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5 Healthy Lifestyle Principles

All of us would like to be fit and healthy for a lifetime; however, we think this is too ludicrous for us. We think there are only some chosen few that have given the blessing of health, and all the rest of us need to be content with having health problems and constantly fighting the battle of the bulge. This is far from the truth! 


God intended us for all to be healthy and fit, even if we have disabilities that seem to stop us from that. Nick Vujicic is a prime example of that! He was born with a rare disease that makes it so he has no arms and no legs. Yet, he is healthy in mind, soul and spirit and travels around the world spreading joy. He even markets a DVD titled “No arms, no legs, no worries”. If he can be that healthy in every area of our life, what is stopping us who do have have arms and legs? 


If we are looking for an excuse, we can always find one. But if we really sat back and thought about it, all these excuses are merely obstacles we are allowing to stay in our way of the life God desires for us to fully enjoy. Are you ready to learn the principles of living a healthy lifestyle? It’s meant for ALL of us, not just a select few. 


1. Most health problems are merely lifestyle choice problems. This means we can fix these problems by making a U-Turn and making healthier lifestyle choices. These lifestyle choices include a change in the way we eat, adding 30 minutes of exercise every day, switching to chemical-free products that enhance our health, and getting enough sleep every night. 


2. It all starts with our mind. If we think we can’t do it, we are setting ourselves for failure right from the beginning of the journey; and we may not have even taken that fist step! We need to remember that with God ALL things are possible, even creating healthier lifestyle habits. When tempting thoughts come to our mind from ourselves or from well-meaning friends who don’t want to live a healthy lifestyle, we need to combat them by remembering the reason why we chose to start this journey, and then asking God for mental and physical strength to say “no” to the bad things and stay committed to the healthy habits.


3. Do not allow excuses to get in the way. If we focus on excuses, we will always find one. There is always something that appears to stand in our way, so think to yourself: do you have time to be sick? Do you want to sometime down the road be diagnosed with cancer, a cardiovascular disease, diabetes, etc, that causes you to rethink the way you are currently living? At that time it will be harder to create healthy habits, plus now you are going to have miss work because of doctor appointments on your calendar all the time, or worse yet, having to be in the hospital for a prolonged period of time. Do you really want that? 


4. It’s a journey. Don’t think of losing weight for a season…. to look good in a swimsuit in the summertime, to get married, to look good at the Christmas party, etc. This will only cause “yo-yo dieting”, and this has a terrible effect on our body. Instead, challenge yourself to stay on course daily until the day you die, always working on improving yourself, without comparing your journey with that of others; comparison just creates pride or jealousy, neither of which is good. 


5. It is God's Holy Spirit who keeps us on track, not our will power. Every day we will be faced with choices. Our willpower and strength will fail us time and time again, but simply remembering that it is GOD who wants us to take good care of our bodies, souls and minds, and that He gives strength when we are weak and we cry out to Him, will keep us on track. Asking God to keep us away from temptations as much as possible, and that if we are tempted remember that in Him we have the power to not succumb to them, will help us tremendously. It’s like in a marriage. Commitment to each other, even though there will always be challenges and obstacles, will keep us going; relying on God to keep us faithful and keep us from temptations will help us even more so that our marriage does not end in divorce (of course, both parties need to work at it, in exercise it’s only one person that is committed and the actions of others should not matter) God will be faithful to bring to completion what He started in us, if we just faithfully stay connected to Him and follow His plan, trusting that it is an excellent one. 






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21.09 | 09:50

This is very true. That is my one desire and goal as well, to please Him and bring Him glory, way less of me and so much more of Him.

17.02 | 09:06

You’re so welcome! Thank you for leaving a comment to let me know the article was helpful to you

15.02 | 14:00

Thank you very helpful

21.01 | 07:07

Yeah! That’s what being a business leader in Young Living is all about! Sharing these 10 healthy habits with others in any way we feel comfortable doing.

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