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"One of the benefits of a home business, which is not talked about enough, is the potential tax deductions that come along with owning your own business." This may be one of the greatest benefits, actually, since most of us need to get tax breaks because taxes keep increasing from year to year. Take a look at this article to learn about some incredible tax benefits you can receive from building your business at home, even if it's just a few hours a week:


Another great benefit is that we save on gas money. With no commuting to and from a job, we save that money so we can go to the other places we need to go during the day like the bank, grocrey story, Target run etc.


A third benefit of investing in this type of business is that it offers us flexible hours. We don't need to be at work at a certain time on certain days of the week; we get to plan our life around our work schedule, instead of the other way around! We don't need to spend 40-90 hours a week on this business either! As long as we have focused productivity hours scheduled during the week, we can grow our business.


A network marketing business does not cost a lot to start up, so no loan is necessary to start it, thereby not imposing a huge financial risk in any way. As long as we treat it as a business and not as a hobby, investing $200 to $400 would be very wise, wouldn't you think? It used to be that nobody could start a business unless they had thousands, and usually even hundreds of thousands of dollars saved up, or if the person had good credit so he or she could get a sizable loan to do so (but all that money needed to be paid back, with interest)


Fifth reason it's good to invest is that our monthly fees are incredibly low. We work from home, so we don't have to rent an office space nor a space to sell any type of product. In fact, you never need to sell anything, which would be your sixth good reason to invest in this type of business! The company with which you partner does all the shipping for you, plus they will handle all the order-taking too. Our job is simply to help them set up their account in the same way we set up ours.


The seventh reason is for those who are parents: we save on childcare expenses! Plus, we get to spend more time with our kids as they grow up, which is an added benefit. No longer will we be too tired out after work and just live to do fun things with them on the weekends (hopefully) or on vacation time (if you take yearly famiy vacations, that it), but you get to spend quality time with them throughout the week AND get the household chores done as well. 


There are other great reasons to invest in a network marketing business that I am sure others can add to this list, but these are the top seven I want to talk about in this blog. To read why it is good to invest in Young Living Essential Oils as the company with which you partner, please CLICK HERE - but you decide what would be the ideal company for YOU. Take your time to do your research because if you are not passionate about the products, there is no way you can succeed in the business. 



For many, starting their own business seems like an impossible dream. They are tired of working for someone who basically tells them when they have to work and when they can have free time to do the things they truly desire to do and do fun things with those they love. However, they don't think it's possible to do anything different. They have in their mind the "old style of business" where it's an incredibly high financial and time risk to start their own business offering services or selling products that they are passionate about selling because they feel that others can benefit from doing them. In fact, it was only 100 to 150 years ago that starting a business was only possible for thosse who either already had tons of money they could invest, or those that could easily get a huge loan. This is no longer the case!


In spite of the many who still think that network marketing is "pyramid sheme", tens of thousands around the world are proving that this is not the case. It was in 1945 that the first actual compensation plan was launched to help motivate a sales person to not only sell more products, but to train others to sell more products as well. Since then, many companies have risen offering all of the opportunity to start of business with products (or services) that we are passionate about sharing with others because these products (or services) have enhanced our life and our family's life. **If you want to learn a bit about the history of network marketing, please click here.


I want you to fully grasp how amazing it is for us to be able to have the opportunity to start our own business for under $300 and monthly costs of under $150! It is a business that is radically changing our world as we know it. It is a business that does not require us to take out major loans or even have tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars to start up. it is a business that will not require us to spend a lot of money each month to stay in business. It's a business that does not require us to do a heavy paperwork load each night, or even weekly or monthly. It is a business that does not require us to stock up in products in our garage or basement. It is a business that does not require us to stop our current income stream to start this venture. It is a business that does not require us to have employees (and therefore all the employee expenditures that come wit that).


This is an amazing opportunity to start a business that we can build online or offline and we can impact the lives of hundreds of thousands of people through the leveraged efforts of those who join us on our journey. It is an opportunity that our grandparents could not even imagine would be available to us! Yes, it's hard to wrap our thoughts around it sometimes,  but it's a real opportunity that offers hope to so many families out there where both parents work one of two jobs, as well as to single moms, students who need money to study what they are passionate about learning, and those who are retired or close to retirement age and really can't see how they can survive that well on the little income that comes in from social security and maybe a little savings that they had created over the years. 


Truly dive in and learn all you can about the network marketing profession. Realize what a blessing it is to be able to start your very own business that will impact the lives of hundeds of thousands of people around the world exponentially by just coming up with a few hundred dollard to start and under $150 to continue. **Please know though that this IS a business venture and it may take many years to see the business surpass the income you are currently making, but it's a business that holds immense possibilities if you are passionate about the products, use them constantly and are willing to share with others about the opportunity available to them as well. Our education level doesn't matter, you guys! Neither does our race or economic status. We can own our own business if we can come up with $300 to start and commit to investing $150 every month, no matter how long it takes to reach our financial goal. 


