Network Marketing Profession

Why I love the Network Marketing Profession

 What I most love about the network marketing profession is that it is a true equal opportunity profession.  It gives all of us the opportunity to build a business that  offers us a way to create residual income  regardless of our race, gender, amount of income we currently have, our past, our education level, etc. We simply need to have a desire to be coachable, a desire to succeed no matter what obstacles come up along the journey, a desire to lead others to success, and a willingness to follow a system that is easily duplicated.


The network marketing profession offers us not only the chance to make a few hundred extra dollars to pay off our debt, or a full-time income when we can no longer work for one reason or another, but it gives us a purposeful life. When we partner with a company that has products that enhance our life, we get to purchase these at a discounted price every month and even get rewarded by they company for doing so. When we turn around and tell others about the opportunity to purchase these products directly from them, we are giving them a gift that someone else may not have ever given them.... a ray of hope in the midst of their hard times, and maybe even times of despair. How amazing is that? There is nothing like being able to make a difference in someone else's life! What the person does with that opportunity is up to them since God gave us the freewill to choose the path we desire, but we can be sure that we offered them a gift when we shared with them about the company and products, and let them know of our willingness to be with them on their journey if they desire to become a member of the company and purchase directly from them. 


Take the time to learn about this profession for it could change your life in ways that you can't even begin to imagine. It is a profession that has helped thousands of others around the world... look for testimonials online and offline because there are many. Randy Gage is one of them, for example. He was a juvenile delinquent who turned his life around and now even has the Gage Virtual Training Academy to train us to be as successful as he is in this profession. There is Eric Worre who has the Network Marketing Pro; he is constantly creating helpful and inspiring videos that he shares, he wrote a book that is very helpful, and so much more. There is Sarah Robbins who was a shy kindergarten teacher that came out of her shell and now is a full-time mom for her first son and is constatantly doing all she can to help network marketers around the world in one way or another. There is Matt Morris who is constantly creating videos that are inspiring and helpful, and who also wrote a book. There is Art Jonak who holds the MasterMind event every year, and since this year this event is offered us virtually as well; this event brings together network marketers across the globe and some amazing speakers in this profession. Look for these people online and learn all you can from them. Then, if you desire to become a network marketing professional, make sure you partner with a company that offers you products that will enhance your life so much that you will be completely passionate about sharing about this company with others, just ike you would if you found a goldmine. 


Don't worry - you don't have to quit your job if you love it! Many don't join this profession because they love what they currenty do, but you can do it around what you do already and just invest in the products, telling a few others here and there about the company and the opportunity to enhance to get products that will enhance their life. You never know who's life you can change by sharing about the company with which you are partnering, and even about the opportunity to become a network marketing professional. It isn't financially risky to become a wholesale member with this company, even if it is just to enjoy the discount on the products that have the potential to enhance your life. Then, if you decide you want to recommend the products to others, do it and share with them your ID number so that they can easily sign up online (or over the phone); this way you become their sponsor on their journey and if they have any questions or need some advice you, the person who has been using the products and can share testimonials of how they have worked for you, can help them out in a meaningful way. 


So what to do you think..... Do you want to become a network marketing professional? Do you want to join our profession?

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