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On this page I will talk about what it is I will do to help you regarding the two areas I discussed in the main Abundant Energy HealthClub page. 🙂


Since the most important thing you must do first is getting rid of the limiting beliefs you have placed on yourself, let's talk about that first. I can EMPOWER YOU so that you can get rid of these limiting beliefs that are keeping you from living the life of your dreams; the life you desire, but never thought possible. A life that is filled abundantly with purpose, health, peace, love, and joy. 


We will talk about what kind of life you see yourself living if you had no pressing limitations on you; we will then talk about solutions you have available. Together, we will create strategies you can implement in order to move forward. **Don’t worry - we will take as much time as needed until YOU feel comfortable moving on. There is no time frame since I know each person is unique.


We will talk about the red light” stories that have been holding you back; the stories you have been telling yourself around your circumstances due to a limiting belief system that you currently hold. We will then look for ways to turn these story into “green light” stories; though your circumstances may not change, you will start creating stories to yourself that will empower you to move forward.


And then of course, we will talk about lifestyle habits that have not be serving you well, and about what changes you can make so that you live a life that is filled with health in every area - physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and financial. Areas we will address are exercise, nutrition, sleep, and stress, as mentioned in the main Abundant Energy HealthClub page. (If you have not yet seen it, please go to that one, by clicking the link on the main menu, on the left side of this page) 



As I mentioned before, on the main Abundant Energy Healthclub page, I don't charge anything for my guidance services.  

I simply desire to help you live a healthy lifestyle, as well as get rid of the limiting beliefs that are holding you back from the abundant life that God desires you to live on this earth. 

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06.01 | 09:09

Thank you, Shirley. May God continue to give me wisdom to write the blog posts on this site in order to encourage others on their journey in life.

02.01 | 04:28

I Very encouraging posts keep up the good work for the Lord!!!

27.07 | 11:51

So many great points here! And yes I love that this can be a vehicle to create time freedom ultimately allowing us to spend even more time with our creator.

25.07 | 06:58

Thank you for your comment on this post, Mary! Yes, when we seek Jesus and His Kingdom first, everything else lines up and we get to live peacefully.

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