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A true leader has certain traits that attract us to him or her, regardless of what rank they have achieved. This blog covers five very important ones:


1. Be enthusiastic, not simply excited

 Excitement about a company and/or product will eventually wear off as time goes by and challenges rear their head. However, enthusiasm keeps us going regardless of how long we are on our journey to the top, and in spite of rejection and other hardships. Aim to cultivate enthusiasm early on in your network marketing career by constantly staying in learning mode and experiencing more and more products, not just your “basic few” to keep you afloat. If you become disappointed in the products, then switch companies until you find the “perfect ones” for your lifestyle, but never give up on this profession.


 2. Be passionate and driven

 When we are passionate about a product or company we can’t help but share because we know that the opportunity they offer us is out of this world. We know that there is something about the products that make them stand out above all others, and we are constantly understanding more and more why you have this feeling deep inside that you should continue to use them and tells others about them. Our passion and enthusiasm drive us to the top, but we enjoy the journey one day at a time.


 3. Always be willing to learn, regardless of what rank you’ve achieved

 The majority believes that we can’t learn anything from someone that ranks below us, and also that if we have achieved the highest rank we don’t need to learn anything new. We made it there, so we can stop learning now. However, a true leader is humble and realizes that they can always learn something from every single person, so they continue to attend seminars and listen intently to the speakers, as well as to people in the company that are striving to be excellent leaders. They know that all of us can always improve in some way every single day. We will never achieve the tip-top of our wisdom and knowledge. 


4. Be an encourager

 Every one of us needs encouragement from time to time. We will feel that the journey is just too hard at times, but when we read or hear an encouraging post or speech, we will realize that we simply have lost our focus along the way. We need someone there that will motivate, inspire and encourage us to keep refocus and stay on track. This leads us to our final trait.


5. Learn to persevere

Only about 3% of us will stay the course. Perseverance is hard if we feel that we are doing all the right things but are not moving forward very fast. We get discouraged and start listening to those voices of others, or that are in our own head, that we will never make it; that we have given it all we got and that success in this area is just not meant for us. Don’t listen to those lies! Keep going. Learn to persevere and you will eventually reach the top. If God put that dream in our heart, He will make sure that it becomes a reality, but He never tells us exactly when this will happen. Just continue to be enthusiastic, passionate and driven, always willing to learn and relearn things, and encouraging others you meet along your journey. Learn to persevere with an attitude of thankfulness for having been given this wonderful opportunity that makes no distinction between race, gender, educational level and social class. 

Imagine being able to take a day off during the week and do whatever you want to do without having to call in sick at work. If you like traveling, imagine being able to take off anytime you desire and travel wherever in the world you would like to go, without having to ask in advance for a week or two of vacation time. In both scenarios, you don't have to worry about not having enough money at the end of the month in order to pay the bills because you no longer trade in your time for money. This is entirely possible and in this blog post, I want to explain how this does not have to be just wishful thinking.  


If you want the freedom described in the first paragraph, know that it CAN happen for you, but it won't happen overnight. It's a goal you work towards by simply saving up $20 to $35 each week from your current job and then investing it into a company that will compensate you financially for doing this and sharing about the company and products with others. Right off the bat, you need to realize that many will try to shoot your dream down and will laugh at you and reject you. Realize that rejection has happened to many people throughout history! We would not have the plane if the Wright brothers had given up when people thought they were foolish. We would not have Disneyland or Disney World if Walt Disney would have given in when thousands thought it was a ridiculous idea to have a theme park with a big mouse. We would not have the telephone if Alexander Graham Bell had given up when people told him over and over again that this idea was preposterous. I'm sure you can think of many other examples, but the point I'm making is that regardless of rejection and people laughing at you for doing things differently than they have, you need to stand your ground and keep investing and sharing with others. God WILL bring people into your life that will be companions on your journey. I promise. Keep your focus on Him, and not on the naysayers. 


What company should you invest in? It's entirely up to you! What is important is that you feel passionate about the company into which you choose to invest, and the only way this can happen is if you see that their entire line of products benefit you and your family as you use them daily. It may take time to find the "right fit" for you, as it did for me, but once you find it, you will not regret having spent the time finding that "perfect one" that meets your needs. 


