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Building A Business That Frees Up Our Time

We can all agree that time is a valuable commodity. It’s one that most seem to run out of quickly, but the reason behind it is merely that they have not learned how to properly manage it. This is one of the reasons why network marketing has become so popular!


In this blog post I want to offer you some tips on HOW you can create that time freedom that we all desire, but just does not seem attainable. Remember, though, that it’s only when we put them into practice on a CONSISTENT BASIS that they will work for us


1. Engage in Self-Care habits. Being overwhelmed and stressed out most of the time are clear signs that self care habits have not been a priority to us. Having no energy and feeling run down all the time is a clear sign that we are doing too much and have not dedicated enough time to habits that will help us be energetic regardless of our age. My teenage daughter, for example, is even more tired than I am and I’m 50! I do my best to encourage her to follow the healthy habits I follow, but she chooses not to do so, and therefore she has very little energy most of the time.

It’s clearly NOT our age that matters, but the self-care habits that we engage in that matters the most if we want to be energetic and productive. That is why the first tip is to engage in self-care habits like starting your day in prayer to dedicate our day and life to God, setting up the time to engage in 30 minutes of exercise, and being mindful of the products we use on ourself and to clean our home.


2. Create SIMPLE SYSTEMS that others can be easily duplicated. If our network marketing business does not run without us, it’s just another job, or we are building it as a “brick and mortar” business; in both cases we are simply trading our time for money and not creating the time freedom we desire so much in our lives. That is why creating and putting into action SIMPLE systems from the very beginning of our career is very important. 


Here are some tips to use when we creating a system to use when we are onboarding leaders: 


  • Have a standardized way to share about the products and opportunity.
  • Make sure all of you utilize third party tools - website, brochure, video (anything that is not you, or them) 
  • Do not set yourself to be seen as the “expert”. When we do that, those that are not yet confident (which is the majority, I can assure you) will feel that they will not be able to build a strong business and will quit.
  • Create a SIMPLE way to train new people so that they don’t feel overwhelmed: Short videos that can be posted and shared as needed; posts that will not take too long to read;blogs that are fairly short and retain their attention until the end; v-logs that are not too long but have valuable information for someone (who is your target audience?).
  • Lead instead of teach. Everyone wants a simple solution to their problem. Teaching them when they are not ready and giving them too much information will cause them to feel overwhelmed, so learn not to do it.
  • It must be “action oriented” with specific steps to take so that they don’t get overwhelmed.
  • Keep them accountable to their actions, and most importantly, help them learn to stay accountable to themselves and their commitments. Send them a text or email or maybe call them (whatever is most comfortable for the both of you) once a week, or once a month to see how they are doing and to talk about how the specific things they are doing to stay in action.


3. Create time boundaries from the very beginning. Let people know you are NOT going to be available 24/7; you must prioritize your time. During the time you are dedicating to building your business, make sure you spend most of your time with those who are desiring your help, not with those who don’t want to be held accountable to anyone, nor those who prefer to work independently. Remember, you are there to simply give them the system to follow and then you need to set them up in a group where they can receive “group training”, or more specifically tips and encouragement as they build their business; this will create time freedom for all of you. 


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