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God is Bringing Healing Through Essential Oils

It says in Proverbs 21 that there is precious oil stored up in the house of the wise. Why is that? Because then we can promptly do what God instructs us to do with it in the Bible. One of the things is to anoint ourselves with it, as it says in the book of James - "Is anyone among you sick? Have him call the elders and anoint him with oil and pray over him; the prayer of the righteous will save the sick and the LORD will raise Him up" (ref 5:14-16)


 If we take the time to explore and research essential oils, we will find that throughout the time that the Bible was written everyone used essential oils extensively. These oils were considered very precious because they was extremely useful, but they were also very costly due to the the work that had to be put in them in order to prepare them. Merchants would take these oils on caravan trails for months at a time, even though they knew they could be beaten up and robbed along the way, just to get these oils to the people that wanted them and had saved up months of wages to purchase them. 


One of the uses the early Christians knew these oils had was to assist in the healing of the sick. At the time, the church elders were the ones that went to people's houses when there was someone who was sick. They would carry their oils with them and pray over those who were sick, knowing that it was not the essential oils nor their own righteousness that brought the healing, but it was the LORD who did so through their prayers; the blood of Jesus is what made them righteous enough to pray and ask God for healing. 


The same holds true today, but unfortunately the majority of leaders in churches no longer want anything to do with essential oils. Most will not take the time to research about them and understand how precious they were at the time, and how much God wants us to explore this forgotten world as well. That is why He has raised up "common people", those who are considered "foolish" by many, and has made them wise in these matters. 


Since 2007, God has been helping me extensively explore and research the world of essential oils. As I obeyed Him promptly and got these oils, intrigued, yet not knowing fully how they worked, He has been teaching me things I never imagined knowing. The bible references about oils are so much clearer and amazing to me now! And, since I have these oils, I can come to God at any time I need to do so and He will let me know what oils to choose to anoint myself or someone else with, and pray  over them. Usually it's not a "one time anointing", but rather anointing with them over the course of several days, as I continue to pray. The specific place for anointing is also revealed to me by God at the time of the anointing.


I love coming to God for wisdom - He is the best and the wisest doctor I know! He has truly brought healing into my life and into the lives of those whom I anoinit, and those I know who anoint themselves with oils, and I'm extremely thankfull for that. Truly, it's wise to always have oil in our homes - not just olive oil, but essential oils that have been properly prepared (not cheap versions of them).

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