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“There’s nothing like being a part of a group of people who value what you value and can offer you advice when you’re stuck, especially when it comes to your wellness journey... Online communities are especially great, because regardless of where you live you can connect and learn from people from all over the world.” (Alejandro Junger)


So, in this blog post I would like to share with you four Facebook groups I host (or cohost), tell you what they are about, and give you a link to each in case you want to join us:


1. If you are Christian, join us at "Healthy to the Glory of God". This group is a place for all Christians to be empowered as they live a healthy lifestyle. We believe that God will give us the power to gain control over our health issues; He will give us the STRENGTH to help us overcome temptations. Link:


2. If you are part of Young Living Essential Oils, join us at "YL Around the World". Find encouragement and tips daily, learn about the monthly promotions, etc; you can also ask questions. Link:


3. If you are a leader in Young Living, join us at "Journey to Crown Diamond" for encouragement on your journey to the top rank.  It does not matter what team you are on! We are all part of the same mission - to bring the best essential oils into the home of everyone around the globe. Link:  


4. If you are a leader in the network marketing profession, even if you are not with Young Living, join us at the "Messengers of Hope Movement" community page. We want to help get the word out about how amazing this profession truly is. Link:

It’s a combination of these 5 habits that has a lasting difference in our weight-loss and fitness efforts: 


1. Healthy eating - cut out the junk and bring in the nutrients; make sure your body is absorbing them!


2. Exercise 30 minutes daily - throughout the week incorporate all components: cardio, strength training, stretch and rest.


3. Get rid of toxins in your home. Go through each room and replace the personal products that are destroying your health for ones that enhance it. Do the same for your cleaning products and the things with which you freshen the air. 


4. Get enough sleep every night. Create a sleeping 😴 routine and stick with it. Lack of sleep is a main cause of weight gain and sickness! 


5. Learn to not stress over things that are out of your control. Learn and say the serenity prayer daily:

It’s the easiest thing in the world to play the victim role. Allowing everyone to take care of us because of whatever reason is totally justifiable in our minds and others easily convince us of it if we aren’t yet at that point. We must NEVER allow ourselves to stay in this victim-mode!

You see, when something happens to us it’s our chance to prove to others how great and powerful our GOD is. On our own strength, with our own effort, we would never be able to accomplish anything, but when we force ourselves to do the things we believe we can’t, remembering that it’s an OPPORTUNITY to radiate God’s power and might - wow! We start seeing our suffering in a totally different light. That is why we can rejoice in our suffering because we realize at those times that truly God’s grace is enough for us.

When we get any type of dis-ease it’s our chance to turn away (REPENT) from the bad habits and embrace the good ones. That is what playing an active role in our healing and recovery is all about. It’s NOT about going to the doctor on a consistent basis, getting pill after pill, or allow ourselves to willingly be placed under the knife or any other surgical procedure . It’s NOT about being brave enough to endure all the pain and suffering we get from going through chemo and radiation treatments. The reason cancer comes back, for example, is because our bodies are STILL very nutrient deficient at the end of the therapy and our bodies are now even more toxic than they were before. Now we need to recover from the treatments! Have you ever noticed that those with cancer have “nutrient-deficiency” as their cause of death on their death certificate? It’s so important to focus on filing our bodies with nutrients, getting rid of all toxins invading our body, and embracing other healthy habits like daily exercise and sleeping enough hours each night.

Making a U-Turn is usually not easy. We are totally set in our ways and it may even appear that we are being asked to give up all that is good in life; we can’t imagine ourselves not being able to do something or consume something that we currently love so much. However, when we fully embrace a renewed commitment to a HEALTHY LIFESTYLE, we can count on God being there to not only empower us every step of the way, but to also be there for us to strengthen us when we feel like throwing in the towel.

Playing an active role in our healing and recovery is all about embracing God’s way of taking care of our bodies, minds and souls. It’s all about asking God to help us stay away from the things that are slowly (or quickly)) killing us, and asking him to help us not to get stuck on quick-fixes that later on end up causing even more problems (whether we realize that those quick-fixes were the cause of it or not).

Regardless of how hard it is to make a U-Turn in your life, prayerfully ask God to help you to do that. As years go by, you will be so grateful that you made that decision. Surround yourself with people that will encourage you in this decision, and most of all, draw closer to God every day for HE will become the source of your strength, peace and joy along your journey towards health. We DO NOT have to wait until we get to heaven for our health to be restored, nor to be joyful at all times. We have God’s presence even here on earth! That is what it means when Jesus said He would not leave us orphans - He would send a helper as our constant guide and companion: the Holy Spirit.

