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Simple Network Marketing Business Plan


We tend to complicate our lives way too much. And some just think the plan is just "too simple" so they don't want to even try it. We have been raised with the industrial age mentality of going to work, working hard, and trading our time for money. How many are tired of this way of getting money, though? Most are, whether they admit it or not. Why is the catch phrase "TGIF", Thank God It's Friday, so popular? Because the work week is over. Why is "Happy Hour" so popular?/ Because it is the end of the work day and they can relax from a hard day's work. Why is everyone always excited about weekends and most of all a week or two of vacation? Because they are overstressed, overworked and just feel they need that deserved break.


 What if... with a simple business plan we can still make a good amount of money, but without trading time for money? What if we actually were passionate about what we did and took a few minutes a day to post a little video or a pictogram to social media to help people in some way? It's not being lazy... It's being wise with our time, blessing people while enjoying life, family and friends at the same time, not needing weekends or vacation time so badly.


 Network marketing uses a simple concept that has been used for hundreds of years; a concept that works. Basically it goes on the idea that we recruit and train others to do what we do. Jesus used this concept and so did Mother Theresa, which is why so many people were helped. Alone they could not have done it, but they recruited a few people and trained them, and these people did the same thing. Along came a wise business person and took that concept and realized that the best way to get the message across to thousands of people was not ad campaigns, which cost companies millions of dollars a year, but rather word of mouth promotion. So he started promoting the idea of offering the products directly to customers who love the products and rewarding them in different ways for doing so, including monthly, weekly or biweekly commission checks. 


 The idea kept improving over the years. Now, we basically realize that it's like franchising a business, but doing so virtually and in not so costly a manner. Anyone who desires to run a business and will invest a little time and money each day in building this business, without treating it with a lottery mentality, can go far.


 The financial risk is very minimal since entry cost is just on a starter kit with products that they themselves will use; the monhtlly cost is mostly on continuing to purchase these products and use them on a regular basis, including them in their lifestyle. This is why the first step on the plan is to LIVE THE LIFESTYLE. If we don't love the products, if they are not enhancing our life in some way, this company is not the one with which we should be franchising.


The second step in this plan is to RECRUIT. This doesn't mean simply getting a bunch of people on our team, but rather offer the opportunity to everyone, yet carefully selecting those who we will train to do the same thing as we are doing.... Living the lifestyle and then sharing with others, recruiting them on our team. We could also simply wait for someone to show interest and ask us what we do to see if they want to do that as well. Always finish with the question, "so, would this be something you would be interested in doing as well?" If say answer "yes" or they say "maybe", but seem very interested yet a bit fearful that they may not be able to make it work, always remind them that you will be with them every step of the way - and then keep that promise.   Always remember, though, that some may love the products but not want to do anymore than that.... just use them here and there, so respect that desire.... But those who we see are passionate about them may be people we want to move on to the final step which is to TRAIN them to do what we do. Through it all, we must do our best to  build a strong relationship with them, not just create a business patnership. 


The last step in this simple business plan is to train. Training means we help them understand the concept of network marketing... the simple business plan.... and either work with them one on one or put them in a group where we will work many of them at once. The best thing is to train people one on one to get them started (so for about a month), but then put them in a group where they can continue to learn and continue to be encouraged and supported. Afterall, we all sign up to be independent leaders, not leaders codependent on our sponsors. As long as we have an open mind, a great desire to keep learning and a realization that challenges are only stepping stones to a new level in our life, not an option to quit, then it's all good. We need to stay attentive, though, and see if someone is struggling. If they reach out to us, we must be there for them. Some prefer not to be bothered by the leader, others want to just touch base when they need extra support, others want to continue a relationship with us throughout their journey. We must be attentive to each individual style and honor their wishes, without being offended if a few of them don't want our support. We need to simply continue living the lifestyle, recruiting new people on a regular basis and forming relationships with them, and training those who are interested in sharing about the company products and opportunity with others. 


I hope this blog post has helped you understand the simple business plan that the network marketing profession offers us. The company with which we virtually franchise will take care of all paperwork (including online enrollments, though we need to assist themour new recruits/customers/team members in the process as needed) and will make sure orders are filled and shipped out. If you LOVE the products of a certain network marketing company, won't you follow the simple business plan and create a business along whatever you do on a daily basis? You can grow as slow or as quick as you wish; there is no rush to the finish line ever. This business model is intertwined with our lifestyle, which is why the three steps are: 1) Live the Lifestyle, 2) Recruit and form relationships if possible and desired by the other person, and 3) Train them to do what you do.


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