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My Five Favorite Things About Network Marketing

I chose to build a business through the Network Maketing Profession, instead of going the the traditonal way of becoming an entrepreneur and business owner. I'd like to share with you in this blog my FIVE favorite things about this profession so you can understand why this is.


1. No paperwork to do at night. Traditional businesses always have paperwork to do if they want to get paid – I just have to look at my husband to see that!!! After a hard day’s work, there is always paperwork to do.


2. No loans to take out for education or to start the business. It’s important to always be an active student – learning in all different ways, like books, videos, webinars and live events. However, our education just costs pennies compared to enrolling in a traditional school. As we learn, we earn and there is no loan to take out to start the business. We can easily start it up under $200, usually, and the monthly cost is going to be simply in products we use every day, plus maybe a few 3rd party tools to give out to others, business cards, etc.


3. Lots of tax benefits! We get to write off things like our monthly internet bill, our computer, and our phone. All things we need daily to run our business. There are also a lot of other tax-write offs which we wouldn’t get to take if we worked as an employee.


4. I get to take the day off, or a few hours off, anytime I want just to have fun! If I decide to take my kids to a waterpark, I can easily work that into my schedule. If I decide to go have lunch with my mom – no problem! If I decide I want to go watch a movie with some friends, I can just do it and not have to ask anyone for permission. I want to take off on vacation, no worries! I can do that at any time during the year because I am not trading my time for money.


5. I can learn whenever I desire to do so – no class schedule to keep. I have made it a COMMITMENT to learn something new every day that will help me grow in one way or another, and I do that. I work it into my schedule though – my life is not revolved around my class schedule. Plus, there are not papers to write and no exams to take. 

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Thank you very helpful

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Yeah! That’s what being a business leader in Young Living is all about! Sharing these 10 healthy habits with others in any way we feel comfortable doing.

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Me neither. 😂 Thank you for reading through the post and commenting 🤗

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