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A true leader has certain traits that attract us to him or her, regardless of what rank they have achieved. This blog covers five very important ones:


1. Be enthusiastic, not simply excited

 Excitement about a company and/or product will eventually wear off as time goes by and challenges rear their head. However, enthusiasm keeps us going regardless of how long we are on our journey to the top, and in spite of rejection and other hardships. Aim to cultivate enthusiasm early on in your network marketing career by constantly staying in learning mode and experiencing more and more products, not just your “basic few” to keep you afloat. If you become disappointed in the products, then switch companies until you find the “perfect ones” for your lifestyle, but never give up on this profession.


2. Be passionate and driven

 When we are passionate about a product or company we can’t help but share because we know that the opportunity they offer us is out of this world. We know that there is something about the products that make them stand out above all others, and we are constantly understanding more and more why you have this feeling deep inside that you should continue to use them and tells others about them. Our passion and enthusiasm drive us to the top, but we enjoy the journey one day at a time.


3. Always be willing to learn, regardless of what rank you’ve achieved

 The majority believes that we can’t learn anything from someone that ranks below us, and also that if we have achieved the highest rank we don’t need to learn anything new. We made it there, so we can stop learning now. However, a true leader is humble and realizes that they can always learn something from every single person, so they continue to attend seminars and listen intently to the speakers, as well as to people in the company that are striving to be excellent leaders. They know that all of us can always improve in some way every single day. We will never achieve the tip top of our wisdom and knowledge. 


4.Be an encourager

 Every one of us needs encouragement from time to time. We will feel that the journey is just too hard at times, but when we read or hear an encouraging post or speech, we will realize that we simply have lost our focus along the way. We need someone there that will motivate, inspire and encourage us to keep refocus and stay on track. This leads us to our final trait.


5. Learn to persevere

 Only about 3% of us will stay the course. Perseverance is hard if we feel that we are doing all the right things but are not moving forward very fast. We get discouraged and start listening to those voices of others, or that are in our own head, that we will never make it; that we have given it all we got and that success in this area is just not meant for us. Don’t listen to those lies! Keep going. Learn to persevere and you will eventually reach the top. If God put that dream in our heart, He will make sure that it becomes a reality, but He never tells us exactly when this will happen. Just continue to be enthusiastic, passionate and driven, always willing to learn and relearn things, and encouraging others you meet along your journey. Learn to persevere with an attitude of thankfulness for having been given this wonderful opportunity that makes no distinction between race, gender, educational level and social class. 

God tests us CONSTANTLY in the areas of time, energy, and money to see if we use them properly because He wants to grant us more. If we are not properly managing these resources yet, He patiently teaches us over and over until we do. Only when he sees that we are prepared (that we are using our time energy and money properly) will He grant us more of each one of them. Wise strategy! We may think we are ready ... like teenagers think they are ready... yet most are not. 


God does not get angry and upset with us when we don't manage each of these resources properly. He does not torture us until we do, though many of us go through life thinking that is what God is doing to us. He just keeps patiently teaching us how to manage our time, energy and money by giving us a little more, but not more than we currently can handle, and if He sees that we are not yet ready for more, He gently takes it away and teaches us again. He's very patient until we finally learn.


In turn, we usually get angry with Him or give up on the journey we know God wants us to be taking simply because we are not moving quick enough on it. But, if we really think about it, it's not His fault at all!! We simply have not learned the lessons and so we cannot move forward. That's all there is to it. The quicker we learn the lessons, the quicker we get to move forward. 


Now, if we are in a network marketing company, those on our team may not be learning quickly enough for us to move forward, and so, as we draw close to God during this time. He teaches us other lessons while they learn the basics of using their time, energy and money wisely. We become a better leader as we do this because we learn to be patient and loving, like God is with us, and we learn to persevere on the journey, without quitting along the way, regardless of how long it takes for our team mates to learn. 


Here are three oils I have learned to use each morning when I wake up to keep me focused:

- Valor. I apply a drop or two on one of my feet as I ask God to give me the courage to keep going, pursuing the things He desires me to do each day.

- Abundance. I apply a drop in my hands, rub my hands together and place them on my head, as anointing myself with it, and inhale the aroma deeply as I ask God to bless me abundantly in every area of my life. I ask also that He grant me wisdom in abundance so that always make the right choices and decisions as I go throughout the day.

- Joy. I have a roll-on fitment on this bottle and rub a little behind my ears, as a perfume, to remind me that God's Joy is my strength as I continue the journey. I cannot rely on myself to automatically be joyful because there will be trials and temptations every single day thrown my way and I can only resist them with God's help. His Joy is my strength. The devil can't stand a joyful Christian! He tries over and over again to get us to give up and hold on to negative thoughts, condemnation from ourselves and others, anger, unforgiveness, etc. When we simply draw closer to God and praise Him for being with us, being joyful in every singly situation, he finally ends up giving up. He is very persistent, and has been throughout history, so nothing new there. Just learn to "resist the devil and he will flee from you" eventually. God's joy is our strength every single day. 


So, learn to use properly the time, energy and money God has currenty granted you. The quicker you learn, the quicker you can move forward. If you are a slow learner, don't worry! God is patient with each of us - He will never condemn you;  He will also not give you more than you are capable of handling.


