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The network marketing profession is the only profession that allows us to start a business for under $200 US dollars. That's huge! Even though the industry is still undergoing a lot of skepticism from people who do not understand the way this business model works, it is the MOST AFFORDABLE way to start and build a business we could ever get.


When we see the VALUE of starting a business like this, we will find a way to get the start-up money - the $200 - and will have no problem at all investing about $130 a month into building it by participarting in their autoship program purchasing products that the company offers. We will purchase them not for resale purposes, but to use in our own homes. We will NEVER need to stock up on products because we simply will be directing people directly to the company website to purchase their items and the company itself will send out the products to them for their personal use, just like they do for us. That is how this business model works.


This is why it is CRITICAL that we choose to partner with a company that we trust. We must make sure that the company has integrity and offers us products that we already use daily, or would like to start using, and that enhance our lifestyle. When we do this, we are basically going to be swapping products we already use at home for a better quality brand, while building a business, which is financially very wise.


I say it's financially wise because the government gives more tax breaks to those of us who have our own small business. We get to write off things like our phone, our internet, the start up cost of the business, the $130 that we spend a month on the products (if that is the amount required to receive a check from them), and much more.Do your research and you will see that the tax breaks are many when we have a small business, and we can build it without quitting what we currently are in; we simply invest part of the money we get from there into this business so we can get the tax breaks when tax time comes. 


As an example, I partner with a company called Young Living Essential Oils. This company is not only the leader in the essential oil world, setting the standard as to how essential oils must be distilled and bottled, but they also offer over 600 products that we use everyday at home that improve our health and create a healthy environment in our home. You may want to consider partnering with this company as well, but if you have another one in mind, by all means go for it. Just make sure it's a company you can fully trust to bring you products that will ENHANCE YOUR LIFE so that you don't see investing into your business as an "extra" cost for you, but rather a simple swapping of products you already use to a brand that is a higher quality that the brand you have used maybe for many years. 


Do you see the value of starting your own business for under $200? Are you ready to do that now? Make sure you realize that a business is NOT built overnight and that you understand that you will undergo challenges like people being skeptical about this business model, but if you DO NOT QUIT along the way and passionately educate others about the value of starting this model of business, and you invite them to experience the products from the company with which you partner, you WILL get to the top leadership of that company and you will have made a tremendous difference in the life of thousands of others by doing so. 


Namaste, my friend! 

The Network Marketing profession offers us a true equal pay opportunity! Each of us has the opportunity to get paid very well if we do a few simple things on a consistent basis. Granted, not all will reach the top level for one reason or another, but the opportunity is there for every person regardless of age, gender, education level, and race




1. Master the Art of Sharing. It's important that we learn to courageously share from the heart about the products and opportunity that the company with which we choose to partner gives us. That is why it's of extreme importance to choose that company very carefully. It needs to be one that has integrity in every way, and they need to offer us products that we choose to use daily because they enhance our lifestyle. If they are enhancing our lifestyle, why would we NOT want to share about them with others? They deserve to know! Too many products are junk and are hurting us and our environment! 


2. Consistently stay on their auto-ship program. This should be easy for us to do, not something we "have to do" in order to get paid. If the company we are partnering with offers us lifestyle products like hair care and skin care products, cleaning products, and excellent supplements, and these products are enhancing our life, being on auto-ship would be like a frequent flyers program; we get rewarded for purchasing their products regularly, not just sporadically. **Tip: Make sure their auto-ship program rewards you in awesome ways, it's not just "the only way to receive a check from the company". 


3. Train others to duplicate the last two actions. In order for each one of us to succeed, we each need to focus on mastering the skill of sharing and consistently staying on the auto-ship program. It doesn't matter what others do - are we doing it? Don't judge others, just love them and show them how amazing your life is becoming; hopefully, they will follow your example.


Sharing about what we love takes courage, so this system is helping us get out of our shell; this would help us in all of life as well, wouldn't you agree? So, master the skill to share, stay on the auto-ship program your company offers (after carefully choosing the company with which you will partner for a lifetime), and tell others about this amazing true equal opportunity system where we all get the opportunity to have the same amount of great pay to THRIVE in life, not merely survive from day to day. 