I personally recommend that you invest in one that has products that enhance a healthy lifestyle. Why? Because we all desire to be healthy physically, mentally and emotionally every day we have on this earth. We long to be peaceful and joyful and energetic and healthy habits will help us accomplish this goal. Why have tons of money, but be too frail and sick to enjoy it? That is why I recommend finding a company that offers products that are not only environmentally friendly, but that also contain essential oils that have the seed to seal guarantee on them so you can have peace of mind anytime you use them. 


Not sure what "Seed to Seal guarantee" even means? In a nutshell, it means that the company is very mindful of the oil they produce through every stage - from the seed they choose to plant into the ground all the way until the oil is bottled and shipped to us. Many companies "seem" good at first glance, but in the end cause a lot of damage. So, be very careful and don't compromise on quality just to save a few dollars. 


However, regardless of what company you choose, make sure that you love the products and would recommend them to others in a heartbeat when someone asks for a recommendation and your company offers something that they could consider using. If you can't share about the company or products easily, like you would a good movie or an excellent restaurant, then most likely that is not the company you should be investing in each month and you should look into another. 


Be an Eagle Not A Hummingbird


Many people believe that in order to make something like this work they have to work a lot to stay afloat, and so they feel they just won't have the time. Like a hummingbird, they feel they need flap their wings continuously by holding meetings, classes or parties on a weekly basis, instead of just relaxing and soaring like an eagle, enjoying the products and sharing along the way when God brings them the opportunity to do so.  Wouldn't you rather soar higher and higher and not be constantly feeling like you can't do enough to make this work? God knows when is the time for you to have that freedom, so just enjoy the products, be thankful for the opportunity and ask that He bring people into your life with whom you can share; ask that He prepare their hearts ahead of time so that they will listen to the message and accept it. Don't force things to happen; just share and allow God to work in you and through you as you continue to save $20 to $35 a week from your current household income and invest it monthly into products that make a difference in your life and your family's life, and share about them along the way in any way you prefer. This type of business WILL lead to freedom if you don't allow the challenges to cause you quit along the way.

If you are a serious entrepreneur considering the reasons why the network marketing model would work, this blog post is for you. I always aim to be objective in every blog post. I am in this profession because I think it’s a great model to follow if we desire to be an entrepreneur making a difference all around the globe.  I chose Young Living because I don’t only believe they have great products but have experienced first-hand, since 2007, how they have enhanced my life, as well as the life of husband and kids, and that of my pets; that is the reason I continue my journey to be a top leader in this company. 


Money and power talk, it’s a fact. It’s also a fact that the majority of us are introverted and fear that could never be excellent top leaders talking in front of a lot of people. However, if we have a heart to serve people and know that God has placed it on our heart to be top leaders so we can effectively reach even more people, He will make it happen in HIS timing, and will provide us all we need along our journey, including  the great wisdom we need to lead others wanting to make a difference in this world as entrepreneurs. 


If we look into the history of businesses, we will find that the network marketing industry continues to steadily grow year after year, regardless of what the economy is doing. Other top industries do well, but it’s the network marketing industry that has grown the most because it’s a model that encompasses people in all walks of life. This model of business embraces rich and poor alike, highly educated as well as those who mainly have been educated at home (not in a school setting), men and women without having to prove that one gender is better than the other, as well as people of all races and ages. It’s a true equal-opportunity model of entrepreneurship that is NOT reserved only for those who can get a loan or have been born into money (or have gotten it through years of hard work). Why would we NOT want to share about it? It’s such an honorable way to “get ahead in life” and make a difference in the lives of people around the world while we do that. 


I encourage you to get a hold of a copy of Robert Kiyosaki’s book “The Business of the 21st Century”, as well as the book written by Charles W. King and James R. Robinson titled “The New Professionals”. Both of these books will give you great insights into the network marketing profession so that you can decide if this is the way you want to make a difference in the world while creating a passive form income that will keep you afloat when you reach retirement years, or when you are forced to retire because of an injury. Read through them to understand the history of the network marketing industry as well as the tremendous benefits we are offered when we build our business using this model. 


Entrepreneurship is not for everyone, so aim to just share about this industry and about the company which you choose to represent. It’s not about convincing anyone, but rather about sharing and those interested will come on board with us. Some will stick with us for the entire journey, and others will quit along the way when they don’t reach success as quickly as they desired. That’s okay! We are only responsible for our own actions. Even though the actions of each person on our team is what leverages our efforts and what propels us to the next level, we are not responsible for what they do or decide not to do. The quicker we understand this concept, the more peaceful our journey to top ranks will be. 


