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We can start a Business for under 300 Dollars

For many, starting their own business seems like an impossible dream. They are tired of working for someone who basically tells them when they have to work and when they can have free time to do the things they truly desire to do and do fun things with those they love. However, they don't think it's possible to do anything different. They have in their mind the "old style of business" where it's an incredibly high financial and time risk to start their own business offering services or selling products that they are passionate about selling because they feel that others can benefit from doing them. In fact, it was only 100 to 150 years ago that starting a business was only possible for thosse who either already had tons of money they could invest, or those that could easily get a huge loan. This is no longer the case!


In spite of the many who still think that network marketing is "pyramid sheme", tens of thousands around the world are proving that this is not the case. It was in 1945 that the first actual compensation plan was launched to help motivate a sales person to not only sell more products, but to train others to sell more products as well. Since then, many companies have risen offering all of the opportunity to start of business with products (or services) that we are passionate about sharing with others because these products (or services) have enhanced our life and our family's life. **If you want to learn a bit about the history of network marketing, please click here.


I want you to fully grasp how amazing it is for us to be able to have the opportunity to start our own business for under $300 and monthly costs of under $150! It is a business that is radically changing our world as we know it. It is a business that does not require us to take out major loans or even have tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars to start up. it is a business that will not require us to spend a lot of money each month to stay in business. It's a business that does not require us to do a heavy paperwork load each night, or even weekly or monthly. It is a business that does not require us to stock up in products in our garage or basement. It is a business that does not require us to stop our current income stream to start this venture. It is a business that does not require us to have employees (and therefore all the employee expenditures that come wit that).


This is an amazing opportunity to start a business that we can build online or offline and we can impact the lives of hundreds of thousands of people through the leveraged efforts of those who join us on our journey. It is an opportunity that our grandparents could not even imagine would be available to us! Yes, it's hard to wrap our thoughts around it sometimes,  but it's a real opportunity that offers hope to so many families out there where both parents work one of two jobs, as well as to single moms, students who need money to study what they are passionate about learning, and those who are retired or close to retirement age and really can't see how they can survive that well on the little income that comes in from social security and maybe a little savings that they had created over the years. 


Truly dive in and learn all you can about the network marketing profession. Realize what a blessing it is to be able to start your very own business that will impact the lives of hundeds of thousands of people around the world exponentially by just coming up with a few hundred dollard to start and under $150 to continue. **Please know though that this IS a business venture and it may take many years to see the business surpass the income you are currently making, but it's a business that holds immense possibilities if you are passionate about the products, use them constantly and are willing to share with others about the opportunity available to them as well. Our education level doesn't matter, you guys! Neither does our race or economic status. We can own our own business if we can come up with $300 to start and commit to investing $150 every month, no matter how long it takes to reach our financial goal. 


Are you willing to take the plunge? Are you willing to dive in and learn what this profession offers you, experience the products and share about them with others, offering them also the opportunity you have been given? Will you be courageous enough to go forward even if others think you are crazy for doing so? You will grow so much as person if you do! You truly will. Take the plunge, make the commitment, and you will see what I mean.  

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