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You can be a Mom AND an Entrepreneur

Good news! You no longer have to choose between being at home with your kids as they grow up AND being an entrepreneur making a good income. Many moms have proven that over that years. The solution: a career in the network marketing profession.


1. Represent a company that you absolutely love. Don't sign up for the money - sign up because you believe that the products will make a real difference in your life and in the life of your family. 


2. Make sure the company you represent has integrity. It does not to be the latest thing out there! Make sure you research the company and know that they deliver quality products that will give you peace of mind. You don't want to be reading labels every single time you purchase something from that company, do you?


3. Sign up with their auto-ship program immediately. You will want to try out their lines of products right away to see if you are going to be with them for the long run, and if you will be able to share about them with others. What better way to do this than to sign up with their autoship program? Make sure it's one you can change every single month because, face it, our needs and desires change every single month. Am I right?


4. Get a Facebook and Instagram account and focus your posts on helping others. Don't make it about the products - it's not about selling the products but about filling a need that others have. Don't make it all about yourself either. How can a product fill someone else's need - be it physical, mental, emotional, spiritual or financial?


5. Always make it pretty, as successful mompreneur Lindsay Teague Moreno says in her book "Getting Noticed". She suggests always posting a picture with your post - no exception. Instagram makes it a "must", but Facebook makes it optional. Make sure you learn how to create great picture posts that encourage, inspire or help someone - the WordSwag app has been incredibly helpful for me, so I recommend you get that app if you don't yet have it.


This is not an all-inclusive list, but it's a great start. Remember, every journey is different. Don't worry about when you will make it to the top, just make sure you don't give yourself the option to quit - ever! God will help you stay committed, but you need to be prepared to learn daily and love to help others in a few beautified daily posts on social media. 

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06.01 | 09:09

Thank you, Shirley. May God continue to give me wisdom to write the blog posts on this site in order to encourage others on their journey in life.

02.01 | 04:28

I Very encouraging posts keep up the good work for the Lord!!!

27.07 | 11:51

So many great points here! And yes I love that this can be a vehicle to create time freedom ultimately allowing us to spend even more time with our creator.

25.07 | 06:58

Thank you for your comment on this post, Mary! Yes, when we seek Jesus and His Kingdom first, everything else lines up and we get to live peacefully.

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