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Growing a Passive Income as We Work Linearally

A passive income is when we have money coming in without having to trade our time in for money. Therefore, it should be something we all pursue since we none of want to work 8 to 10 hour days 5 to 6 days a week until the day we die. The "linear income" is when we receive money only when we work for a certain amount of time for an agreed wage, but thankfully this is no longer the only way to bring in a paycheck anymore and it's possible for pretty much anyone to do do this regardless of our income and education level. 


So, how is it possible for the "average" person to make create a passive income? The answer is through investing in a network marketing company that offers products that we enjoy purchasing every month. It could be in the health industry so we can attain and maintain health as we grow older, but it's not a requirement for us to pursue a business like that. There are many out there from which to choose, and some opportunities are better than others, so make sure you research the company properly before you decide to invest in it monthly and share about the products and the opportunity with others. 


How much do we need to invest monthly? What is the "initial investment"? Well, the answer to both is that it's normally under $200, so we do not have to take out a loan from a bank or ask friends or family members to loan us the money. We can easily save up for the "initial investment" and then we can commit to set apart 10% of our linear income to invest into this passive income opportunity. 


What does it entail? It's simply an opportunity to get products we love at a discounted price and then share about these products with others. It's not about being the biggest salesperson of the month! It's about building a network of caring people that end up loving the products as much as we do and that clearly see that the opportunity of creating a passive income by sharing about them with others is definitely possible. 


But how long will it take to build a passive income so that I can stop trading my time in for money? Well, there really is no cookie-cut answer to this question. There are some that can attain this goal within a 3 or 4 years, but the vast majority will take 8-12 years to do so. It's important to just remember that it's a JOURNEY towards passive income, with challenges along the way that we need to handle, just like any business and investment opportunity, and it's NOT a "get rich quick" scheme where within a few months we "win the lottery" and we retire, forgetting our entire network. The time is going to pass by anyway, right? So why not use our time wisely and learn to build a passive income? Building a passive income instead of simply going to parties or mindlessly surfing the channels on the T.V is a wise way to spend our time, wouldn't you agree?



So, keeping in mind that a passive income is a goal worthy of attaining so that we can bring in a good paycheck after we no longer can work, or choose to do so, do you think that you would like to invest monthly into purchasing products you love from a trust-worthy network marketing company? Remember that both the initial investment and monthly investment are normally under $200 and that it's simply about sharing about how to get products we love at a discounted price and help them set up an account to do the same. Think about it, asking the Lord for guidance if you are Christian, and maybe do a little more research on the benefits of network marketing, including tax advantages, and if you decide to do so, get back with me or the person who shared this blog post with you and we can share what company we decided to invest it so you can see if it's well-suited for you as well. 



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