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Biblical Principles of Success

When we incorporate Biblical principles in our business-building efforts, we will be much more likely to succeed. As Dani Johnson says in her book First Steps to Wealth, this principles or “laws of success”, as she calls them, will help us “build true wealth, not just make money”. (p XVI)


Before going into the 12 biblical principles laid out in Dani Johnson’s book, there are four requirements that her mentor had for before he started teaching her. This applies to each of us as well, so I will run through them quickly. (For deeper detail, look to pages 5-8 in the book I mentioned)

  1. No Excuses. “I have found that people spend more time making excuses that they do creating results.”
  2. No Opinions or Suggestions.
  3. Follow Directions. “Success and making money are as simple as following a recipe.”
  4. Get Training. “You need to work harder on you than you do on your business to be unusually successful.”


And now, here are the 12 biblical principles/laws of success laid out by Dani Johnson. This is only a quick summary of each of them, so if you want to learn more about these, please read the book First Steps to Wealth. It’s an awesome book for your library!


1. The Law of Vision. What are your goals and dreams? Don’t worry about the money for God can open the floodgates of heaven and provide all the money that you will need. He will provide the training that you need when you need it and where you need it. However, first you need a vision. As Dani Johnson say, “your vision will become clearer and truly drive you out of bed every day to do something great with your life.” (p 22)


2. The Law of the Mind. “The way your mind thinks determines what you will have in life” (p 25). As Dani goes on to explain, the circumstances of our life do not determine our success. After all, our God is so much bigger than all our problems and struggles, right? We need to focus on what an amazing God we have, not on how big our problems appear and how tight our financial situation is at the time. God can get us through everything; He is with us always, as He promises in the Scriptures.


3. The Law of Value. This value says that “what determines your value in the marketplace is not your personality, whether you are shy or bold. It is not your looks, whether you are beautiful or screaming ugly. It has nothing to do with where you were born – but it does have everything to do with your skill”. (p 27) The more you learn about a subject and, most importantly, put into practice what you learn, the more specialized you will become in that area.  We need three sets of skills – professional skills (profession’s basics), people skills, and personal and leadership development skills. (p 28-31)


4. The Law of Reaping and Sowing. No matter what our personality, race, gender, religion or looks may be, what we plant is what we are going to reap.


5. Law of Desire. “Desire reveals design and destiny.”(p.36) If you have a desire to succeed and soar like an eagle, than do the activities that you need to engage in order for this to happen. Do them with enthusiasm and persistency, though, not giving up at the first sign of problems or not succeeding “quickly enough”. God’s timing is always best!


6. Law of Teachability. “Being teachable means you are hungry, pursuing success, and willing to learn from masters.” (p 44)  It means humbling ourselves and being willing to learn, and not think we know it all already.  As Dani says, “humble yourself, get teachable and ask for help. Success in anything is a learned skill.” Later in the book, she says: “Teachability is key to long-lasting success as an entrepreneur… It means being hungry enough to pursue success, being willing to learn from masters, and putting aside your ego for your success.” (p 146)


7. Law of Forgiveness. “For you to move forward, grow and stay growing, forgiveness needs to be a part of your life… When your mind is cut off by resentment from your past, you are absorbed with wasting time on dead things and not with actively creating wealth for generations to come.” (p 81)


8. Law of Promotion. “If you can be faithful with the little things – if you can cause what is in front of you to grow and improve – then you will be made ruler over much more. You must prosper when you are planted.” (p 58) We must work with excellence where we are right now, no matter what our “assignment” may be, whether we like it or not, for it is God’s training ground. We don’t know how long we will be in the place where we are right now, so let’s make the best of our time and work with excellence, learning all the lessons we are to learn. Only then will God promote us to the next level.  For example, “how you manage your home and how your manage your household is how you’ll manage your company” (p 148), so if we are parents and we learn to manage our home properly, we will succeed at managing a successful business and God will make us successful entrepreneurs.


9. Law of Focus. “Whatever you focus on is what you get good at.” (p 61) “You would be amazed at how much more you can get done with your life when you focus… You have to be 100% focused on the task in front of you. Don’t let your focus be split.” (p 63) “When you focus on doing the task with excellence and diligence, you maximize your time.” (p 64)


10. Law of Honor. Focus on the people around you, honoring them in every way, building relationships with them. “Honoring people is the number one key to successful relationships, whether it is personal or professional.” (p 76). Let them know you are interested in them, in what they do (occupation and recreation), in their family, etc.


11. Law of Decision. “Everything boils down to our choices. When you finally make a decision, everything begins to click. Think about it: whenever you put your heart into something, you succeed. Even against all odds, you overcome.” (p 138)


12. Law of Action. It is “not taking action when it is convenient. It is not when you have the money or the time. It is not waiting for everything to be perfect, and it is not waiting until you have all the information. Action is now!” (p 139)


As Dani says towards the end of the book, “God wrote all the Laws of Success so we could benefit from them.” (p 273) “A funnel of favor comes into play every time you use these laws. A funnel of favor starts to flow in your life. Your hands go to work, but this Divine Power adds another layer of assistance that brings results far beyond our expectations.” (p 265) When we build an intimate relationship with God and follow His instructions, His principles or “laws of success”, He will make us more successful than we could ever imagine.



NOTE: To get a copy of Dani Johnson's book "First Steps to Wealth", please click here. May you be blessed always. 


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This is very true. That is my one desire and goal as well, to please Him and bring Him glory, way less of me and so much more of Him.

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Thank you very helpful

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Yeah! That’s what being a business leader in Young Living is all about! Sharing these 10 healthy habits with others in any way we feel comfortable doing.

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