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A Natural FaceLift with Wolfberry Eye Cream

I have recently found that Young Living's eye cream works excellently to tighten the skin on our forehead as well.  Since Frankincense has been used for thousands of years to promote skin health, I decided to add a few drops of Frankincense in it. I counted out 10 drops of Frankincense into the container I had in my drawer (it was about half full) and mixed it up with my index finger. I had some on my finger after stirring it, so I decided to apply it on my forehead. I was pleasantly surprised to notice that it helped tighten the skin on my forehead, so now I apply a small amount around my eyes to help reduce their puffiness and signs of aging, and I also apply some on my forehead every morning and evening. It's diminishing the appearance of wrinkles as I steadily approach the BIG 50. 


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