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Essential Oils For Every Stage of Life

It’s amazing to me how essential oils can help us through every stage we are in our life! This goes for both men and women, BUT this article is written with women in mind. So, if you are a woman - in teenage years or beyond menopause stage, or any stage in between - read on. I will give you the names of some specific essential oils and blends that you can learn more about.


 1. Clary Sage. This is a wonderful oil that helps balance hormones, so it’s great for teenagers starting their period, as well as for those going through menopause and the transitional period towards it (perimenopause). If you’re pregnant, it may not be the best oil to use during this time. 


2. Fennel. This one is great to help balance menstrual cycles, so it’s wonderful for teenage girls to start using on a regular basis. It’s also a great digestive aid, so it may be used during pregnancy as well to help fight that morning sickness we feel. 


3. Sclaressence. This blend has clary sage, as well as fennel, peppermint, and Spanish sage. so great for teenage girls, as well as those going through perimenopause and menopause.


4. Progessence Plus. This blend helps balance progesterone levels. It will actually aid in balancing the effects of estrogen dominance and helps regulate cycles with fewer PMS symptoms. Hence, it’s great for teenagers and women in child bearing age (but not through pregnancy). Some of the oils it contains are Sacred Frankincense, copaiba, cedarwood, peppermint, and clove. 


5. Dragon Time. This blend is wonderful to help balance mood and cramps. When we feel like a dragon, it’s a great one to apply. When we are going through our period, or right before it, as well as transitioning into menopause, it’s a great oil to have around and use. 


If you are going through PREGNANCY or have recently delivered a baby, I highly recommend purchasing the book called “Gentle Babies”, by Debra Raybern, to get some ideas of how essential oils can support you during this special time of your life. You can purchase it on Amazon at this link: CLICK HERE


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me privately.  **Just click on the “Contact Us” button on this website, where you will find the link to my personal Facebook page.


If you desire to purchase any of the oils mentioned, but don’t yet have an account, just go to my Young Living website, create an account, and place your order. The link to the site is


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