Use each of the oils I mentioned daily, and keep learning the lessons God is teaching you. God will be with you, always. He loves you and longs to give bless you abundantly in every single area of your life - never forget that.  

If you are afraid that you are going to have to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars so that people will start to notice you on Facebook or Instagram, let me assure you that you do not. You simply need to learn what types of posts attract more people and start posting more of these.


Lindsay Moreno says in her book "Getting Noticed" that the posts that get the most traffic are the ones that either entertain, inspire or simply teach someone something. What would make YOU stop and not keep scrolling? Whatever your answer is, that is the type of posts you need to post yourself on a consistent basis. 


I encourage you to get the book I mentioned - Getting Noticed - and reading it, rereading it, and really applying what she says. This lady became a top leader in her company 100% on social media - no parties and no classes! It's worth reading her book. Look it up on Amazon. If it's sold out, come back again soon to purchase it... It sells quickly! 


You CAN get noticed on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest without having to spend extravagantly! 

Becoming a leader in via the network marketing platform is an awesome experience because it’s all about PERSONAL TRANSFORMATION. It’s not about how big a team we can have - how many people we can personally recruit - nor is it about being the greatest salesperson out in the market. It's so much more than that! It’s a journey of personal transformation - going from caterpillar to butterfly. 


Let me expand on the caterpillar-to-butterfly illustration. You see, if a caterpillar thinks it could never fly and thinks that going into a cocoon (aka chrysalis)  to transform would be waaaay too lonely and hard, then he will never in a million years become a butterfly and soar the skies. However, if this caterpillar just follows the natural course of his life, creates a cocoon and allows the transformation to take place, it will emerge as a beautiful butterfly, as long as nobody decides to cut open the cocoon to help it out, in which case it will never, ever fly even though it has wings. The struggle to get out of the cocoon is what gives its wings the strength! In the same way, at some point in our life, we need to surrender to the “cocoon” into which God wants us to be so that He can transform us and give us wings to soar. If we allow the process to happen, God will make us stronger people as He develops us in every area of our life. 


A true inspirational leader is one who has taken the time to allow the complete transformation to take place. I know in my heart, because God has revealed this to me, that “He who began a good work in me will be faithful to complete it” (Phil 1:6). During the time of transformation, we simply need to allow Him to transform our mindset so our lives can then be completely transformed and we can soar the skies, inspiring other “caterpillars” that don’t think this could ever be possible, as well as those who are getting ready to go into their chrysalis and those already in it. It’s not about the team, per se, but rather about each person on the team being TRANSFORMED into an inspirational person that people no matter what team they have decided to join. You see, God will give us people to personally mentor along the way, but we don’t get to decide who these people are going to be. God is in charge of who will join us personally, and who won’t. We just have to focus on our personal transformation. Period. Nothing more, nothing less. As God transforms our mindset, we start emerging into amazing inspirational leaders that this world needs, and which God can use in the most powerful ways. He truly can do “abundantly more than we could ever ask or imagine”, as it says in Eph 3:30-21. 


Focus on your PERSONAL TRANSFORMATION - going from a caterpillar to a butterfly. Allow God to do all the transforming work in you and you will emerge as the most beautiful butterfly you can imagine. Only then will you be the best leader you could possibly be in this profession; only then can God use you in ways you can’t possibly even begin to imagine! 



Good news! You no longer have to choose between being at home with your kids as they grow up AND being an entrepreneur making a good income. Many moms have proven that over that years. The solution: a career in the network marketing profession.


1. Represent a company that you absolutely love. Don't sign up for the money - sign up because you believe that the products will make a real difference in your life and in the life of your family. 


2. Make sure the company you represent has integrity. It does not to be the latest thing out there! Make sure you research the company and know that they deliver quality products that will give you peace of mind. You don't want to be reading labels every single time you purchase something from that company, do you?


3. Sign up with their auto-ship program immediately. You will want to try out their lines of products right away to see if you are going to be with them for the long run, and if you will be able to share about them with others. What better way to do this than to sign up with their autoship program? Make sure it's one you can change every single month because, face it, our needs and desires change every single month. Am I right?


4. Get a Facebook and Instagram account and focus your posts on helping others. Don't make it about the products - it's not about selling the products but about filling a need that others have. Don't make it all about yourself either. How can a product fill someone else's need - be it physical, mental, emotional, spiritual or financial?


5. Always make it pretty, as successful mompreneur Lindsay Teague Moreno says in her book "Getting Noticed". She suggests always posting a picture with your post - no exception. Instagram makes it a "must", but Facebook makes it optional. Make sure you learn how to create great picture posts that encourage, inspire or help someone - the WordSwag app has been incredibly helpful for me, so I recommend you get that app if you don't yet have it.


This is not an all-inclusive list, but it's a great start. Remember, every journey is different. Don't worry about when you will make it to the top, just make sure you don't give yourself the option to quit - ever! God will help you stay committed, but you need to be prepared to learn daily and love to help others in a few beautified daily posts on social media. 

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So many great points here! And yes I love that this can be a vehicle to create time freedom ultimately allowing us to spend even more time with our creator.

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Thank you for your comment on this post, Mary! Yes, when we seek Jesus and His Kingdom first, everything else lines up and we get to live peacefully.

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I love how you cut away the fluff and busyness that we allow to distract us from the one who created us. If we seek Jesus first everything else lines up & flows

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Yes, I agree