Succeeding with Young Living

Young Living Membership Levels

If you are not yet a member this first section is for you. If you already are and are looking for the plan of action, skip to the second part of this blog.


Young Living, in actuality, four levels of membership, though it seems like there is only two:


1. Retail customer: Purchase anytime you want online or over-the-phone and Young Living will ship you the products to your house.


2. Wholesale Member: purchase anytime you want from Young Living and they will give you a 24% discount. A one-time kit is required to do this. No yearly fee will be required. No monthly purchase is necessary.


3. Wholesale Member on ERP: this level offers the same benefits as a wholesale member, but we are required to purchase at least 50PV monthly. The program has incredible benefits, though, so well worth it to be at this level if you plan to start switching over to the Young Living brand. **CLICK HERE if you want to learn more about the Essential Rewards Program YL offers us to reward us for living a healthy lifestyle and choosing to switch to the their brand. 


4. Business Builder: At this level we get all the benefits of the third level membership, but then you turn around and tell others about Young Living and are willing to become somebody else's sponsor to help them on their Journey in Young Living, just like your sponsor has helped you. 


The following 2-step plan is meant only for those who want to build a Young Living business that is intertwined with their daily lifestyle, which means you choose to be on LEVEL 4.


It's a very purposeful way to build a business since we are committed to:

1) Live a healthy lifestyle so we can set an example to our family, our circle of friends and all those we meet on social media, and


2) Sharing with others how they can also turn their life around and live it by design.


Please CLICK HERE to get to the short video that explains the 2-step plan for you to use.


If you are interested in signing up, you can do so very easily online by clicking on THIS LINK; my sponsor ID will be already embedded in the form, for your convenience.

 Any questions, please contact me on Facebook. *


*Please note, to be in any of the 3 last levels mentioned, you would click on "wholesale member" option on the online form. You will be asked later if you want to add to that being on the Essential Rewards Program, which is totally optional for us.


You are never required to build a business in order to be a wholesale member; just let your sponsor know your intentions when you sign up, and if they change along the way. 

How to Succeed in Your Young Living Business



The network marketing profession offers us a different way of building a business, but it’s a profession nonetheless, and as such, we need to get educated in order to succeed. We are willing to empower you to succeed, but you need to be willing to follow these five rules of success, written up by Royal Crown Diamond leader Debra Rayburn:


 1. Use products daily - That is why we need to be on the Essential Rewards Program to get the products (and we Young Living rewards us for the commitment!) and use them daily. You don’t have to use all of them, but make sure you try out many of them and decide which ones will become your favorites, your home staples. They have many categories to choose from - check it out online or in a catalog you can flip through.



2. Maintain a min of 100 PV monthly. That is the requirement Young Living has for all leaders, regardless of our rank! You can be at Royal Crown Diamond and that still will be your requirement, but I guarantee you that if you absolutely love the products, you are going to really get into the Young Living brand so much that you will spend a lot more that $100 a month because you are simply swapping out your 'old' products and trading them for this brand, which actually enhances your health physically, mentally and emotionally! And guess what? Young Living actually gives us free stuff every month if our orders reach either 195, 250 or 300 PV. You can try out new stuff that way too, or if you already have it, you can gift it to someone else so they can be blessed as well. 


3. Learn about products and business constantly. In any profession we need to get educated. However, in this type of profession, we are not required to take out a student loan in order to pay thousands of dollars in school books and get a four to ten-year career going. We learn at home, at our own pace. We do, nevertheless, need to constantly motivate ourselves to be learning through books, videos, or webinars and we should commit to attend at least one corporate Young Living event, or one put on by a Royal Crown Diamond in the company.


4. Share on a consistent basis. If you just keep all you learn to yourself because you’re too scared someone may look at you weird or reject your new way of living and doing business, then you are not going to get far in this business. Just share in any way you feel comfortable doing; you don’t have to hold classes nor throw product parties if you don’t want to do so and/or if you don’t have the time. Just share one on one with a friend or two without trying to convince them of anything, but just giving them the opportunity to join and get the products themselves, or even join you in this great business venture you started pursuing. 


5. Be persistent; never quit. Always remember, you will not reach your destination if you quit your journey along the way. This is not a race! It’s a journey that is filled with adventure, lessons, and challenges along the way. Are you willing to commit wholeheartedly to it?


How long it will take you to reach the top…. it’s hard to know. Everyone’s journey is different. We all have different lessons to learn, and some of us have to learn more lessons than others. Some will reach the top in one to five years, but for many others, it may take over a decade. However, if you learn to love the products and keep persevering, you WILL reach Royal Crown Diamond one day, just as Debra Raybern and many others have done.

Not that many reach the top, only about 6%, but it’s not because they can’t, it’s because they quit after a while, for one reason or another. They allow the challenges to stop them. If you want to succeed, you must never, ever quit. Focus on having a heart to serve others out of love by sharing your story and experiences with others as often as you can, always desiring them to live a healthy lifestyle, just like you are.


We are willing to empower you, but you must be willing to commit to keep going and keep following these five rules of success, passing them on to others that want to join our team with you as their sponsor.

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This is very true. That is my one desire and goal as well, to please Him and bring Him glory, way less of me and so much more of Him.

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You’re so welcome! Thank you for leaving a comment to let me know the article was helpful to you

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Thank you very helpful

21.01 | 07:07

Yeah! That’s what being a business leader in Young Living is all about! Sharing these 10 healthy habits with others in any way we feel comfortable doing.

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