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Is the New YL GO Program a Good Fit For You?

Is the new YLGo a good fit for you? Is the YL GO Plus a better fit? Or is it better for you to keep things as they are? Only you can answer the question depending on your personal needs, so that is the question I want to explore in this blog today. 


YL Go is the perfect option for those of us who see Essential Rewards as an option that offers us convenience and a great way to stay organized; this option gives us up to 13 shipments for free. I don't want more than one shipment a month and I don't want to run out of anything, so I make sure I have on my monthly package the things I will need for that month. I budget myself to not go over 300 PV a month, so if there is anything I need that goes over it, I simply order with my ER points, which we only get with the Essential Rewards package.


If you are a person who orders whenever regardless of whether you get points, then your best option would be the YL Go Plus, for sure, since you get up to 36 shipments for free this way. For both of these options, shipping is only 2-4 days, so faster shipping is always a good thing, right? We want our products quick - the sooner the better, without having to pay extra, of course. 


Now, if you are on the Essential Rewards Program (a requirement for YL Go anyway) BUT you don't order that much and your shipping is only $7 a month, is this program a good fit for you? I believe it is! You see, the YL Go is only $59 a year for 13 shipments (they give you an extra one just in case you need something extra - maybe at Christmas time?). If you are not on this program, you would be paying on average $7 times 12 months, which is $84. So right off the bat, you are saving yourself $25 if you decide to pay the $60 up front! Plus you get an extra shipment for free - just order whatever you need and forgot to get on your ER monthly shipment (but hopefully that won't happen often, right? Look at your ER shipments as keeping you organized)


Is the YL Go for you? Most likely! As we covered in the last paragraph - you will be saving yourself $25 by simply paying the $59 up front! You may want to consider upgrading to YL Plus, but ONLY if you think you will go over 13 shipments a year. 


 ***Once we get an email confirmation that we’re on the program, automatically shipping method changes and one credit is used. 😎 They’ve really simplified shipping for us! It takes only 2-4 days to deliver - how cool is that? - and to get that kind of fast delivery it would be at least $20! Within three months my $60 will have been paid up and I still get my shipments in 2-4 days and don’t have to pay more.

I'm truly amazed, and I know you would be too if you decide to sign up for either one of these shipping programs - whichever works best for your needs.  


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17.06 | 15:48

Yes, I agree

11.06 | 19:24

This should be EVERY Believer’s goal in life. It all belong to Him, however, He has entrusted it to us. We should be about our Father’s Business!

05.06 | 18:40

You’re welcome! Thank you for checking out the post. May God bless you. Are you a leader waiting for God’s promises to be fulfilled in your life?

04.06 | 22:42

This is so true.
I like so much.

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