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Great Abs Start in the Kitchen

As swimsuit season rapidly approaches, we look to defining our abs. There is something critical we must remember: we must make our ab workouts short, yet effective, and we must make sure we watch what we eat. 


So, how to get a great looking midsection in the next few months? Here are some tips:

- Engage in a good fitness program. If you like exercising at home like I do I recommend programs you can do at home like TurboFire, ChaLEAN Extreme, Focus T25 or PiYo, following the program AS WRITTEN by the professional fitness trainer (Chalene Johnson). The schedule comes in the box with the DVDs, so make sure you read the books and follow the schedule a written, doing only the routines she asks you to do, and taking the rest days she asks you to take. 


- Trash the donuts and other pastries, and any other processed foods (t.i "food-like" items that are made with sugar and white flour, or ones that have artificial sweeteners)


- Eat only organic fruits and veggies


- Make sure you get enough protein from good sources. If you eat meat, make sure that it comes from grass-fed cows that have not been treated with antibiotics, for example. Make sure the chickens and turkeys have been properly raised as well. If you want to make a good PROTEIN SHAKE, I recommend Pure Protein Complete from Young Living Essential Oils; when you make it, you can also add an egg to it for extra protein and a banana for extra nutrition and taste. 


- If you drink milk, make sure it’s ORGANIC and at least non-homogenized; raw milk is best. Also, don’t go for the low-fat variety for this doesn’t do our body any good at all.


- Use real butter and coconut oil or coconut butter, and forgo the margarine and vegetable oils.


- Drink lots of water.


- Last but not least, make sure you keep stress to a minimum for stress causes cortisol to raise, which causes our body to retain fat. Have you tried using essential oils when you are stressed? Some great blends that I love using are offered by Young Living, the purest brand on the market in my opinion: Valor and Stress Away; their Lavender is also very calming. 


Follow the tips, which have helped me in a major way over the past several years, and you too can be ready for swimsuit season.  


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27.07 | 11:51

So many great points here! And yes I love that this can be a vehicle to create time freedom ultimately allowing us to spend even more time with our creator.

25.07 | 06:58

Thank you for your comment on this post, Mary! Yes, when we seek Jesus and His Kingdom first, everything else lines up and we get to live peacefully.

24.07 | 16:37

I love how you cut away the fluff and busyness that we allow to distract us from the one who created us. If we seek Jesus first everything else lines up & flows

17.06 | 15:48

Yes, I agree

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