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Being a mom myself, I know our kids grow up incredibly fast. I feel that if we blink, they will be married and off having their own famillies! That is why I believe that for us to invest in a network marketing business that focuses on health and wellness alongside whatever we do and building it on very part time hours is very beneficial for each of us. 




1. We need to focus on taking care of ourselves. A fit, healthy and confident mom is a much happier mom that can focus easier on grooming her kids for success. 


2. When we pick a company where we can be passionate about the products, it will be easy to share about them, even if we are shy by nature. We can only be passionate about products we ourselves have researched and experienced and know without a doubt that these products are enhancing our life physically, mentally and emotionally.


3. The intial investment in a network marketing company is under $200, so we do not have to take out a loan to do that. 


4. Monthly expenses are mainly in products that will enhance our health. We need to make sure this company offers us an autoship program that we feel good about being on it; one that we are not on simply because if we don't meet a certain quota we won't get paid a commission check. If we love the products and we love the autoship program, we will just stay on it and get the products, not worrying if anyone else does the same. We are benefiting from the products, and that is what should matter first and foremost. 


5. We can build the business on very part-time hours, alongside anything we do. For example, 5 to 6 days a week create a one to two minute video highlighting a product you love and use all the time. When you first start out, have a Live Session on Facebook about WHY you decided to invest in this company. Be confident and don't worry about rejection from others. If your reason WHY is very strong, the opinions of others should not matter. As they question you, your reason why can get stronger and more solidified. Remember to say that you are on a journey and you are looking forward to the adventure.


6. Never give yourself the option to quit, unless you see that the products are not to the hightest standard that you thought they would be. If you no longer believe in the products, if you no longer can back them and use them on a daily basis, then question your reason for staying with this particular company . To reach the highest paying rank should never be your top priority. Here is the thing though: You can quit that company,  but don't quit on the industry itself. You WILL eventually find the "perfect business" for you. The one that you can build and never even have a desire to quit because their products enhance your life so much. It happened to me, and I know it will happen to you as well. 


7. As you build this business, focus on your personal grooming. By this I mean, focus on creating excellent habits in your life that will make you a more fit, healthy, energized and confident mom that you ever have been. As we do this, we will become a leader that unknowingly leads other moms, and even our own kids. Focus on reading books and articles that will nourish your mind. Focus on making exercise a daily habit so you can be fit. Focus on consuming excellent foods and beverages that will nourish your body. Focus on getting enough sleep every night; good sleep habits are so important for us. (If we have a newborn baby, we can take naps duing the day when they nap). As a Christian, I also love being able to have time to spend alone with the Lord not only in the early morning hours when everyone else is asleep, but throughout the day. As my relationship with Him grows. and I allow Him to mentor and guide my path, my confidence grows. I no longer fear not being able to succeed at any goal because I know that the timing of reaching those goals belongs to the Lord. I rely on His strength to keep me going, not on my own. 


 8. As our kids get older and they start doing their own thing, which is good, we still have a great purpose: helping others around the world enhance their life, not just in our own community.


9. One last benefit that I think is super amazing: As our busines grows, so do the checks that we receive monthly from the company. This means that when we reach retirement age we won't have to depend on goverment programs to take care of us. How can they possibly take care of millions of people? It's insane that we could even think there is enough money for that to happen. If we have checks coming in monthly, we will be financially set until the day we die, no matter what the trends in the economy or if the government programs run out of money. 


To close, I hope you see that whether you are currently a working mom or you are a stay at home mom, investing in a home based business that offers products that benefit you and your family is a wise choice. Make sure you research well the company you think of joining. Remember: sometimes the best way to do this is by gettting an insider look, meaning we become part of the company and we experience and continue to research the products until we are 100% confident that this company will benefit us and we can confidently recommend the products and business opportunity to others. You can always quit on the company if you cannot become 100% passionate about the products, but never quit on the network marketing profession; in fact, immerse yourself in learning all about this profession and experience what a career in this profession can do for you. Blessings on your journey!


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