Are you willing to take the plunge? Are you willing to dive in and learn what this profession offers you, experience the products and share about them with others, offering them also the opportunity you have been given? Will you be courageous enough to go forward even if others think you are crazy for doing so? You will grow so much as person if you do! You truly will. Take the plunge, make the commitment, and you will see what I mean.  

If you have a burning desire to help others on their journey towards health in every area of their life, consider building a business with a company that offers us an opportunity to create an income while at the same time ministering to others by anointing them with oils and praying for them, if they desire for us to do so.


This of course, requires us to have a different mindset. Most of us have not grown up with Sunday School stories where they talk about why the essential oils of Frankincense and Myrrh were so precious and valuable to the baby Jesus and his parents. This is simply because when pastors go to seminary they are not offered a class on essential oils - how they were used back then for healing and daily living. We have forgotten the art of true healing because we are in the era of modern high tech medicine. However, the message in the new testament is as real as when it was first written. This means that our instructions on what to do for the sick remain the same.These instructions are written in James 5:14 and state that if anyone is sick, we should call the elders of the church, anoint them with oils and pray for them. Let's explore what this actually means.


1. Call the elders.... These are people that God appointed for this ministry. They were the people that had more time in the day to be able to simply go and do this ministry because they didn't have a family to feed - they had a lot of time freedom and a desire to bring God's healing presence into this world. 


2. Anoint them with oil.... Anointing did not mean simply dabbing them with a little olive oil on their forehead. It meant so much more! It's important that we really dig deep and discover what anointing meant at that time. Something that would really help you understand this is the Bible study series on DVD by Dr. Stewart, titled "Healing: God's Forgotten Gift". I actually have this series up on Facebook (the last session will be on the last Tuesday of this month), or you an purchase the series online and go through it at home with friends. Click HERE to get to the video sessions on Facebook. 


3. Pray for them... God' is the actual healer here. He uses the oils as a channel to bring healing to us. The oils have no bad side-effects (if they are properly grown, distilled and bottled, of course), unlike modern medicine pharmaceuticals. God put these oils in the plants for a reason. Their molecules are small enough to go through our bloodstream and cells for a reason! 


God has seen that most elders, the people He put in charge of this important ministry, are no longer interested in the proper way to anoint and pray for the sick, which is why He is raising people like you and me to do this ministry. He knows we need money in this world to pay the bills, which is why He selected people like Gary Young, the person who started Young Living Essential Oils, to lead the way and offer us seed to seal guaranteed essential oils that we can use in our ministry, as well as the opportunity to have a good steady income coming in if we purchase their products that are designed to enhance our healthy lifestyle - the lifestyle God desires us to live in order to stay energetic and healthy as the years go by. 


If you are interested in exploring the ministry disguised as a business opportunity (so you don't have to worry about having enough time and money to do the ministry), then please contact me. I will send you information on the company, the business opportunity, and what it means to be part of our team - one that is a part of the Messengers of Hope Movement. CLICK HERE to get to my Facebook page called "Mirdza at AEHClub" and send me a message letting me know your interest. 



 What I most love about the network marketing profession is that it is a true equal opportunity profession.  It gives all of us the opportunity to build a business that  offers us a way to create residual income  regardless of our race, gender, amount of income we currently have, our past, our education level, etc. We simply need to have a desire to be coachable, a desire to succeed no matter what obstacles come up along the journey, a desire to lead others to success, and a willingness to follow a system that is easily duplicated.


The network marketing profession offers us not only the chance to make a few hundred extra dollars to pay off our debt, or a full-time income when we can no longer work for one reason or another, but it gives us a purposeful life. When we partner with a company that has products that enhance our life, we get to purchase these at a discounted price every month and even get rewarded by they company for doing so. When we turn around and tell others about the opportunity to purchase these products directly from them, we are giving them a gift that someone else may not have ever given them.... a ray of hope in the midst of their hard times, and maybe even times of despair. How amazing is that? There is nothing like being able to make a difference in someone else's life! What the person does with that opportunity is up to them since God gave us the freewill to choose the path we desire, but we can be sure that we offered them a gift when we shared with them about the company and products, and let them know of our willingness to be with them on their journey if they desire to become a member of the company and purchase directly from them. 


Take the time to learn about this profession for it could change your life in ways that you can't even begin to imagine. It is a profession that has helped thousands of others around the world... look for testimonials online and offline because there are many. Randy Gage is one of them, for example. He was a juvenile delinquent who turned his life around and now even has the Gage Virtual Training Academy to train us to be as successful as he is in this profession. There is Eric Worre who has the Network Marketing Pro; he is constantly creating helpful and inspiring videos that he shares, he wrote a book that is very helpful, and so much more. There is Sarah Robbins who was a shy kindergarten teacher that came out of her shell and now is a full-time mom for her first son and is constatantly doing all she can to help network marketers around the world in one way or another. There is Matt Morris who is constantly creating videos that are inspiring and helpful, and who also wrote a book. There is Art Jonak who holds the MasterMind event every year, and since this year this event is offered us virtually as well; this event brings together network marketers across the globe and some amazing speakers in this profession. Look for these people online and learn all you can from them. Then, if you desire to become a network marketing professional, make sure you partner with a company that offers you products that will enhance your life so much that you will be completely passionate about sharing about this company with others, just ike you would if you found a goldmine. 


