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6 Ways to Weaken the Common Cold Bacteria

What is not commonly known is that there are two kinds of cold: one is bacterial and one is viral. The bacterial one is the most common so it is referred to as the “common cold” and it is said that there is “no cure” for it; we need to just wait until the bacteria die and this could take up to two weeks. Well…. will we just sit around, try to manage our symptoms and complain about how terrible we feel? If that is the course of action you choose, then the bacteria will thrive for those two weeks…. they will throw a party and not even think of leaving. Their favorite party-time food: SUGAR


OH, yeah…. Feed your body sugary drinks, including commercial orange juice, and those freshly baked chocolate chip cookies and they will get stronger and stronger. Then give them the stuff that manages the symptoms so you can sleep at night and wow… You don’t get better at all!!! Why? Because those yummy medicinal liquids are filled with sugar. Like the song says “Just a spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down”. And finally… after a few weeks… The bacteria are tired out and they leave, dying little by little. It was not because of the medicine you gave it, but because it was time to leave. Party was over. Thanks for hosting the party! You were such a great host that their friends will probably come party real soon. 


What if…. Instead of helping them thrive we did things that WEAKENED the bacteria so that they were not happy living and throwing a party in our bodies? What makes us stronger, weakens them. The stronger our immune system gets, the weaker the bacteria gets and they will probably end up leaving or dying way ahead of time, plus their friends will not want to visit us anytime soon. Do you like that option?


If you prefer the second option….. not being a good host to the bacteria…. then here are a few suggestions:


1. Don’t feed them sugar. It needs to be off-limits for the duration of the party! Instead of orange juice, drink lots of water. If you want something with flavor and a little sweetness, try juicing an orange, or make some fresh-squeezed lemonade or raspberry lemonade.. Here is my recipe: Squeeze the juice of 5 lemons into a blender and fill it with water. Add a few frozen raspberries and a small amount of Stevia to taste. For a great twist, add 2 drops of Young Living’s Lime Oil. Chill and enjoy throughout the day. 


2. Exercise. That’s right…. Go for a walk or put on an dance exercise video each morning and have fun exercising for about a half hour. Get yourself out of bed and just ENJOY moving. If you need to moderate a little, then do it, but do the whole half hour. You can do it!


3. Get enough rest. Our body recovers best when we get enough sleep at night, so make sure you go to bed around 9 or 10 each night. 


4. Apply or diffuse some Eucalyptus or a blend called Raven in your room every night. The scent is amazing and very soothing. If you prefer to apply, put a drop or two of the oil of choice in your hand and rub it on your chest with a little coconut oil. If possible, have someone apply some also on your back, over the lung area. This can even be done on people of all ages, but remembering that the doses vary depending on age, so use discretion and common sense.


5. Make sure you get enough nutrients every day and no empty calories from “junk foods” and heavily processed foods. Lots of raw organic fruits and veggies, and excellent supplementation. Some excellent supplements to research and have on hand when necessary are Ningxia Red (liquid) and Inner Defense (capsules), both offered by Young Living. Just make sure you are consuming foods and beverages that are excellent for your body.


6. Make sure you get enough probiotics, but not from commercial yogurts since they are incredibly high in sugar. A drink that is yummy and good for us and can be purchased at a store near you is Kevita. They have many flavors, so choose the one you like the best… It may take a few tries to find “the one”. 

So.... The choice is yours! Will you be a good party host for the common cold bacteria or.... will you weaken them in their tracks so that they end the party a lot quicker and their friends don't come back to visit you?



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Blog author: Mirdza Hayden



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This is very true. That is my one desire and goal as well, to please Him and bring Him glory, way less of me and so much more of Him.

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Thank you very helpful

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