I still vividly remember how my mom’s health quickly declined within a few months; her pill intake went up tremendously and her health went down to the point where she was no longer able to walk nor go to the bathroom on her own. She ended up in a hospital where she got no rest whatsoever and then finally spent the last month of her life in a rehab center bed-ridden and being completely taken care of by the medical staff. The first week she seemed to recuperate while her sister was visiting her from Kenya, and after that, her health continued to deteriorate quickly. Her arms and legs grew weaker and weaker, her vision pretty much gone, she had no control over her bladder and bowels. I was heart-broken to see her this way. The doctors recommended that she be put on hospice so that she could just sleep, which is actually very wise advice. Her medication was supposed to then be all taken away and only pain pills administered, but this never happened. They continued to do these cleaning and scraping routines on her legs, which left her legs completely without nerve endings and totally black, blue and red, but they were wrapped all the time so nobody could see that. Her stomach was extremely bloated and I thought it would burst like a balloon at any time. She and my the rest of my family wanted to continue down the allopathic medical path, though, and I was tired of fighting. Unfortunately, I also spent less and less time with the Lord asking for His wisdom and following His direction because I was tired of fighting with my brothers and their wives, plus my mom wanted to follow the medical doctor orders. I finally left on my anniversary trip and she passed away a few days later, with one of my brothers at her side. 


It was a horrifying ending for my mom’s life. I was glad that the torture was over when the Lord accepted her into heaven on my anniversary day. This experience helped me realize how important it was to continue the work God had called me to do - to teach people to heal His way, relying on HIS wisdom and the things that He has given us to take care of our body, mind, and emotions. In this blog post, I am giving you four tips. Incorporate them all into your life because they work synergistically. This is what I have been doing for many years now and I am definitely healthier and fitter than I have even been in my life. 


1. Anoint the person (or yourself) with oil and pray (James 5:12) Pray for wisdom; pray that God will give you the exact blueprint of what YOU need to do because He knows what you need to heal more than you do and more than any doctor. And as far as oil goes, it wasn’t just plain olive oil that was used back then. I highly encourage you to learn about the essential oils used back then since there are so many biblical references about them.


2. As Hippocrates said - your food is your medicine. Focus on eating foods that will heal you physically and emotionally. Trash the “foods” you know are bad for you and eat healthy ones that are filled with nutrients. Go organic and choose meats from animals properly raised and killed. Drink only raw milk and eat cheese from this kind of milk. Switch to EINKORN flour and pasta - I highly recommend reading the book “Ancient Einkorn” by D Gary Young, which I just finished reading.


3. Fill any gaps in your nutrition with excellent quality supplements that your body will truly absorb.


4. Consistently engage in other healthy habits. What does your sleep routine look like right now? Most of us are sadly sleep deficient which is causing devastating problems. What personal care products are you using? Most have ingredients in them that are slowly killing them. How much water are you drinking daily? Is it filtered? Are you exercising 30 minutes daily? Not hours daily, just work up to 30 minutes of something that is challenging for YOU,




I had to bring my daughter home from school on Thursday, sick. She had to skip Cheerleading practice. The next day she had to skip school. This is what I did to help her body heal:

---> I did not take her to the doctor's office nor the E.R

----> I did not give her any over the counter cold meds or fever reducers


She rested from the time we got back from school on Thursday, all through Friday and Saturday morning (today). She only had homemade raw milk-shakes with strawberries and a banana (raw milk is really filled with nutrients!) and then half a turkey sandwich with avocado on Friday night, since she felt a bit hungry. Lots of water in her refillable water bottleNo sugary treats.

Throughout the day and night Thursday (from 3 p.m on) until Friday evening I had the diffuser running in her room with Eucalyptus oil. I applied R.C on her chest and back a couple times. These oils helped support her health naturally and helped me create a healthy home environment in which she could rest. Saturday morning I started diffusing it again. 


She was tired and weak and was running a fever on Friday... Started at 98.5 and got up to 101 by the night, but I did not give her fever reducers. We explained to her that a fever was just our body's way of showing us that it was working hard to kill the virus. She felt chills and she had a sore throat.


This morning she had a slight cough (not deep in her chest, though), but the fever was gone! She stayed in bed all day today, but she was not as tired and weak anymore, as she had been on Thursday and Friday. She simply watched movies and FaceTimed with a friend. As I write this, she does not cough much.  


I will always be thankful for the wisdom God gives me to help my kids naturally. No wasted time or money at doctor's offices or E.Rs, waiting with other sick people to be seen and then prescribed antibiotics or sent home to take some kind of cold medicine. Plus, as an added bonus, my daughter's immune system was enhanced with the supplements I gave her - a double dose of NingXia Red and Life 9 probiotic  - the high-quality essential oils I applied on her and diffused around her, and the raw milk and fresh fruit. 


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