Hayden Yearly Highlights

2021 Hayden Highlights

As you might have seen on the website, I totally missed the highlights for last year! The year 2020. Ha! Well, here goes this years' family highlights.


- Once again, we did not take a family vacation this year because we were not able to travel to the destination to which we had made reservations: Hawaii. I am used to it now, though. The kids are grown up now and God got me used to not taking yearly family vacations anymore, for which I am grateful.


- Last year we adopted a black and white stray kitty and named her Joy. She got pregnant this year in the spring and had four beautiful babies the last Sunday of June. Joy is no longer with us, but her babies are. They will be 6 monhts old the 27th of this month.


- Cutie never really got used to having so many other kitties in the house. She spent more time outside, where she got more attention from the neighbors. In October this year, she started not wanting to eat anymore. She ended up passing away, peacefully, in our back yard on my birthday: October 24th. 


- Jazzy got parvo at the end of last year, after getting it from a puppy we had gotten for Ziedite in November. The kitty passed away 6 days after getting her, after suffering terribly for 3 days. Jazzy, recovered well, though, thank God, and is doing okay this year, though she developed quite a bit of anxiety once again (like she had when we first got her). She still struggles with digestive issues and skin problems, but we are keeping it all under control through natural methods. 


- Emmanuel started working again at Knotts in the spring. In the fall he also got a job as an actor in a mystery thatre dinner show. He loves doing that and plays different roles whenever he is asked to participate in it, which is normally 2-4 times a month. He turned 22 in August. He has enjoyed being able to attend shows put on by some famous comedians, and also got the chance to meet a famous actor, who is also a chef and the author of a Mexican cook book he purchased a week ago. Next week he travels to Seattle for a couple days to see another famous comedian; first time in Seattle, and he is looking forward to it. He goes to the gym three times a week still, and enjoys staying fit and healthy by means of healthy lifestyle habits.


- Ziedite graduated from high school in June and worked as a waitress in Dennys for a few months after that. She turned 18 on September 25th. She is no longer a waitress, but is applying in some places to get a job, though hasn't landed any so far. She went to Mexico for a week in November with the family of a boy she has been dating, so that was a nice little vacation for her. She recently joined a gym and loves going there and working out for hours. Keeps her out of truoble and gets her into loving exercise, so that is a great thing. The latest thing for her is that she got her driver's license this week!


- Dana moved into an apartment with his girl Marlie. They are expecting their first baby girl, who is due to arrive next year in February. He is still working with his dad in the plumbing, heating and air business, and also has enjoyed learning about and investing in the stock market this year.


- Dylan recently moved into a friend's home, renting a room there, since his roomate moved out of the place where he was renting up here in Garden Grove, near us. He still works as a photagrapher in a car dealership.


- Dana, my husband, continues to work hard in his own company: HELP Plumbing, Heating and Air. This year he made it into a corporation. He still only has one worker: Dana JR.


- I continue to take care of the home and do my best to ensure we live in a healthy environment through means of purchasing products that are not harmful to our physical, mental, and emotional health. I love sharing about essential oils with others, especially on social media, and how these can be incorporated into our life to help us physically, mentally, emotionally and spirtually. I also love sharing that the company from which I get the essential oils, and many of our household use products, also offers a great financial opportunity, if they want to take a look at it. I recently published a book titled "A Wounded Healer: Revelations on my Journey to Royal Crown Diamond"; it can be purchased on Amazon. The Spanish version will be avalable for purchase around February of next year; it is being translated by a professional translator, who also happens to be a childhood friend.

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