Another thing I see happening is that people jump on board because they believe it’s an opportunity to get rich quick and then are able to retire early. This is far from the truth! We must never approach this opportunity with a lottery mentality, but rather with the full knowledge that this is a respectable and honorable profession where we get to start our own business from the very beginning of the career. Each journey is uniquely designed with its own challenges and blessings, so enjoy it every step of the way, growing through every challenge. Allow problems to rise you, to make you better not bitter towards others or towards this profession. 


Remember, it takes time for us to accept new ideas as “bright ideas”. At first, we will be ridiculed heavily, then slowly people will start accepting the idea as a possibility that it’s “not as crazy as it seems”, and finally it will be widely accepted by the majority. Even though we have come a long way, we are still pioneering this movement. It takes courage to step up and out of comfort box and not everyone will do it. It’s easier to ridicule those who are courageous and constantly belittle them saying “it will never work” while trying to prove that what they do works better. Let them be. Our results will speak loudly in the end. If you decide to become a network marketing entrepreneur, be prepared to take on rejection and persist in midst of the challenges. “If God is for us, who can be against us?”. I know we have God on our side because He wants all of us to enjoy a life of freedom, not slavery to a system where we trade our time for money and where most of the time we sacrifice our families and our health. 


A passive income is when we have money coming in without having to trade our time in for money. Therefore, it should be something we all pursue since we none of want to work 8 to 10 hour days 5 to 6 days a week until the day we die. The "linear income" is when we receive money only when we work for a certain amount of time for an agreed wage, but thankfully this is no longer the only way to bring in a paycheck anymore and it's possible for pretty much anyone to do do this regardless of our income and education level. 


So, how is it possible for the "average" person to make create a passive income? The answer is through investing in a network marketing company that offers products that we enjoy purchasing every month. It could be in the health industry so we can attain and maintain health as we grow older, but it's not a requirement for us to pursue a business like that. There are many out there from which to choose, and some opportunities are better than others, so make sure you research the company properly before you decide to invest in it monthly and share about the products and the opportunity with others. 


How much do we need to invest monthly? What is the "initial investment"? Well, the answer to both is that it's normally under $200, so we do not have to take out a loan from a bank or ask friends or family members to loan us the money. We can easily save up for the "initial investment" and then we can commit to set apart 10% of our linear income to invest into this passive income opportunity. 


What does it entail? It's simply an opportunity to get products we love at a discounted price and then share about these products with others. It's not about being the biggest salesperson of the month! It's about building a network of caring people that end up loving the products as much as we do and that clearly see that the opportunity of creating a passive income by sharing about them with others is definitely possible. 


But how long will it take to build a passive income so that I can stop trading my time in for money? Well, there really is no cookie-cut answer to this question. There are some that can attain this goal within a 3 or 4 years, but the vast majority will take 8-12 years to do so. It's important to just remember that it's a JOURNEY towards passive income, with challenges along the way that we need to handle, just like any business and investment opportunity, and it's NOT a "get rich quick" scheme where within a few months we "win the lottery" and we retire, forgetting our entire network. The time is going to pass by anyway, right? So why not use our time wisely and learn to build a passive income? Building a passive income instead of simply going to parties or mindlessly surfing the channels on the T.V is a wise way to spend our time, wouldn't you agree?



So, keeping in mind that a passive income is a goal worthy of attaining so that we can bring in a good paycheck after we no longer can work, or choose to do so, do you think that you would like to invest monthly into purchasing products you love from a trust-worthy network marketing company? Remember that both the initial investment and monthly investment are normally under $200 and that it's simply about sharing about how to get products we love at a discounted price and help them set up an account to do the same. Think about it, asking the Lord for guidance if you are Christian, and maybe do a little more research on the benefits of network marketing, including tax advantages, and if you decide to do so, get back with me or the person who shared this blog post with you and we can share what company we decided to invest it so you can see if it's well-suited for you as well. 



It MUST be treated as a business, though, not as a "get rich quick" way of getting money. Some get to the top rank quickly, and others may take a decade or more. It must be viewed as a character-building journey and we can learn to enjoy it every step of the way.

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