Don't worry - you don't have to quit your job if you love it! Many don't join this profession because they love what they currenty do, but you can do it around what you do already and just invest in the products, telling a few others here and there about the company and the opportunity to enhance to get products that will enhance their life. You never know who's life you can change by sharing about the company with which you are partnering, and even about the opportunity to become a network marketing professional. It isn't financially risky to become a wholesale member with this company, even if it is just to enjoy the discount on the products that have the potential to enhance your life. Then, if you decide you want to recommend the products to others, do it and share with them your ID number so that they can easily sign up online (or over the phone); this way you become their sponsor on their journey and if they have any questions or need some advice you, the person who has been using the products and can share testimonials of how they have worked for you, can help them out in a meaningful way. 


So what to do you think..... Do you want to become a network marketing professional? Do you want to join our profession?

Being a mom myself, I know our kids grow up incredibly fast. I feel that if we blink, they will be married and off having their own famillies! That is why I believe that for us to invest in a network marketing business that focuses on health and wellness alongside whatever we do and building it on very part time hours is very beneficial for each of us. 




1. We need to focus on taking care of ourselves. A fit, healthy and confident mom is a much happier mom that can focus easier on grooming her kids for success. 


2. When we pick a company where we can be passionate about the products, it will be easy to share about them, even if we are shy by nature. We can only be passionate about products we ourselves have researched and experienced and know without a doubt that these products are enhancing our life physically, mentally and emotionally.


3. The intial investment in a network marketing company is under $200, so we do not have to take out a loan to do that. 


4. Monthly expenses are mainly in products that will enhance our health. We need to make sure this company offers us an autoship program that we feel good about being on it; one that we are not on simply because if we don't meet a certain quota we won't get paid a commission check. If we love the products and we love the autoship program, we will just stay on it and get the products, not worrying if anyone else does the same. We are benefiting from the products, and that is what should matter first and foremost. 


5. We can build the business on very part-time hours, alongside anything we do. For example, 5 to 6 days a week create a one to two minute video highlighting a product you love and use all the time. When you first start out, have a Live Session on Facebook about WHY you decided to invest in this company. Be confident and don't worry about rejection from others. If your reason WHY is very strong, the opinions of others should not matter. As they question you, your reason why can get stronger and more solidified. Remember to say that you are on a journey and you are looking forward to the adventure.


6. Never give yourself the option to quit, unless you see that the products are not to the hightest standard that you thought they would be. If you no longer believe in the products, if you no longer can back them and use them on a daily basis, then question your reason for staying with this particular company . To reach the highest paying rank should never be your top priority. Here is the thing though: You can quit that company,  but don't quit on the industry itself. You WILL eventually find the "perfect business" for you. The one that you can build and never even have a desire to quit because their products enhance your life so much. It happened to me, and I know it will happen to you as well. 


7. As you build this business, focus on your personal grooming. By this I mean, focus on creating excellent habits in your life that will make you a more fit, healthy, energized and confident mom that you ever have been. As we do this, we will become a leader that unknowingly leads other moms, and even our own kids. Focus on reading books and articles that will nourish your mind. Focus on making exercise a daily habit so you can be fit. Focus on consuming excellent foods and beverages that will nourish your body. Focus on getting enough sleep every night; good sleep habits are so important for us. (If we have a newborn baby, we can take naps duing the day when they nap). As a Christian, I also love being able to have time to spend alone with the Lord not only in the early morning hours when everyone else is asleep, but throughout the day. As my relationship with Him grows. and I allow Him to mentor and guide my path, my confidence grows. I no longer fear not being able to succeed at any goal because I know that the timing of reaching those goals belongs to the Lord. I rely on His strength to keep me going, not on my own. 


 8. As our kids get older and they start doing their own thing, which is good, we still have a great purpose: helping others around the world enhance their life, not just in our own community.


9. One last benefit that I think is super amazing: As our busines grows, so do the checks that we receive monthly from the company. This means that when we reach retirement age we won't have to depend on goverment programs to take care of us. How can they possibly take care of millions of people? It's insane that we could even think there is enough money for that to happen. If we have checks coming in monthly, we will be financially set until the day we die, no matter what the trends in the economy or if the government programs run out of money. 


To close, I hope you see that whether you are currently a working mom or you are a stay at home mom, investing in a home based business that offers products that benefit you and your family is a wise choice. Make sure you research well the company you think of joining. Remember: sometimes the best way to do this is by gettting an insider look, meaning we become part of the company and we experience and continue to research the products until we are 100% confident that this company will benefit us and we can confidently recommend the products and business opportunity to others. You can always quit on the company if you cannot become 100% passionate about the products, but never quit on the network marketing profession; in fact, immerse yourself in learning all about this profession and experience what a career in this profession can do for you. Blessings on your journey!


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