Network Marketing Profession

Network Marketing as a Profession

When we see network marketing as a profession, it can be truly life-changing. It's when we approach it with a "lottery mentality" or a "get-rich-quick" solution that we won't last long; in fact, we will give up as soon as challenges start coming our way. That is why so few actually enjoy all that this profession can offer us if we stayed on course, no matter how long it takes us to get to the top. 


While many sneer and mock network marketers, there are millions of others all over the world who are joining this new profession. Why? Because it offers us what traditional work, franchises or even our own business that we start from scratch cannot offer us. As Charles W. King and J.W. Robinson put it: "No other business requires such a low cost entry with virtually no significanct overhead. There are no bank loans, second mortgages, or employee headaches. No other business allows its practitioners such flexibility over their schedule. That's why many top professionals find in network marketing an ideal lifestyle that doesn't force them to choose between raising a family and pursuing a financial rewarding career."("The New Professionals", p. 5)


We live in a time where time with our family is scarce and many families are being broken apart because they rarely spend time together on a daily basis, let alone take a yearly family vacation. In the majority of homes, both parents work long hours and are forced to leave their kids in day care; once they are school-age, they will enroll them in an after-school program so they can enjoy themselves until they can come pick them up, or have someone else pick them up if they are not able to make it because of work. In some families, one of the parents is able to work only part-time and spend time with the children after school, but the other parent is rarely seen until late at night. Then we have all the business trips that many executives take, taking precious family time away even more since they are gone for days at a time.


By "enrolling" in a network marketing company, we can invest in a future that is filled with freedom. Freedom to wake up each morning when our bodies have gotten enough rest - not when the alarm clock goes off. Freedom to choose what activities we will do throughout the day, with or without our family. Freedom to to enjoy life to the fullest every single day, instead of waiting for time and money to take a vacation in order to do so.  


Like any profession, we need to invest some of our time each day in learning and putting into practice what we learn. However, we can learn at our own pace and in whatever way we prefer. We can watch videos, attend presentations, meetings and conferences, read books, and attend webinars at the time that they offer it, or when a time that is most convenient for us (since most webinars are recorded). If we want to take a class somewhere, we can do so as well. There are so many ways to learn and there is no reason why our education will cost us an arm and a leg to be well trained. 


As with any profession, we need to continually invest in keeping up with the latest information so we can better serve others. The network marketing profession is no different. We need to take the time to learn about the newest  products that the company we choose to join offers, and experience them first-hand if at all possible. We also need to learn all about the history and mission of the company so we can know why we promote this particular company, and not another. Lastly, but certainly not least of all, we need to learn about the network marketing profession and how it's affecting the lives of millions of people in postive ways; we need to be 100% certain that this profession will change our lives and change the lives of those with whom we share this way of life.


As I close this blog post, I will do so with the words of Tom Bissmeyer: "I really believe I have found a better way to live and work, and that's why one of my missions is to tell the professionals that there is a better way." (p 42 of "The New Professionals"). If we treat our network marketing business as a profession worth pursuing, staying focused and on track no matter how many obstacles we may face as we build our career, this profession will be very rewarding and life-changing for us and for our families. 


NOTE: If you desire to purchase the book I mentioned a couple of times through this article, the one called "The New Professionals: The Rise of Network Marketing as the Next Major Profession", here is the google link to it; it can also be purchased at 

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