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Go Further with NingXia Red

If you desire iNCREASED VITALITY, commit to drinking 2-4 ounces of NingXia Red daily. I remember back in October or November of 2006 I was researching health drinks to find the "perfect one". I asked people in a fitness group I led to tell me all about the health drinks they offered. I diligently researched and prayed and decided on NingXia Red, though the price was a bit high. I talked to my husband about it and he told me to order a bottle of it and see what I thought. Confirmation! So I bought my first bottle of NingXia Red in December of 2006 and still am still drinking it daily .... It is January of 2018 as I write this.


I invite you to give NingXia Red a try. Commit to drinking it DAILY and pay close attention to how you feel. Does it enhance your energy and your health? I  bet it will! 


However, don't just drink it as a "magical potion". To truly enjoy the effects of this drink, add some other healthy habits into your life if you are not yet doing that. How about adding 30 minutes of daily exercise, with one day of rest each week? 


Go further with NingXia Red. Order some this red goodness today and start feeling the difference this supplement can do in your life. Retail price is the highest price, so I highly recommend you become a member of Young Living by purchasing the Premium Starter Kit with Ningxia. Click here to see what it contains. 


For even better value, you can enroll right away in the Essential Rewards Program and get the "NingXia Red Essential Rewards" for the best price per ounce. It is $2.24 per 2 oz serving and I promise you will feel much better drinking this than you would drinking a $2.95 Tall Caffe Latte, a $3.65 Tall Cinnamon Dolce Latte or a $3.95 Mini Caramel Frappuccino


Ready to enjoy this delicious red drink and feel better than drinking a delightful Starbucks drink that at the end does nothing for your energy levels and vitality?

CLICK HERE if you don't yet have a membership with Young Living.

(Sign up for my free newsletter and then go to the website and click "Learn" before diving into ordering the Premium Starter Kit with Ningxia) 


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