"Too many don’t see the beauty of FOLLOWING A SIMPLE SYSTEM. They believe it’s too simple to work so they are busy looking for a more complicated way to build it and get frustrated because they get no results. Don’t quit, just keep living the lifestyle, following the system, and enjoying life.

1. Pick a company that has products that enhance your lifestyle and your family’s. This is CRUCIAL! This will lead easily to step 2.

2. Commit to this company’s autoship program and get products as if you were in the highest rank. If The products are enhancing your lifestyle, this should not be a problem at all. You will simply be transferring your buying to this company instead of buying most of your products from other stores.

3. Don’t be afraid to recommend the products online or off-line because, after all, they are enhancing your life and you’re just recommending what you are using, not trying to sell something that you would never use.

4. Share the simple system with others regardless of the sarcastic remarks and looks that many will give you.

5. Help those who desire to sign up to get their account. Be there for them whenever they need you. Stay in contact with them monthly in one way or another, offering them tips that could enhance your life. **Do not try to convince anyone about how great this system is; let them make their own choice. Offer it as a waitress offers coffee at a restaurant. 😎

6. Share the simple system with others without apologizing because it truly is a simple way to create a strong business that will bring in money when you won’t be able to, or don’t want to work, anymore."

A true leader has certain traits that attract us to him or her, regardless of what rank they have achieved. This blog covers five very important ones:


1. Be enthusiastic, not simply excited

 Excitement about a company and/or product will eventually wear off as time goes by and challenges rear their head. However, enthusiasm keeps us going regardless of how long we are on our journey to the top, and in spite of rejection and other hardships. Aim to cultivate enthusiasm early on in your network marketing career by constantly staying in learning mode and experiencing more and more products, not just your “basic few” to keep you afloat. If you become disappointed in the products, then switch companies until you find the “perfect ones” for your lifestyle, but never give up on this profession.


 2. Be passionate and driven

 When we are passionate about a product or company we can’t help but share because we know that the opportunity they offer us is out of this world. We know that there is something about the products that make them stand out above all others, and we are constantly understanding more and more why you have this feeling deep inside that you should continue to use them and tells others about them. Our passion and enthusiasm drive us to the top, but we enjoy the journey one day at a time.


 3. Always be willing to learn, regardless of what rank you’ve achieved

 The majority believes that we can’t learn anything from someone that ranks below us, and also that if we have achieved the highest rank we don’t need to learn anything new. We made it there, so we can stop learning now. However, a true leader is humble and realizes that they can always learn something from every single person, so they continue to attend seminars and listen intently to the speakers, as well as to people in the company that are striving to be excellent leaders. They know that all of us can always improve in some way every single day. We will never achieve the tip-top of our wisdom and knowledge. 


4. Be an encourager

 Every one of us needs encouragement from time to time. We will feel that the journey is just too hard at times, but when we read or hear an encouraging post or speech, we will realize that we simply have lost our focus along the way. We need someone there that will motivate, inspire and encourage us to keep refocus and stay on track. This leads us to our final trait.


5. Learn to persevere

Only about 3% of us will stay the course. Perseverance is hard if we feel that we are doing all the right things but are not moving forward very fast. We get discouraged and start listening to those voices of others, or that are in our own head, that we will never make it; that we have given it all we got and that success in this area is just not meant for us. Don’t listen to those lies! Keep going. Learn to persevere and you will eventually reach the top. If God put that dream in our heart, He will make sure that it becomes a reality, but He never tells us exactly when this will happen. Just continue to be enthusiastic, passionate and driven, always willing to learn and relearn things, and encouraging others you meet along your journey. Learn to persevere with an attitude of thankfulness for having been given this wonderful opportunity that makes no distinction between race, gender, educational level and social class. 

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Thank you, Shirley. May God continue to give me wisdom to write the blog posts on this site in order to encourage others on their journey in life.

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I Very encouraging posts keep up the good work for the Lord!!!

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So many great points here! And yes I love that this can be a vehicle to create time freedom ultimately allowing us to spend even more time with our creator.

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Thank you for your comment on this post, Mary! Yes, when we seek Jesus and His Kingdom first, everything else lines up and we get to live peacefully.