Network Marketing Profession

A True EQUAL PAY Opporutnity

The Network Marketing profession offers us a true equal pay opportunity! Each of us has the opportunity to get paid very well if we do a few simple things on a consistent basis. Granted, not all will reach the top level for one reason or another, but the opportunity is there for every person regardless of age, gender, education level, and race




1. Master the Art of Sharing. It's important that we learn to courageously share from the heart about the products and opportunity that the company with which we choose to partner gives us. That is why it's of extreme importance to choose that company very carefully. It needs to be one that has integrity in every way, and they need to offer us products that we choose to use daily because they enhance our lifestyle. If they are enhancing our lifestyle, why would we NOT want to share about them with others? They deserve to know! Too many products are junk and are hurting us and our environment! 


2. Consistently stay on their auto-ship program. This should be easy for us to do, not something we "have to do" in order to get paid. If the company we are partnering with offers us lifestyle products like hair care and skin care products, cleaning products, and excellent supplements, and these products are enhancing our life, being on auto-ship would be like a frequent flyers program; we get rewarded for purchasing their products regularly, not just sporadically. **Tip: Make sure their auto-ship program rewards you in awesome ways, it's not just "the only way to receive a check from the company". 


3. Train others to duplicate the last two actions. In order for each one of us to succeed, we each need to focus on mastering the skill of sharing and consistently staying on the auto-ship program. It doesn't matter what others do - are we doing it? Don't judge others, just love them and show them how amazing your life is becoming; hopefully, they will follow your example.


Sharing about what we love takes courage, so this system is helping us get out of our shell; this would help us in all of life as well, wouldn't you agree? So, master the skill to share, stay on the auto-ship program your company offers (after carefully choosing the company with which you will partner for a lifetime), and tell others about this amazing true equal opportunity system where we all get the opportunity to have the same amount of great pay to THRIVE in life, not merely survive from day to day. 



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Thank you very helpful

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Yeah! That’s what being a business leader in Young Living is all about! Sharing these 10 healthy habits with others in any way we feel comfortable doing.

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