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Three Key Traits of a Young Living Leader

These are traits every business leader should have, but in this blog I want to address these traits in a Young Living business viewpoint, pointing out how they apply to us as Young Living leaders specifically.


1. Be Consistent. This is fundamental, which is why I mention it first. Until we are consistent in every way, we cannot be good business leaders; we cannot lead others very well at all.


When I say “CONSISTENT”, I mean consistency in every way. We need to be consistent in our lifestyle habits – showing others by example that living a healthy lifestyle that incorporates exercise as a daily habit, healthy eating as a top priority, excellent supplementation to bridge the gaps we leave in our nutrition, good sleeping habits every night, good choice of products we use in our home (to clean, to use on ourselves, etc), and so on. We need to be consistent with our Essential Rewards monthly package; we can’t be on it for a few months and then get off it because it didn’t work out businesswise, or for any other reason. We need to show that this ER program is a great habit to have because Young Living offers us a great variety of products that help enhance our healthy lifestyle, and this can only be accomplished by getting products every month – what better way to do it than by ordering on the Essential Rewards program since then we even get rewarded in several ways by Young Living for having this habit?! We need to be consistent in the way we act around others and speak to them and about them, always operating out of love and service to others. I am sure you can think of other ways we can be consistent, but these are the areas that stick out to me in a major way, and therefore I highlight them here.



2. Live with Integrity. Integrity is defined as “the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles." We need to behave and operate our business with honesty in every aspect. When we operate with integrity, we won’t be afraid of the IRS, nor of others seeing us at any point in time because we walk the talk. We need to be honest in every way, not seeking to cut corners at any time for any reason.

The way we speak to our friends, team members and on social media says a lot about us - are we portraying a positive image of ourselves, or are we showing others that we are negative ones, constantly complaining about one thing or another? If we are honest with ourselves, nobody really wants to follow someone who is negative; we are attracted to those who are positive and hopeful; those who have a positive outlook in life no matter what storms may come their way. 



3. Be Persistent. In any business there will be challenges along the way. Some challenges can be very overwhelming, I won’t deny it! It may seem that a certain obstacle is far too great for us. However, if we decide beforehand that we will persist on our journey to be a top leader in Young Living one day, no matter what comes our way, then we will never quit. For example, the fact that the government puts a lot of restrictions in the way we can share about the oils and products; it makes it sometimes very frustrating to know what and how we can share. I totally understand! However, we can't allow that to keep us from sharing and giving others hope;; we simply must learn other ways to get the message across in a powerful way.

We need to be persistent in every area of our life too, just like we need to be consistent in every way. Building those little habits that get us closer to our fitness and health goals is one way to show that we are people that are persistent in every way, and therefore we are setting a good example to those who are on our team or may want to follow us at any given time in the future. 


Another good trait to have are not being competetive with other companies, nor with other leader in Young Living, but I will not go into detail about this in this blog. However, I bring it up so that you think about this - what could that mean to you as a leader? 

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Yeah! That’s what being a business leader in Young Living is all about! Sharing these 10 healthy habits with others in any way we feel comfortable doing.

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