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Overcoming the FEAR Blocker

IS FEAR HOLDING YOU BACK FROM CREATING YOUR OOLALIFE? (article written by the oola guys)



What is fear? It is not only one of the 7 Oola blockers, it is the most common obstacle that prevents personal growth. It is the one that holds most people back from realizing their Oolalife.


There are 5 common types of fear.They are: fear of loss, rejection, failure, success and pain. At times we experience all of these, so don’t feel like you are bad or different. There is an acronym for fear, and that is, ”false evidence appearing real”. This really describes everything you need to know rationally about fear. According to science, 98% of all things we worry about never happen. Just think of that for a moment, how much energy and time do we waste thinking of things that never occur? These are moments we can never get back. The time with family and friends or missed opportunities because we were consumed by fear. Heart breaking! It happens everyday.


When we shine a light on many of our fears we see that very few are based in reality. Many of our fears arise from the need to protect ourselves from humiliation and failure. These fears are working incredibly well, however they are doing so with faulty and outdated information from previous programming of our minds. Many fears we have as adults are trying to protect us from past experiences as children. Most of our current automatic reactions to fear were actually formed when we were children. In many cases, fear is now simply a sign to us that we are about to enter a new, unknown territory. That territory may, in fact, offer us more opportunities for expanding our Oola plan and achieving our Oola life. This often means personal growth and joy. So the question that needs to be asked: What do we do with the obsolete fears that do not serve us any longer? We need to recognize the fear for what it is. It’s a feeling and emotion. A feeling we have experienced many times in the past and likely to experience again. It is also important and beneficial for each of us to become aware of the particular behavior patterns (triggers) we have adopted when we feel fear. These could be physical, emotional, behavioral or all of the above. We can look at our reactions and understand why we are experiencing them. We need to ask are ourselves, is this fear real or an imagined? If the threat is real, we need to remove ourselves from harms way. Otherwise we can choose to have a different response, one that can be exhilarating, yet scary. This is the process of living consciously. It’s when you choose how you want to experience your OolaLife rather then to have life happen to you. This is a topic for another article. To put it simply, if you want to have the OolaLife, feel the fear and do it anyway. If you’re not in harms way, what’s the worst thing that can happen, failure? There is no failure, only a lack of doing. I think Yoda said best, “Do, or do not. There is no try.” When you embrace fears with courage and overcome them, you will grow in ways you could have never imagined, and are one step closer to the life you dream of and deserve – your OolaLife!

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