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The Importance of Having Strong Abs

Having a strong core is not simply to look good. As Chalene Johnson says, it’s about making every activity in life easier. You can golf easier, you can kick the ball easier in soccer, you can carry the kids or grandkids easier… Every task and every activity in life become easier for us to do when we have a strong midsection, and not a big belly sticking out in front of us.


A tight core and back will automatically straighten up your back giving us a taller posture, which will in turn help us to avoid back pain. So, if everyday you wake up with back pain, check how far out your stomach is right now. Is it time to start doing some core exercises


Other advantages to having a strong core are:

Less risk to get diabetes or coronary disease. “With less fat on your waist line this will drastically reduce the odds of suffering thought diabetes, coronary heart disease and hyperextension in your lower and upper back.”, as Darren says in his article“Benefits of Strong Abs”.


-  You will lower the risk of chronic back and hip pain. As it says in an article posted in, “As you probably know, it is often the people who have large bellys that have chronic back problems as the back is forced to support all that weight.”


Easier prenancy, labor and birth. “The fitter the woman is and the stronger her core muscles are will influence and often determine the ease or difficulties of pregnancy, labor and birth.  Strengthening abs during pregnancy helps to tone the woman’s body to keep it strong during the entire pregnancy enabling an easier labor and delivery.” Check out the full blog article by clicking here.


Improves balance and equilibrium, as you can read in the blog article titled “Importance of having a strong core”, which you can read by clicking here.


It’s a myth that as we get older, our stomach just normally gets bigger and there is nothing we can do about it. It’s simply a lack of exercise and whole lot of processed foods over the years that have done this to us. You CAN have strong abs at every age, it just takes commitment to work at it.


I do not recommend that you simply go out on your own and decide what is the best way to get a strong core. You will find that you will get off track in a few weeks, or that you just won’t know exactly what to do to get the best results, so you will give up. I have found that it’s very important to have a program made up for us that we can simply follow, and stay committed to it. This way we get the best long-term results. So, in light of this, here are a couple routes you can take:


1.  Get yourself a good fitness program, created by professional trainers, that you can do at home. Some great programs are RevAbs, P90X or Turbo Fire, which are offered by BeachBody. You can get these directly from the company by signing up at the site of an Independent Coach, like I am. When you do so, this coach becomes your "fitness buddy" so you don't have to go the road alone. We will be there for you to help you set up goals and to encourage you along the way; we will guide you in the right direction when you need it, if you would like us to do so.

When you get a BeachBody Fitness Program,  you are not paying by the hour, so this is a very effective, yet inexpensive way to go. Actually, many professionals choose to do this. For example, check out this video created by BNN to see how professionals use the P90X to get in shape, including getting a strong midsection: If you would like to see a review of Turbo Fire, which is the program I am doing right now, check it out by clicking here.



2. Get yourself a personal trainer. This trainer will show you the best movements to do to get a strong mid-section; follow their directions since they are the experts, afterall; that is why you hired them, right?   However, keep in mind that they charge by the hour, so it will be a more expensive route.


After you choose a fitness program, make sure you eat properly as well. Check out my blog article  for guidelines in this area. 


 I hope I have made my point that having a strong core goes BEYOND getting a good-looking six-pack so we can look well in a bikini. There are obviously many excellent health reasons for doing so. So, start getting a strong core today, and pass on this article to others so they can see how important it is to have a strong core as well.

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