #4 Take Thieves Waterless hand purifier wherever you go.
You never know when you will need to clean up your hands! Easier to put a bit of this purifier on your hands then stand in line to wash your hands in a public restroom.

Tip #5 Get all your personal use and cleaning products from Young Living

It’s so much simpler to order our daily use products on the Essential Rewards than it is going to store and purchasing them, always making sure that we get products that will enhance our health. Okay…. sometimes Young Living runs out of some of the products because they’re so popular and we are growing so quickly, I get it, but …. as much as we can, let’s swap out our personal use and cleaning things and add them to our Essential Rewards monthly package. They have so many different categories now…. Even a make up one now! (Savvy Minerals) And if you have a new baby or toddler… They have a whole baby line of products as well. **Bonus tip: don’t wait until you’re completely out to order a new bottle of something; look into ordering as soon as you are half way down the current bottle. It will save you some grief (in case YL is out of stock later)

Tip #6 Take a few of your favorite oils with you everywhere you go

You never know when you may need one! Some I recommend you consider taking with you would be either Lavender or Frankincense, Peppermint, and Thieves. If there is an emotional oil you love smelling throughout the day…. like Valor, Joy or Stress Away…. definitely take that one with you and apply a drop or two on the back of your neck at any time.

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